Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas In the Park

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was really nice. We got to spend some time with family and friends and Lord did we eat some food! I have not been able to spend much time crafting, but I do want to share a very special Christmas card I got from my sister Lynne Stansbery who draws for Squigglefly.

(click to enlarge)

Isn't this just the cutest thing you ever saw? she drew this and colored it with Prisma colored pencils. I think it's darling, and I love the holly border!

We spent a couple of hours in the woods the day after Christmas. I got a new camera for Christmas and wanted to try it out, so I took several pictures of our woodland adventure. This first one is Riley walking on a log

(click to enlarge)

and of course she had to investigate under the log in case there was a mouse or something

(click to enlarge)

and then we came across an old boat that someone had left - strange place to find a boat!

(click to enlarge)

And then we found another geo cache

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

And here's one last picture of a deer head that Brock found. He certainly had some nice pretty teeth!

(click to enlarge)

I have taken the day off work today and now plan to spend some time in my craft room making cards so i will have things to share with you this week! Enjoy your day, and thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I just LOVE your card Holly!! That is precious!! So glad to hear you had a great time with your family sweetie!! Looking forward to seeing lots more in the New Year!! HUGS

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

What a fun adventure! Happy crafting!

Becky said...

Love the adorable card. Fabulous coloring.
What a great place to go walking finding all kinds of treasures.

Dawn Frost said...

Love the card you got from your sister, Wow! I adore the shybears they rock!

Pam in Ar. said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas Holly, it sure has been cold out hasn't it! Glad you got a new camera, now we can see more Riley it! Your sister's card was great, I see the gift of drawing runs in the family :)

Maria Matter said...

Lynne's sister card is beautiful Holly!

Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas, thanks for sharing some fun photos with you new camera!
hugs & blessings!

Stephanie said...

Holly.......The card is just adorable. Like I said, I totally am loving me some Shy Bears!!! What an adventure in the woods for you! Lots of great finds. Lovin' your camera!!!

Tammy said...

Wonderful card from your sister, she is very blessed to have such awesome talent.

Love the pictures of Riley. What a cutie-pie.

Nana Bev said...

Your sister's card is great. I love the holly border too and the Merry Christmas. Looks like a fun jaunt through the woods ... always fun making it an adventure. Cute pup.

freida said...

Oh.....what a GORGEOUS card! That Lynne just blows me away with her talent! My PC pencils never looked like this! :) She's another one that I'd love to watch create if i could morph into something so I could sit on her shoulder for a bird's eye view! :)

From the looks of your photos, this new camera must be a doozie! Can't wait to see more! I'm so glad y'all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was kinda quiet, except for the snow! Yep...I saw my very first white Christmas and was like a kid in it! I hope you got my pic I sent you via cell phone....I made a snow angel, but getting up wasn't as easy as I remembered it to be! :) teehee


Linda said...

Wonderful card and so nice of you to share it with us.
Love your pictures. What kind of camera did you get?

Patricia St Martin said...

Lynne did a wonderful job on you card. She did one last year also for you? Did you get any of the snow? We got about a foot but it is not bad. Hope you like your new camera? I new a new one, maybe I can put out the word and I will get one for my birthday.
Hugs, Pat

Unknown said...

This is just adorable and the coloring is absolutely fantastic!!! Love it! I also enjoyed your photo field trip through the woods!! Fun!!

Wanda said...

Great hiking trip girl. Weird to have found all these great finds.