Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Powerful Words

Hi everyone! I received this wonderful award from Peggy at The Nutty Cardmaker the other day, and was so flattered! I do hope my blog is versatile and not the same thing day after day! Thanks so much to Peggy for this wonderful award!

As I mentioned yesterday, a new challenge went up on the Squigglefly blog and it all about words! The design team has done such a fantastic job on their cards! They really inspired me to get going on mine.

So, I thought about what I wanted my words to be. You know usually my first thought is to go funny. I love making people laugh. I also really love puns - the play on words no matter how silly is always funny to me. Then I got on the computer and simply googled the word "words" to see what came up! I found this very interesting bit on this BLOG and it really made me think of how powerful words are.

The Power of the Spoken Word: Eternal Words

Matthew 12:36
The Message: Every one of these careless words is going to come back to haunt you. There will be a time of reckoning. Words are powerful; take them seriously. Words can be your salvation. Words can also be your damnation."
New Century Version: And I tell you that on the Judgment Day people will be responsible for every careless thing they have said.

Once you speak a word, it exists forever! That fact alone is exhilarating and a little frightening! The laws of physics tell us that energy in the universe is never lost. It is transformed from one state to another. Sound waves never disappear. Sound is an energetic disturbance that causes a movement of particles. Because space is a vacuum with no matter, sound is unable to “travel.”

Think about the implications – if we had the right equipment, voices from the beginning of time could be retrieved. We could actually hear the voices of Adam and Eve themselves speaking to God, or Abraham Lincoln’s voice as he spoke the Gettysburg address, or even Jesus’ own voice speaking the Beatitudes!

What an awesome thought!

Words may be spoken to a specific person at a specific time, but they exist in the atmosphere forever. Scripture tells us God’s Word stands forever; and the prayers of the saints are ever before Him. Your prayers exist forever and are before the Father continuously.

But consider the flip side. Every careless, nasty, hurtful, doubt-filled, angry word you’ve ever spoken is still floating around, and not only that. You will be required to answer to God for them.

Now if that doesn't make you stop and think long and hard the next time you are about to criticize someone or spew a word of fear or doubt, I don't know what will! Our words are eternal in the most basic sense.

Doesn't it make you think? So after reading that, my thoughts turned from funny and sarcastic to the power that words have. Hurtful words have the power to still sting years after they've been spoken, and caring words can make a person feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they are recalled years later. I think that when someone is hurting or feeling hopeless just hearing the words "I care" can make all the difference, so here is my card.

(click to enlarge)

I used the freebie friendship words paper from Squigglefly, and the Best Friends Forever image by Lynne Stansbery. Copic markers were used to color the image with, and I chalked a little yellow in the background. the sentiment "You've got a friend" was printed on my computer. I had that Carole King song running through my head while putting this together so I went with it as a sentiment! The inside says "always and forever!"

Take some time out today to call a friend and let them know you care about them! I wish you all a wonderful day and thanks for looking!


Sara I. said...

Thank you for the beautiful reminder this morning. Awesome card - your coloring is gorgeous and that image looks fabulous with the pp!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and I just love your work and the Power of the Spoken Word:
How true, thank you for sharing.

Blessings, Lori m

Julie Cade said...

I am so thankful that I took the time to read your blog today. God used you to remind all of us about the power of HIS word and our very own words. Thank you.

Julie Cade said...

I am so thankful that I took the time to read your blog today. God used you to remind all of us about the power of HIS word and our very own words. Thank you for the blessing.

Patricia St Martin said...

Congrats! on you award. That is so nice. I just love that images. It is my favorite one. You did a wonderful job with the friends. Their smail is so beautiful.

Betty J Schaub said...

Kudos to you on the award!
Thansk for the Bible lesson today. I needed some spiritual guidance.
Your card is precious! Love those hugging girls. Hugs to you Miss Holly & Rylie too!

Anonymous said...

Well, OH MY WORD Holly!! LOL!! Your creation is so super sweet!!! The perfect image for the papers you've used and I'm so happy to see you've done your "re-search" with this challenge/project and what a powerful set of words those are! Thanks for sharing that...and congrats on your award!! Smiles and hugs, Vic

freida said...

Congrats on your award...you're most deserving because of the extra effort you put into giving your readers what they want to see. Whether it be a new image used in a fabulous design, a new 'how-to' video, or pics of our favorite 4-legged friend, we always leave with a smile on our faces and inspiration in our hearts. :)

Thank you for sharing the message from The Spoken Word...what an important reminder for us all. The words we choose can have devastating effects that last a lifetime if not chosen very carefully, but on the other hand, can also bring joy and comfort to an ailing heart.

The printed paper you used with Lynne's precious image is perfect for this week's challenge! What wonderful memories this image brings to mind! Such a sweet, sweet card, Holly! :)

I find myself playing 'catch-up' again...why can't there just be a pause button?! :)


bumblebee creations said...

Love your card Holly!! I used the same paper on mine!!( but in a different way)

Elaine M said...

Your post today was wonderful - gives us lots to think about. Love your card and will try my hand at CASing it as soon as I download this great image. Thx for your inspiration

Dana said...

Congrats on your award Holly! Thanks also for this amazing post! Truer words have never been spoken and whoever made up that silly rhyme "sticks and stones...." had no idea how wrong they are!
Hugs x

Marlene said...

Awww, what a gorgeous card, Holly!! You're so right....words can have a powerful impact!

JanR said...

Awesome card, Holly!