Thursday, June 17, 2010

Destination: Fun

Don't forget to enter for my blog-aversary candy HERE I've recently added a bunch of hand crocheted flowers that I made! I found some different flower patterns and crocheted these out of embroidery floss.

Hi everyone! Yesterday while at work I was sitting at my desk checking out blogs getting some work done when suddenly there was a loud noise and then I heard some kind of animal making a distressed sound. It scared me to death! I was all alone in my building and the noise seemed to be coming directly in front of my desk. I thought maybe something had hit the door and somehow slammed through the mail slot in the door and I did not want to see what it was! I got up and walked out the back door away from the noise and my desk and went next door to get some guys who work there. I told them that there was something in my office and I didn't know what it was but it was an animal of some kind. They grabbed a broom and came over and slowly opened the door to my office....nothing. I pointed near where I thought it had been and there was nothing. I was standing outdoors and said "do you hear anything?" nothing.
Suddenly I remembered that we had a mouse trap set in the closet and I told them this so they opened the closet and sure enough there was a rat in there! It was the biggest rat I've ever seen - his tail was probably a foot long! I can't believe I completely forgot about a trap being in there! Anyway, the poor thing was still alive and I felt so sorry for it. The guys got a shovel and went to dump it trap and all for me. I did ask them if they'd kill it and put it out of it's misery. Sure had me shaking!

You know when you upload videos to you tube you get little e mail notices if someone subscribes to your videos. Well, yesterday I got notice that someone named Mr. Cricut Crazy had subscribed. I went to check out his videos (guess you can tell I was really busy at work yesterday) and discovered Tanner. Tanner looks to be about eleven or twelve years old, but let me tell you this kid loves to craft! He has got the hook up on machines and knows how to use them! He has a lot of videos on there with everything from product reviews to how to make cards and scrapbook layouts. He is so enthusiastic about it all too. I can see him growing up to be another Tim Holtz. It was fun to see a kid so into crafting.

Okay, I know it's taken me a while but I do have a card to show you today.

(click to enlarge)

This card is done for two challenges. Stampin for the Weekend had a summer travel challenge, and I thought this image from Jackie Mathews called Girls Trip was perfect for it!

I also am entering this in Just Us Girls challenge which was super easy for me - use a digi image!

It's colored with Copic markers and I hand doodled the wavy dotted line to simulate a curvy road. I also hand lettered the "Girls Rule" license plate. The headlights are big opalescent pearls that my friend Stef sent me.

Well, enjoy your day and thanks for looking!


Catherine said...

Hi Holly ! Gosh you must have been scared with that rat !!!! It must have been a monster one ! A few years ago I found one in front of Sukie's cat flap (it was dead) I think she tried to take it back home but it was too big to get through her little door !!! Cats !!! Your card is so sweet Holly, love your colouring and the bows too ! Hugs and smiles from Catherine

MANDEE said...

Holly, did you have a pattern for the hand crochet flowers or did you just do it free hand? Those are really neat, I have seen them popping up all over and wondered how to do them, :)

Linda said...

Oh my I would have had to go home if I was in the same building as a rat. Sorry just can't get past those tails.
You need a cat at work.
I love the card and I hope I get a chance to check out Tanner's blog. It sounds great.
I hope your are done shaking.

Marlene said...

Your crocheted flowers are so stinkin' cute!! My mommy just made me a bunch and sent them I'm a happy girl!

A RAT?!! AAAAACK!!!!! Mice are cute enough....but can do!

Your card is adorable! Love the way you did the headlights!

Shawna said...

A rat?!?!?!?!? OMGosh! Holly, you must have been petrified. But I am glad you asked them to put it out of it's misery and not just toss it out to die an awful death. I knew you were a wonderful person!!! And ya make pretty darn good cards, too! Have a great day!

treesawardincrafts said...

Eeew! I couldn't stop reading but after I got to the punch line I went all funny and flapped my arms about shouting out Eeeew! My poor DH came running in to see what was going on. LOL

Love the card by the way and that little boy is just fantastic.

Dana Gustafson said...

Joy ride! THis is such a fun card! I love it! Thanks so much for getting digi with Just Us Girls this week!

Gunn (Merete) said...

A card that really says summer. Love this image.
Thanks for joining us at SFTW.

Dawn B. said...

Ohhhhhh I can't do rats.. Oh ick.. I can't even feel sorry for them in a trap. I grew up on a farm and they were everywhere. I am so scared of them.. We had one in our house upstairs one time.. eeeks...

This card is adorable.. I love the license plate.. This reminds me of my 3 daughters when they first got their license.. Remember those days..

Margaret xx said...

Love the card but I'll pass on the rat yuk!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i am sooooooooo lmao!! i can just picture you heading for the door. did you walk backwards????? i would have gone looking for the culprit!!!

fabulous card and i just love those headlights! only you would think of how to use those pearls!!! great job!

hugs :)

Stampin' Pam said...

You did a lovely job with this week's digi challenge from Just Us Girls. Great color combo and cute image. Thanks for playing along. Love the story about the You Tube cricut kid!!

Anonymous said...

Holly - I couldn't have made it through the rest of the day at work after a 'rat' experience. Nor could I even LOOK at it!
I was petrified with mice running around my desk at work once. Also had mice in my car and drove to work with cruise on and both feet held up off the floor - for 15 miles. Got the guys at work to put traps in my car for me.
We have very strict rat control in Alberta, Canada where I live. We do get an odd one coming in on trucks from Saskatchewan.
Will check out Tanner's work. thanks.

Andrea M said...

Lovely crocheted flowers! Very pretty card!!! Thanks for playing along with Just Us Girls this week!

Patricia St Martin said...

Oh WOW!!!!! I just love those flower..... Great card love how you put Girls Rule! The dots on the side to give the effect of a road. The kids in the car are so cute. The ribbon in the center great color. Paper in background I really like.

Maria Matter said...

oh what a happy card!!! love the fun details you've added!

beautiful flowers, I keep telling myself to make some, but I don't listen very well!

hugs & blessings!

Debby said...

You crochet too! My goodness what don't you do? Those are the cutest crocheted flowers ever! Love your cute card. Reminded me of the last day of school on Friday and when Takira's Dad and I packed up 10 kids in our cars and took where ever they wanted. They sure had fun.

msfreida said...

Yep...I'm with Debby! When I first pull this post up, I spotted the flowers and thought, "NO WAY...she crochets TOOOOO"!!! UNBELIEVABLE! THESE ARE SOOO AWESOME!

OMGoodness, I would have had a dang heart-attack seeing that rat! When they were adding on to our subdivision, all the field mice came to see me and almost drove me crazy!

This card is SOOO ADORABLE! Oh yes...brings back so many memories! AWESOME job on your wavy lines...really had me fooled...thought that was some pretty cool DP! ;) The headlights and tag are fabulous additions too! Such a fun card!