Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Tweeter Life

Hi everyone! Yesterday the sky clouded up and we got a little rain. Later it was still overcast so we decided to take Riley along for a boat ride on the river. The river was up too high for our usual sandbar to be out, but we had a good time. Then we came in to the boat dock, and Riley and I took off for a little walk while Brock got the boat back on the trailer.

We were walking along and suddenly Riley lunged for something that was under a tree. It was a skunk! Yep, she got a face full of skunk juice! She kept trying to shake him and I was dragging her away trying not to get sprayed myself! Luckily we learned the hard way a few years ago when a smooth haired fox terrier we used to have named Jacy got skunked what the best course of action is! We had a skunk kit in the truck - baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid shampoo. We mixed that all up with the some water we had and got most of the goo off of her. The poor thing swallowed a bunch of it and threw up about four times.

Anyway, she's not smelling like a flower by any means, but she doesn't smell too bad anymore - unless she breathes on you! LOL! I truly think Riley thought that was the best part of the whole trip!

I have a card to share with you today that took me way longer than it should have to complete. It was one of those cards where I just kept adding this or that and changing my mind on what I wanted to do three or four times, but in the end I really love the way the card looks.

(click to enlarge)

I started out making this as my DT CASE card for the challenge I've got going on HERE. I chose to case the card that Nancy Cappelen made. I stayed with her matchbook style, and I went with the bird theme she had going on, but I pretty much changed everything else.

I chose the Feathered Neighbors image by Revi Devi Paat and printed it out twice on some designer paper and once on some white card stock. I cut the birds from the white card stock and colored them and cut them out. I layered one of the trees cut from the paper over the image on the card stock and then I cut out each leaf from the other printed image and glued the end down over the leaves but let the tips curl up. I did a little bit of shading around the leaves with a green Copic marker.

I ten glued some blue yarn fluff to the birds for tail feathers and stuck them in the tree. I cut a strip of designer paper for the bottom, and I liked the words showing in the paper so I just let it be and didn't add a sentiment to the front.

The bottom section is folded up and held in place with some cording that's tied through the ends. The bottom on the top fold tucks under to stay closed. Here's a look at the inside

(click to enlarge)

It really looks so much better in real life! Have a wonderful day, and thanks for looking!


msfreida said...

Oh that Riley!!! She definitely makes life fun...NEVER dull at your house! TeeHee! :) I'm just waiting for Molly to have her first encounter with one of these!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card! :) Such a unique design! FABULOUS image and I LOVE your special touches on the leaves and birds! The way you used the cording is sooo cool! LOOKS FABULOUS! :)

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Shawna said...

A very different card for you Holly --- I like it! And poor Riley baby. Those darn skunks. So glad you know the formula for getting rid of that smell...aren't wire hair fox terrors, I mean terriers, a hoot?!?!?!?

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

riley is worse than a kid!!!!! and you're a good mom!!!

fabulous card. very different for you! but fabulous as always!!

have a wonderful weekend!

hugs :)

The Brat said...

Oh NO! I think Riley needs body guards! Snakes and skunks! I hope she doesn't tick off any bears!

Your card is pretty. I think it's funny you not it took you a long time and you changed things around a lot and that that was unusual. That's what happens to me more often than not!

Have a wonderful week-end free of critters except the domestic kind!

bumblebee creations said...

that puppy is a handful- huh? Love your card, from what I can see of it- it is only half showing up.

PBrown9624 said...

Love your card 7 the fluff you added to the bird's tails. Poor Riley..seems like she has had a rough time lately. Take care!

Betty aka ZacksNana said...


Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Ha! Ha! sounds like you have your hands full with Riley - what a character! Glad we don't have any skunks round here.

Fabulous card. Just love your layering and how you have curled the edge of those leaves - gorgeous effect.
Caroline xxx

Maria Matter said...

omgosh Holly, what wonderful adventures you have with Riley! You should write children's books!

Glad you had your emergency stink kit, and eliminated most of the odor quickly!

adorable card, love the blues & greens!
hugs & blessings!

Kim said...

Boy Riley sure gets into his share of trouble!! Thank goodness you didn't get sprayed too!
Wonderful card Holly!!!!

Marlene said...

ROFL at your Riley/Skunk story...though I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time!!! The stories you could tell about your dog! Riley finds EVERYTHING, from snakes to skunks!

This is a terrific card, too!

Donna B said...

I remember they said to use Tomato Juice for skunk spraying, I don't remember how well it worked! When one of our dogs got hit we found something at the store that worked well, and then afterwards we used that smells so good stuff that is like a use it shampoo but you don't have to give them a bath, wow that helps alot I'm sure!
and YUCK what a smell! Dona