Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Old St. Nick

Hi everyone! Did you see the fun challenge going on at the Squigglefly blog? Make a card using felt flowers! I don't have any felt flowers but I think I could cut some out of felt with my die cuts. I wish I had a felt poinsettia because it would have gone perfectly with the Christmas card I have to show you today.

(click to enlarge)

I used the amazing Kris Kringle image that Marla Shega drew for Squigglefly. I colored with Copic markers and was again inspired to try the dotted background with some pale warm grey Copics. the fur trim of his hat and his beard only requires a little bit of shading with some pale cool greys and a little bit of a pale blue on the fur. A Quickie glue pen was used over his spectacles and embossed with some detail gold embossing powder. The eyeglasses were then filled in with a little diamond glaze.

I loved the old fashioned look to this Santa, so I went with that vintage feeling and distressed the edges of the image with some Creamy Caramel ink. The holly berries in his hat were glittered with ruby red glitter.

The sentiment is from Stampin' Up! and the edges of it were distressed the same way. I got a pre-colored holly leaf from the internet and cut it out and adhered it to the corner of the sentiment. The border on the side is from a new Fiskars punch I just bought with a Michael's coupon.

I really can't emphasize enough how quickly this image colors up! You could make cards with this image and get several done in no time at all! Now, aren't you feeling like getting a head start on those Christmas cards?

Before I go I wanted to share something with you. It's not craft related at all, so I won't be offended if you leave me here. I recently watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix. The first one was called Girl 27 and was about this man who discovered a story about a young girl of seventeen who claimed to have been raped at a party given by some big wigs in MGM studios. He tracks her down and tells her story. It was a sad one. She was raped and back then girls who hollered rape were automatically looked down upon as being trampy. The studio paid off people to say bad things about her and even her own mother sold her out. The woman went on to live a very cut off life, didn't get along with her daughter or grandchildren, and was pretty much a recluse.

The next movie I watched was called Forgiving Dr. Mengele. It was the story of Eva Kor who had been in Auschwitz concentration camp with her twin sister when she was 9 years old. She arrived there with her twin, two older siblings, her mother, and her father. Her whole family other than her twin and herself were immediately eliminated. They were there for 10 months being subjected to horrendous medical experiments. Eva eventually found that she needed to forgive the atrocities perpetrated against her in order to really be free of the pain and fear she lived with every day. Once she forgave, she found that she was free. She faced enormous opposition from other camp survivors who were outraged that she could forgive them. She tried to explain that forgiving was not forgetting; that she would never forget, but in forgiving she no longer allowed them continue hurting her.

I found the parallel in these two stories so interesting in that both of these women had handled the tragedy in their lives so differently. The woman who did not forgive lived a sad life full of fear and anger and cut off from everyone in her life, while the woman who chose to forgive is leading a very full life no longer filled with pain and anger. Makes you think doesn't it?

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for looking!


Becky said...

What a fabulous Santa..Love how you did those glasses.
The movies sound great, have you ever seen the movie "The Hiding place" about Corrie Ten Boom?

Carole RB said...

Hi Holly

Your card is soooo gorgeous.

I love your reflexion on those movies!

Have a nice day

Linda said...

Amazing post today Holly. Thank You!
The card is wonderful and the stories and your reflection, inspiring!

bumblebee creations said...

WOW! To both the card and the movie reviews!! I love how you added the glitter to old st nicks spectacles! I def. love everything about the card actually! Thanks for sharing about the movies--it does make you think!

msfreida said...

HO HO HO!!! :) Merry Christmas! :)
I was hoping this would be the next image you used! The first time I saw it, it almost took my breath away. Marla is SOOO SUPER TALENTED! Last year, I bought an expensive rubber stamp set just to get the old world Santa and it DOES NOT compare to this charming fellow! OMGoodness the detail in this! You did such a FABULOUS job coloring him up too! Oh the shading couldn't be better and those glasses look sooo real! This is another one that I can't stop looking at! You can definitely tell you had a ball with this one!

These movies sound like winners, and I can see where they would run parallel to each other. Both stories are so heart-wrenching...I just cannot imagine! I think these will go on my 'must see' list! Thanks for the heads up!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh holly! your coloring just keeps getting better & better. this image soooooooooooo comes to life! IT'S GORGEOUS!

who has time to watch movies????? lol

hugs :)

Shawna said...

Thanks for sharing your views on the two documentaries; sounds like two very worthy shows to watch for a quality evening in front of the TV. Now for your card ----- FABULOUS! Holly, your coloring, shading, choice to distress-- it all works perfectly. I said it the other day and I will say it again; I love the new realistic digis at Squigglefly. Your coloring and subtle shading of this image is PERFECT! Love those eyeglasses.

Maria Matter said...

STUNNING card Holly! I really like Marla's images! ...and you did an awesome job w/this one!!!

TFS about the documentaries! What a contrast, forgiveness would change the world!! Thanks for giving us some food for thought today Holly!
hugs & blessings!

Kari said...

Oh,my,this is fabulous!
Beautiful image and the colouring is stunning,looks like he is alive :)
Have a great day :)

Hugs,Kari :)

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

very vintage Holly & stunning. I'm glad you enjoyed the documentaries. I watched the Saints football game last night and bit off every single nail. Reggie Bush went back to New Orleans with a broken leg. Nothing compared to what those two ladies endured. TFS

Kim said...

wonderful card Holly!!! Love all the shading you did!!!!

Pam in Ar. said...

LOVE this image Holly. The coloring is so right on and you just get better and better with every card. I challenge you to go back to your first posting and look at todays postings, you would see a difference. I'm not saying you weren't good before but BABY....look at you now!

I can see where you could see a parallel to the two stories and I get your message (or I think I heard a message) What those two women went through was horrific but forgiveness is HUGE and I can't help but think where would I be if Jesus hadn't forgiven me? My flesh wants to hold on to the bitterness of things but forgiveness will release you...thanks for sharing the card and these stories :)

Happy Tuesday!

Nancy said...

Wow Holly!!!
I just purchased several of these new images and your artwork was what sold me on them. They are all SO GORGEOUS!!!. Now, if I could only learn to do that shading you did I'd be all set.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Marlene said...

WOW!!! This is my #1 favorite card of yours so far! Beautifully done!!! What a fantastic image!

Anonymous said...

WOWZA Holly...this image is so so amazing!! What a talented artist!!! The details are so amazing!! I am so in the mood to do some Christmas projects...maybe some stamp time is needed soon?!!!

I can relate to the stories and I think it's harder for some to forgive than others...I've experienced through people around me. It does make your life more whole and easy. Even those they 'say' they forgive don't really in their hearts sometimes...I wish everyone would realize how much they hurt themselves when they don't forgive. TFS!! Hope you're doing well my friend! HUGS

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Wow!! What gorgeous coloring!! It looks like a real photo of Santa, Holly!