Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Be The Designer - a Tutorial!

Hi everyone! I've got a real treat for you today! The other day I was making a valentine card and I had it all colored up ready to be made into a card. Then I started rummaging through my papers and I couldn't find anything to go with the image! I know that I'm not the only one that this happens to, but thanks to my super talented daughter Chesney Young I was saved. She put together a quick, easy to understand and follow video showing how to make your own background paper using Adobe!

I have Adobe Photoshop elements and I was able to follow her instructions exactly except for when she chooses the pattern. If you are using Adobe Photoshop elements, to choose the pattern you will see a little box at the top left that says "pattern" and you need to click the box. Then you will see a little drop down arrow to the right of that. When you click on the drop down arrow you will be able to choose your pattern. If you don't have Adobe, you can do the same thing using GIMP which is available as a free download HERE.

By following along with her tutorial I was able to make the cute little hearts background paper for this card. (I used one of the hearts over the little girl bear's head in Bashful Valentines)

(click to enlarge)

The main image is one of the new releases, and it's called Shy Bear Heart Signs. Isn't it sweet? I colored with Copic markers and added glitter and shredded confetti glitter to their signs.

The sentiment at top is the Happy Valentines Day sentiment by Nina Brackett. It's cut out with a nestabilities ribbon tag.

Doesn't the little heart background paper look cute with this? Another fun thing you can do is make the same pattern in a larger print if you wanted! I do hope you will give the tutorial a try!

If you can't view the video from my blog, you can go to You Tube and watch it HERE. Have fun with this, and you'll never have to worry about finding the perfect paper again!

Riley and I did get to play in the snow yesterday and I'll share pictures with you tomorrow! Have a wonderful day, and thanks for looking!


Pam in Ar. said...

You have such a talented family...I can't wait to see your pictures tomorrow :) Keep warm!

Shawna said...

Sweet paper and the new Squigglefly image is so cute. I just made some of my own Valentine's DP. Yours would be quicker and easier!!

Tammy said...

Wonderful pattern paper you created. Love the shy bears, they are also so sweet.

Glad you had snow for you and Riley to play in. Looking forward to tomorrow's pictures.

Anonymous said...

Well first your card is just soooo adorable!! I love your coloring and your fabulous sparkle!! :) You know I do love these Shy Bears!!

SIGH!! I have SO MUCH to learn and I know you would slit my throat to know that I have photoshop on BOTH of my computers and I don't use them at all because it's so hard to remember what to do!! SIGH!! I watched the video, but I will have to watch it again and again and play with my PS to try this out....I think it is VERY cool and I love this concept!! Some day I will "learn" how to manipulate my digital images...SOME day!! :)

Stef H said...

now i see where YOU get your talent from - lol.

fabulous card!

hugs :)

Dawn Frost said...

Great tutorial, I'm going to have to try it! Thanks

PS I LOVE shybears they are adorable.

Dawn B. said...

What cute paper.. I love this. You are both very talented. I will have to give this a try. I use Photoshop all the time but not for paper.. Great job..

Marlene said...

Oh brother. Now I have to kiss your shoes because you've just shown me YET ANOTHER TALENT you possess. When does it end, already?!!! Sheesh!!

Heehee. Gorgeous card. You're so smart!

Sue said...

Oh wow, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing this and the card is absolutely adorable!

Artyjen said...

thanks for the link ;)
...also...It was such fun playing along with you all at Something Completely Different and then being on the DT was the icing on the cake. Will see you in blog land to catch up on your lovely creations.
Thanks for all the fabulous comments :)
xoxo Sioux

freida said...

WOW HOW COOL! Thanks Ches! Gosh I hope I can do this! You did such an AWESOME job explaining this! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I've wanted to try this for the longest time but never had anyone to walk me through it! YOU ROCK, GF!!! WAAAHOOOOOOO!!!!!! :)

Oh another Shy Bear that steals my heart! How ADORABLE!!! Love the background paper you created and it's PERFECT for this image! SOOO PRECIOUS!