Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I See London

Good morning everyone!

I have a card to share with you today that I did for today's teaparty challenge on Splitcoast Stampers. This week Cindy has challenged everyone to make a card with the theme being One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest. The story is about Beulah the Bluebird who got hit by Lexus, and thanks to a crafty lawyer she's been given a bird and breakfast as compensation. The problem is Beulah needs all the help she can get because ever since she got hit by the Lexus she's been a little scatterbrained.

I thought Beulah could use a good maid to help keep her bird and breakfast clean and tidy, so here's my card.

(click to enlarge)
This was such fun to color, but I had a bit of time deciding what I wanted it to say! The image is French Maid Service from Squigglefly's After Dark section. Isn't this a fun one?

I colored with Copic markers and used chalk for the floors and background. I finally settled on the old school "I see London, I see France" verse for the front. The fun is coming up with the inside - I've tossed around these ideas

I can't play now
I'm dusting the plants!

Looks like someone
forgot to wear pants!

I know you
took a second glance!

I'm only in this silly outfit
by happenstance!

What's your favorite? Tell me one of your own, or maybe you'd go a completely different route altogether. I'm only sending this as a silly card to make someone laugh, but this would be a great image for a spouse's birthday or valentine's card, wouldn't it? Hmmm, what would the card say then? I'll give it some thought!

I hope your day is a wonderful one, and thanks so much for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Adorable, sure to put a smile on anyone's face. :)

Vicki said...

Beautiful Holly...gosh you have a way with those copics! I think the first phrase was my fav...but really any of them would work! Would make a great man card!!! LOL Have a great day Holly.


Elaine A said...

Holly -

Oh this gave me a chuckle! This is so adorable and "cheeky"! Sorry I couldn't help myself. What a fabulous job you've done with this piece, I love it! As for the sayings, they are all great.

Elaine Allen

I see London
I see France
Please look at my face, not my pants!

Goblin Anne said...

I like this card very much. I think you ought to finish it with, "I know you took a second glance!"

Tammy said...

Too funny Holly. I like dusty plants or look at my face from a comment posted.

bumblebee creations said...

Holly--Love the last choice!

Amanda Lee said...

I like the first one, and I like Elaine's idea.

Patricia St Martin said...

Hi Miss Holly, This is Emma I want to tell you Thank you for the Easter card the bunny is so cute and sparkles. I want to say I hope you found Easter eggs. I hope you had a Happy Easter. Make sure you find pretty Easter eggs. I hope you find lots of Easter for your Easter Hunt. I colored eggs they turned out real pretty, but I made a mess. Hugs, Emma

She is real chattie today. We had been gone and she was off of school. Things are back to nornal again. She just loved your card her face lit up when she opened your card. Thanks for sending Her a card.

Anonymous said...

Holly, thank you for posting! I am glad you are SAFE!!!! Keep watching the skies!!
God bless,

Sara I. said...

So much fun! Beautiful papers and coloring!

Marlene said...

Heeheehee!!! After Dark - my favorite section of the store!

I love "I know you took a second glance"!!! That would be perfect to send to some dude on his birthday! :)

Kim said...

Wonderful!!!!! Need this image!!!LOL!

Anonymous said...

BWHAA!! HAA!! This is just too cute!! I love it hun and your coloring is awesome!! LOVE the image!! :)

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

How about "You really tickle my fancy". Love this!