Friday, April 15, 2011

Every Now And Then You Get An Idea

Happy Friday to you all! Do you ever see an image and immediately know what you want to do with it? Well, that happened to me when I saw a couple of images drawn by the talented Nate Owens. These two images will be available at Squigglefly tomorrow. They are Party Gal and Party Guy.

(click to enlarge)

they are colored with Copic markers and chalk, and I used some stickles for her earring and a glint on his tooth!

I printed them out together with a couple of the speech bubbles (available free HERE at Squigglefly - a whole set of different shapes!), and then I printed out different come on lines from the guy and witty comebacks from the gal. I then cut out a rough circle for a placement guide. I cut the opening out the speech bubbles and after deciding where my brad would be, I stuck it all to a foam board with a thumb tack and taped the wording onto the circle where they would show through the speech bubbles.

I highlighted the wording that goes together and then tested it on my card. It all worked okay, but the circle was a mess! So I scanned the circle and then used photoshop to whiten out the parts I wanted clean and left the wording. Then all I had to do was cut the circle out and assemble my card. This would make making another one of these so much easier!

Normally I would make a card like this and only have the wheel extend out on one side of the card, but in this case I already had my image colored and cut out before I decided on making it a view master card, so I opted to let my wheel extend out on all sides. A little forethought would have made this a lot neater.

Anyway, I wanted to share all of the wording with you, so I filmed it being turned. My husband said that I should have put the man on the other side since he's speaking first since people read from left to right, but I think most people will figure it out.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! If you can't see the video on my blog you can see it on YouTube HERE


Maria Matter said...

what fun Holly! this was a brilliant idea and you did a super job with the wheel!
Enjoy your weekend!
hugs & blessings!

Patricia St Martin said...

Thanks for sharing. You always do a wonderful job. I like the way it turned out.

Shawna said...

Very clever!!! Love those come-on lines.

Linda said...

Brilliant! I love the sentiments and the way your created your card.

Anonymous said...

Wow Holly!! I just ADORE this!! What a fantastic way to put this together like you did!! to go back and look at the video, but I love the way you've put the "glint" on his tooth!! LOL!! Beautiful coloring!! Have a great weekend!! Smiles, Vicki

Heather said...

Awesome Holly! What a clever idea. I love the new images- especially the guy. Wasn't he a panelist on Match Game?

Dawn B. said...

Had to come check on you since I heard there was bad weather in your state. This is adorable. Love the glitz on his teeth. Great video. Just did my first one for my sons coach but couldn't figure out how to get the graphics and words at the beginning. Yours is great. I hate my voice on tape although it was a game so all I did was cheer the team on. My son told me while taping DO NOT talk. Haha. Great job my friend.

Elaine A said...

Holly -

What a fun card and I so love the circle idea! And the glint of stickles on his tooth - too funny! Thank you for the video.

Elaine Allen

Stef H said...

oh that is funny. fabulous card too.

thank you so much for your kind thoughts & prayers. they truly help.

hugs :)

Marlene said...

You are PURE GENIUS woman! I love this viewmaster card....Absolutely UNIQUE! Just like you! :)

Happy weekend!!!

Tammy said...

Fabulous! Love the images, I HAD to have both of them and downloaded them before 6:00 a.m. Terrific idea for a viewmaster card. Wish I could think of clever lines and comebacks, you rock!

Dawn Frost said...

Great wheel card Holly! Fantastic sentiments.