Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tent Topper

Hi everyone! I promised I'd show you the tent topper card I made for the Squigglefly challenge, so here it is!

(click to enlarge)

I used this quirky little image Mark Hicks drew called Unconventional Christmas Tree. I love the big grin on Santa's face at the top! It's colored with Copic markers and I used a little bit of chalk around the edge so it would go better with the designer paper I used. I tied a bow around the lower portion and then hung a little star charm from it.

These tent topper cards are really easy to make, so I hope you'll play along in the challenge too!

On a personal note, our cat hasn't been eating the past couple of days so we took him to the vet yesterday and they've determined that he has pancreatitis. He has to stay there for a couple of days while they give him fluids and pain meds and hopefully he will start eating again once he feels better. Please say a prayer for him to get better. He's a really sweet little boy and I want him back home with us!

I hope you have a fantastic day and thanks as always for stopping by!


Vicki said...

Oh Holly....your card is awesome!!! I LOVE the triangle shape! And the image is awesome too. And oh gosh yes...I will say prayers for your cat! I still miss my Riley...it seems like yesterday...he was our only pet. I hope the vets get him better real soon so he can come back home with you.


Shawna said...

Cute card Holly --- I am still working on mine. So, so sorry to hear about your cat. Toonie Mae had pancreatitis and it is extremely painful. She is forever on a special diet now. My heart goes out to all of you. and I will keep her in my prayers. Hugs.

Kristie said...

Very cool card! Love the image :)

Prayers for your kitty, hope the meds fix him up quick and he's home again soon. Hugs!

Kristie said...

Very cool card! Love the image :)

Prayers for your kitty, hope the meds fix him up quick and he's home again soon. Hugs!

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

such a multitude of cuteness!!!
love the charm and the pyramind of elves is too cute!!!

Dawn Frost said...

Love Santa's grin, he looks so happy to be on top, lol! I really like how you did the ribbon and tag. Hope your cat feels better soon!

Becky said...

What a fabulous card this morning, love the design and that happy smile of Santa. I hope the Kittie gets better soon, poor baby.

Catherine said...

I adore your card Holly ! It's stunning ! The paper and the image as well as the charm are so so pretty ! I do hope your little cat will soon be back home feeling better... I will pray for him and you... Lots of hugs and smiles from Catherine

Marlene said...

What an adorable card! Love that image - and I've never made a tent card before, so I'm gonna have to snoop that out! ;)

Hope your kitty is back to his normal healthy self soon! It's so hard when our furbabies get sick. :(

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

super cute card. no clue what a tent card is but you rocked it for sure!

poor kitty. will keep her in my prayers! by now i've got your entire family in them anyway!!! what's a cat???

hugs :)

little cardmaker said...

This is too cute and it's so cool with a triangle!

I hope your little one does well. We're taking our big boy in for surgery Thurs, so I know it's stressful.

PBrown9624 said...

Love the "triangle" topper!
Hope kitty is better soon. It's so hard when they are sick. People who don't love animals don't understand!

Margaret said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!!


Alice Wertz said...

this is so adorable!!

Maria Matter said...

awww, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty! I'm sure it's very hard to have him away! Hope they can help him quickly and you have him back really soon! I'll say a prayer!

adorable card!! I have this image and have thought of making a tree shape card! great idea to use it as a tent topper!

hugs & blessings!

Heather the MooseLover said...

I'm so sorry about your kitty (but I read the update).

I love this image- so cool!

Rachel said...

LOVING your tent topper card Holly!!! love how you made the topper in the shape of a tree.

msfreida said...

Prayers definitely for kitty! Bless his heart! It's so hard to see our fur babies in pain.

I must not "get around" much because I've never even heard of a tent card, but you've really sparked my curiosity with this cutie! I LOVE this design and you used the perfect image for it! FABULOUS job! :)


Nancy said...

I love this card, Holly:O) That image is brilliant, cute star charm.
Hugs, Nancy;O)