Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mobile Copic Storage and more

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post. So many things have prevented me from getting this posted earlier. I had some computer problems earlier in the week which resulted in my having to do a complete recovery. Then we had to go buy a new external CD drive and start the process of slowly loading everything back on to my computer. Needless to say, by the time I had time to create a card I just didn't have it in me. I have lots of images colored and ready to go, but the gumption to put them together into a card wasn't there.

Then the Squigglefly release that was supposed to take place today didn't happen, and it's because Ashley has also had computer problems of her own. Hopefully she will have that worked out soon and you will get to go shopping!

Anyway, I did make a card for you today and this uses one of the new releases called Wishing Birds from artist Angie Davis.

(click to enlarge)

I colored it with Copic markers and then chalked a little yellow around the birds. First I added stickles to the flower, but then I decided to flock it. I didn't have any blue flock in the color I wanted, but when I was at the dollar store I picked up a bag of these little different colored pom poms.

With these I can have all these colors of flocking for a dollar! I just applied some glue to the flower and then used scissors to snip fluff from the pom pom. Easy and quick! Here's a close up of the flocked flower

(click to enlarge)

Take a look at the bird's eyes in that picture too. I wanted little black pearls to make their eyes stand out more, but I didn't have any small enough. I found a tube of some large square cut black glitter I've had in my stash forever and I applied a dot of glue to the eye and then placed one square of the glitter on there for the eyes. It added the right amount of "gleam" I wanted.

Alright, the rest of my post gets long and there are a lot of pictures of Riley, so if you are bored with my doggie tales just scroll past that for the mobile Copic storage idea.

This morning I took Riley Easter egg hunting! LOL! Not really, but we went on a walk and she found a turtle

She has the best time with turtles. She carries them around with her. See her laying outside with her "pet"?

and then she hides them only to go check back later to see if they're still there. If they've moved, she hunts for them again! Here she has hidden her turtle in this pile of sticks

and this is her looking at me as if she's asking me if I know where her turtle is. Look at that dirty face!

Okay, I know I can't be the only person out there who likes to take their Copics with them. I am lucky enough to be able to color at work if it's a slow day, so having some mobile Copic storage is what I'm after. Plus, it's nice if you can carry your Copics with you if you're going to a stamp club or a friend's house to stamp some cards. Well, I finally found something that I think will work well and it's cheap!

I went to the dollar store and bought a couple of these baskets that have handles on them.

Then I got some elastic and threaded it through the holes on the side and stapled them on the ends to hold them together. This created little dividers for my colors. Every one of my Copics (so far) fit in one basket

Right now I have my blues and blue greens together, my violets, blue violets, and cool greys together, my greens and yellow greens together, my reds and red violets together, my E's are with my warm greys, and my yellows and yellow reds together. I am thinking I might punch holes in the ends and run a divider down the middle so I could actually split them up a little more and have my blues next to my blue greens and so on.

Now, I just pick up the basket of markers and go!

I've still got room for more in this basket and didn't even need my second basket! This cost me $2.05 to make!

Now, I'm going to tell you all a funny little story about one Easter when Ashley was about 3 or 4 years old. We had dyed Easter eggs and we were putting them in her Easter basket and I was telling her "now tonight the Easter bunny is going to come and he will take your Easter eggs out of your basket and hide them, and then tomorrow we will get up and go hunt 'em!" She looked at me with the biggest eyes and gasped and said "Will we use a gun?!" I still laugh about that all these years later. She thought we were going to hunt the Easter bunny down for taking her eggs! LOL!
And with that my friends I wish you all a wonderfully blessed Easter! Thanks for looking, and I'll see you on Monday!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

lmao!!! you are a cruel mommy! i can just picture ashley asking that question too!

i can't believe you go walking with your camera!!!!!! or is it your cell phone? same thing! my camera SUCKS and my cell phone is in my purse just waiting to get used some day. i should throw the darn thing out. i never use it and it costs me $23 / mo!!! i am NUTS!

i did a card today with that image to which i'll post tomorrow! AND i did flock my flower but not as genius as you did! i used white flock!

very pretty card! and very funny post!

