Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Has Come 'Round With Tulips

Happy Sunday! Well, yesterday I spoke too soon about the weather being too warm; it had been too warm all week long but a wonderful cool front moved in yesterday and there was a breeze and some cloud coverage - so it was pretty fantastic yesterday!

I got outside a little and enjoyed the day. There is a field next to our house that belongs to a church. My husband noticed some pretty purple flowers in the field and mentioned them to me. I went and investigated and I am pretty sure they are weeds, but they have a really pretty purple flower on them - so I dug a few up and transplanted them to my yard! The church maintenance guy is just gonna mow over 'em, and this way we can enjoy them a bit more! I figure if something can grow without someone watering it and fertilizing it, then it will do fine in my yard!

I have a card and a video to share with you today! First the card

(click to enlarge)

I used an image from Squigglefly called Pretty Tulips drawn by Robin Willis and colored with Copic markers. I love the little ladybugs! I tried to made the tips of the tulips a different color like some tulips I've seen in yards around here. I sponged the edge of the circle and that's pretty much it! The card is embossed with swiss dots embossing folder.

Okay, now the video. It's one you've all been waiting for - the Riley Goes fishing video! I have to tell you that after watching it, and hearing myself on the tape I almost didn't share it. I'm so annoying in it talking in a high pitched voice - but here it is anyway. If you have trouble viewing the video from my blog, you can go see it directly on you tube HERE

Enjoy your day, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Catherine said...

Hi Holly ! What a delicious card ! Love the colours and the embossed background ! Hope your little purple flowers grow as well as the ones on your beautiful card ! Thank you for the message you left for me on Yahoo, I am so pleased you like my card... It's so weird to think that it is now with you in Arkansas !!! Hugs and smiles from Catherine

Vicki said...

Good morning Holly! Your card is and simple yet effective and elegant at the same time. Love the colors you used on the tulips. Riley looked like he had quite a good time fishing...and I absolutely loved that scenery shot.Hope you have a wonderful day today.


Linda L said...

Holly I love the card, the image and the way you colored it.
I really like the video. That path is wonderful. It is so funny hear you then read your comment. Too funny. Riley sure seems to enjoy fishing.

Shawna said...

Love your tulip card and how you did the edges a different color. And thanks for sharing your Riley video!!! She is so dang cute!!!

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Ok first, I love the CASimplicity of your card. And it's GREEN doesn't hurt either!
But Riley, well she just makes me laugh.
We took Seamus to get groomed yesterday. He looks so unlike the beautiful boy I new. He looks young and is all frisky, which is a side of him I've not seen yet. Remember he's only been with us since January. Guess the hair was weighing him down. Now he's all cool and fresh and he not only smells good but I think he feels good too! Thanks for sharing Riley's fishing video with us.

Pam in Ar. said...

You DO make me laugh Holly...OUT LOUD!!!! I love that you dug up weeds and then planted them in your yard I am rolling with laughter LOLOLOLOL.....

In the video, you said we shouldn't talk baby talk to our animals. I do that all the time to's funny how our animals take the place of when our kids were little. I talk to Hannah AND Stella that way :) Loved the video....loved the weed story even more :) I was surprised to see the flowers on your card colored yellow...I figured they would have been purple.

Thanks for all of your sharing today. I'm guessing you're not making cards today's too cool outside :) ENJOY!!!!

Heather the MooseLover said...

What a cute card Holly! I love the textured background and the CAS style. I love those ladybugs- they're so cute!

& since you mentioned it I think it is a riot that we used the same image, both colored our tulips yellow and both added some red tips (for the same reason- even though I didn't blog about it) and we both edged the border.

msfreida said...

Isn't this weather fabulous? It's amazing what a difference it is from the first part of the week! I chuckled when I read about your new purple flowers! I spent 5 hrs in my flower beds yesterday, mainly pulling out this pretty purple flower! If yours is on a vine, it's probably Periwinkle! If it is, just get ready...that stuff will take over!

Love your card! That's one of my favorite images (cutest ladybugs around), and your tulips are colored beautifully! Check out that perfect knot with the ribbon...won't see that on any of mine!

It was so good to see Riley having such a great time! She is such a luv! :) Your path is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful painting that would make! Oh Lynne...what 'cha think??? Teehee :)

I had hoped to play in my scraproom today, but I am SOOO sore I can hardly move! Oh I am so out of shape! :(

Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

msfreida said...

Note to self: DO NOT comment on any blog without at least 1 cup of joe!

I typed my previous comment early this morning, but failed to send it! UGHHH...didn't notice til I got back on the PC this afternoon! Getting old sucks! :)


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

This is stunning Holly. I just love your flowers!! Gorgeous coloring and design with the embossing!!

Aimeslee said...

Hi, Holly. Enjoyed your card and your video. Tell your hubby to step AWAY from the bank next time he releases that fish so poor Riley can finally keep one! (Yep, I know, it's y'alls version of catch and release, but I'm feeling sorry for the dog, silly me.) I agree with ya, that walkway is awesome and your voice was fine, not too high or silly - we all talk that way to our pets, hello. winkwink xoxo