Thursday, July 15, 2010

Skateboarding To The Teaparty

Hi everyone! Here we are one day closer to Friday! Tomorrow night I'm going to a Christmas card making class to help get even further along in my Christmas cards. Should be fun, and I'll share with you what we make of course!

The teaparty this week at Splitcoast Stampers is all for an eleven year old boy named Mark who is undergoing chemotherapy right now. Mark is the nephew of a fellow stamper on Splitcoast and she has asked us to make cards that are all about sports. If you'd like to make a card for Mark, you can read all about him and get the address in the post here.

For my card I chose the Trick Rider image by Chesney Young. Skateboard riding is an extreme sport, right?

(click to enlarge)

I colored with Copic markers and chalked the sky. The words are from a clear Hero Arts stamp set. Three blue rain dots grace the side of the card.

It's been super hot here and yesterday while I was crocheting flowers for card embellishments I thought about trying to crochet some snowflakes! If I can't have the real thing I might as well make some. They turned out pretty cute, so look for me using them soon! I hope you're staying cool! Thanks for looking!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

and now you crochet too????? wow!!!!

what a super fun card and your coloring is totally awesome!!!

it's hot here too. thank goodness the A/C is in good working order!!!!

hugs :)

msfreida said...

Oh Mark is gonna love this! What a fabulous job you did with the coloring and chalking! :) I love that sentiment too!

I can't wait to see your snowflakes! there any craft you can't do??? I know you will have a ball at your class. Oh I SOOO need to get started on mine!


Shawna said...

What a fabulous image for a little boy's card. Your coloring, as always, is superb and I love how you always use chalk for the sky. It works so perfectly ----- and I have cased that technique a lot lately!! :-) Hope workin' on those snowflakes give you some relief from the heat!

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

very cute. lovely coloring.

Becky said...

What a cute card for a boy..Awesome coloring. Can't wait to see those snowflakes.

bernietom47 said...

Bless his heart I will add Mark to my prayer list. I am sure he will love your card, it so cheerful.

Linda said...

Wow wonderful boy card! I have been making crocheted flowers two. I finally found the directions on line. I love making them. I haven't crocheted in years and forgot how much I enjoy it. I was surprised I remembered how. I can't wait to see yours. I have been making theme all out of white cotton in hopes to dye them with ink.

The Brat said...

This is really cute. I like the nuttin' but sky in the BG.

I should have looked harder in the Squigglefly store. I put in sports in the keywords and this did not come up.

Alice Wertz said...

really cool! great boy card!

Vicki said...

Holly I love your sky! Your coloring is always superb...would love to see a tutorial on how you do your sky! Your card class sounds like some super fun too...wish i could go with you! But you brining it to us is the next best thing. Can't wait to see your snowflakes! Great card Holly...stay cool :)


Marlene said...

What a great card - for a great cause. :) That skateboarder image is cute! Great action.

I can't wait to see your snowflakes!

Maria Matter said...

I should have known you crocheted your own snowflakes!!!

this is a great image, I really like this card! great job!!!