Lynnor Goodwin said...

Cool idea for storing your Copics on the go! Enjoyed the pics of your pup with the turtle, too!!

bumblebee creations said...

Love your flocking idea--kinda like the holly soft!! I wish I were creative like that! YOu made my day to see you got a post up-I was looking earlier-and bummed to not find a new one--so thank you!! Happy Easter to you and your whole family! cute bunny story too!

Elaine A said...

Holly -

Love the idea for "flock". Sweet looking card. And Riley just looks so sweet. My favorite photo of her is the one why she has her head turned slightly, you know, the muddy face one - LOL! And I never get tired of doggie pictures or stories! HAPPY EASTER!

Elaine Allen

Shawna said...

You clever, clever girl! You may have had some awful computer problems, but obviously you are still functioning well!!! Love your "fluff" stuff and your portable Copic basket. AND those great pictures of Riley. I LOVE how she keeps hiding her turtle. Too funny. And your story about the Easter bunny, well that was just too precious. I've missed you and I cna't be the only one!! Glad you are back!!

Catherine said...

Happy Easter Holly ! Love your card, it's so sweet ! Thank you for the photos : your little Riley is a real darling ! Hugs and smiles from Catherine

Jeanette said...

Glad you keep your camera at the ready or we would have missed Easter with Riley. Love your storage idea.

Happy Easter.

msfreida said...


Don't mention computer problems, well my issue has been with Comcast! UGHHH! So sorry you and Ashley have had to deal with this! As far as the new release, the anticipation will just be more exciting! Sending hugs and thanks to Ash...:)

What a FABULOUS job Angie did drawing this image, and you really knew what to do with it...AMAZING coloring!!! Leave it to you to come up with your own version of flock...LOVE IT!!! I just love how your mind works and I can just see you scrounging around to find just that perfect piece for the eyes...well of course you persevered because this couldn't be better!

What a FANTASTIC idea with the basket! This will make coloring on my vacation this year sooo much easier! I'm considering revamping my scraproom and these baskets would definitely solve several issues! Guess where I'm going tomorrow!

Oh that Riley...what a love! You always capture the most precious expressions! Don't you wish we could know exactly what they're trying to tell us...ok, maybe not! :)

I love the story about Ashley and the Easter bunny! That's priceless Holly! I know you don't scrapbook, but this would make such a precious layout! Teehee! Ohhh those sweet memories! :)

Sorry I took up so much room here! Just had too much fun! :)


Heather said...

Love the turtle hunting.. Great storage on the go!! Happy Easter...

Maria Matter said...

Happy Easter!
love your flocked're such a genius Holly!!! now I'll be looking for pom poms at the $ store!

Riley is so sweet, I enjoy seeing pictures! She should have her own blog to document all her fun adventures! lol

great storage idea and funny story!
thanks for sharing!!
Blessings, Maria

Crissy Armstrong said...

ROFL, Holly I have tears I laughed so hard. What a funny story, oh dear, poor Ashley! She thought her Mom was an Easter Bunny hit man! ROFL!!!!
Great idea with the basket too Holly. I've done something similar only with a wicker basket from Michael's that has a handle too. Its great!
I love your birdie card too, btw. That image is so sweet! Love your purple colouring too!

Emma said...

Aw such a gorgeous card, love the image and how you used the pom pom.
Adorable pics of Riley and rofl at Ashley...
Hugs Emma x

Jane said...

Ok......I LOVE LOVE those cute!!
Awesome storage solution!!!

Heather the MooseLover said...

Great story!

Your markers are so organized. Wow! I wish I had that many colors.

The pom pom is very cute. I bought some pom poms but ended up donating them to my daughter for a school project.

Debby said...

OMG that pic of Riley looking at you is priceless! LOL. And playing with turtles!? what in the world. oh that's funny. i thought mine were characters. good laugh. what a cutie. those birds are cute too i think i need them and always the clever girl with using your supplies. i need to push myself to think out of the box a bit more. and your copic storage is perfect. I often wondered what to do myself. I think i'll head to the dollar store today. thanks!