Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thinking of dogwoods

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday and happy brand new release day at Squigglefly! Have you seen the images that were released this weekend? Wow is all I can say! That monogram set is amazing! I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head for that!

Well, there's something I must confess to. I saw this on the internet the other day

(click to enlarge)

and all I can do for those of you buried in the fluffy white stuff is say I'm sorry! But, there's good news! My prayers have been answered! Yesterday we got snow!

(click to enlarge)

It started falling about 8:30 in the morning and by 10:00 the grounds were covered. We ended up with about an inch total, but was it ever pretty! Riley and I had a great time playing in it in the afternoon. I also got to sneak in some play time and made this

(click to enlarge)

This started out being for a challenge, but I veered off of it too much to count it. I used the Dogwood Delight image by Lynne Stansbery and a freebie sentiment that was available a while back on Squigglefly's group on Papercraft Planet.

I colored it with Copic markers and sewed tiny yellow seed beeas to the center of the flowers.

I'm going to work on my menu for the week and try to get my grocery shopping this afternoon. A lot depends on how the roads are today. I know my husband is planning on watching the super bowl this evening, and I plan on being happily tucked away in my craft room making cards! I hope you find some time to craft today as well! Thanks for looking!


Tammy said...

Beautiful card. The netting is perfect for the image.

Becky said...

Beautiful card Holly, love the cute little beads in the middle.

I love the picture of the church sign :).

freida said...'s so cold, and your photos aren't helping! ;) I'm so glad God blessed you with the snow and not us! I've had my quota for the year!(never thought I'd feel that way!) That church sign is priceless!

Your card is GORGEOUS with that image, and the ribbon has the perfect texture for your design. WOW...what an eye-catcher! The beads really add a touch of pizazz! :) FABULOUS job!

You are so right about those monograms...boy Squigglefly is loaded today! What an assortment!

Enjoy your play time!

Shawna said...

Love this card Holly! The addition of that netting is such a wonderful touch as is the seed beads. FABULOUS card!

Inger Harding said...

Such a beautiful card Holly!!!
Have a lovely weekend and happy crafting! :o)

Stef H said...

only an inch? that's wuss snow! you should have mounds like we have!!!! you can make a house with it!!!!! lol.

fabulous card. i love dogwoods.

awesome release today too. you girls are just running off the map - wooo hooo! and i didn't know inger harding was drawing for SF? her images are gorgeous.

have a fun weekend.

hugs :)

Amanda Lee said...

Love the card -- and the church sign :)
Enjoy your snow, and be careful.

Dawn Frost said...

Quit praying for snow!! Come on we've had enough, lol! Not only too much snow but today it also rained, yuck! I LOVE your card, the dogwood is gorgeous.

ellepaulette said...

LOL! I love that Church sign, so perfect!

Beautiful card!!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I thought I left you a comment...well I did but I don't see it here.

I am glad you got the snow you wanted. I would love to give you some of the 2 1/2 feet we have here.

Your card is gorgeous!! Love the lace, your coloring and your color combo. Elegant!

Dawn B. said...

We don't have any snow.. I don't think I want anymore. My poor daughters back in IL have 23 inches. This card is really pretty. Love the texture. I thought the super bowl was tomorrow..hmmm

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Holly!! Your card is gorgeous!! I love the netting along the side and your beautiful coloring!! ;) I agree with the sign!! Stop it Holly!! LOL!!

Marlene said...

Your card is gorgeous, as per usual!

As far as the snow goes, I'd think it was pretty if it was only an inch, too! HA!

Pam in Ar. said...

I really like the ribbon? to the right side of the card..really dresses it up! You always do such great work Holly :)