Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bee-cause I Love You

Good morning everyone! Late start today! It's pouring down rain here and I slept in since I can't walk Riley. The card I have to show you today uses an image that Rich Davis drew called Flower Love Bee

(click to enlarge)

I added the sentiment to the image before printing. I think the name of the font is curlz. I colored the flower and part of the bee with Copic markers. The black stripes on the bee body are covered with a chunky black glitter and the yellow stripes are flocked. Some pink glitter covers the heart shaped balls on the end of his antenna. Does it look too weird that I didn't color his head yellow?

The background paper is from KI Memories and I colored the flowers to match the flower in the image. Both of my daughters have their golden birthdays next week and I think I may give this card to one of them. Do you know what a golden birthday is? It's when you are the same age as the day of your birthday. Next week Chesney will be 26 on May 26th and Ashley will be 29 on May 29th!

My sister, Lynne shared this awesome video with me and I wanted to share it all with you here. I hope you have a fantastic day, and thanks for looking!

if you can't see the video here on my blog, you can view it at youtube HERE


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

fabulous card. i like that the bee's head isn't yellow! i like the flock & glitter too.

i'll be 27 on May 27th!!!!!! does that count????? (actually i'll be 64 but i'm not telling you that)

great minds, great talent and great ladies born in may! yay! lol

Becky said...

This bee is just too cute, love the card this morning. Great video

Nora said...

Cute card, Holly! I think the bee's noggin looks fine, just the way it is.

msfreida said...

Does she speak the truth, or what? Man, I thought I talked fast...and did she ever stop to take a breath? LOL Thanks for sharing that! :)

This image is just too cute...such personality! I like his head colored just like you did it! The flock and glitter look fabulous on his body too! Great dimension! What awesome DP, and I love the flower's centers! This is adorable, Holly!

Ohhh everyone's getting older...but me! Teehee! SOOO, Happy Birthday, Ches, Ash, and Stef!!! Let's just have one BIG party! :)

Looks like storms are headed our way so take cover luv, and stay safe! :)


KellyRae said...

LOVE the textural details on the little bee's body. I'm glad that someone besides me knows about 'golden' birthdays. My friends always thought I was making that up!

Debby said...

it's pouring here and it's freezing and i have a mariners game to go to and it is going to be freezing! I think the head is perfect as is. cute cute cute card.

Dawn Frost said...

Beautiful card Holly, way cool how the background flowers match the flower image. Very nice!

Dawn B. said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE that video.. It is perfect for today's world. It seems like life is so full of "stuff". I needed to hear this tonight. Your card is beatuiful. I bet we will get rain now too..Have a super weekend.

Marlene said...

Adorable buzzy bee! Wish I had time to see the video - but I'm scurrying around trying to get the blogs read. I'll try to come back!