Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bringing Fish To A Teaparty

Hi everyone. How are you today? I know a lot of you want to hear about my office test that I took yesterday so I'll go ahead and tell you the whole awful tale. I spent some time on Sunday prepping for the test by taking some online tests and watching some tutorials on programs I thought I should brush up on. One of the places I went to take a typing test is Typingtest.com. Now, I am a good typist. I took typing all through high school and type every single day not only in doing this blog, but in the scope of my work. So I was scoring pretty darn good in the online typing test getting "excellent" scores. So yesterday morning I go in to take my test. The girl has a laptop set up for me. I don't use laptops, and they are much different to type on than a regular keyboard, plus it had no mouse and I'm used to using a mouse! So the first thing she says is to take a typing test at Typingtest.com. I should have aced it. I knew which one to pick to type because I had typed them all and knew which one was the easiest. But the laptop and my nerves got to me. My hands shook so bad that I am amazed I was able to type anything at all. It really was embarrassing. I ended up getting a 43 words per minute and I was so disappointed in and angry at myself. The Excel part of the test was easy, and after that it was a timed written test which I finished with time to spare, so I did okay on that I think. She said she'd look over the test and get back to me if I passed. I really don't know why I was shaking so much. I shouldn't have let it get to me the way it did, but I didn't know how to control it. Just telling myself to calm down wasn't helping much. Oh well, I suppose the nervousness of taking tests will leave the more I take, but I have a feeling now that the next one will be hard because I have today's test looming in my mind! Thanks for the good thoughts though!

Today is another one of Mothermark's Teaparties and this week they are sending cards to Colton who is the same little boy I made the star shaped card for a couple of weeks ago. they say Colton loves fishing, so we were asked to bring fish or bait to the teaparty. Since I have already sent a card to Colton, I made a birthday card - but it's got fish on it!

(click to enlarge)

I used the Shy Bear Goldfish Bear for my card. It's colored with Copic markers and chalk. I added a little stickles to the fish and then used some crystal effects on the bowl. The sentiment is computer generated.

I hope your day is a fabulous one, and thanks for looking!


Becky said...

You poor baby.. fear/nerves are terrible stumbling blocks in our life's.
Years ago I was in the unemployment line and this man ran up to me and asked me if I could type, I said no, but if you hold the job for 2 weeks I will learn, I ran out and took a typing class practice hours before and after and 2 weeks later applied for the job, he gave me a typing test, I typed 32 words a min with 6 mistakes. :) He gave me the job any way because I had such tenacity.

Adorable card.

Tammy said...

You didn't test as poorly as you think. I'm sure everyone else coming through the door had the same shakes.

Love your card, so cute for a birthday.

Dawn Frost said...

I love shybears, your card is fantastic! I'm sure you didn't do as poorly as you think. Keep your head up Holly!

Pink Crafter said...

What an adorable image! I found your blog at Outlawz under the looking for followers forum.

Marlene said...

your card is adorable..I love the stickled fish!

No worries on the test...I'm sure they expect people to be nervous. You're a fine candidate, I'm sure...and I've got faith. Hang in there. If this one doesn't pan out, another one will.

Linda W. said...

You WILL get that job Holly! I just know it! I love this shy bear card too!

Pink Crafter said...

What a really cute card, great job with the coloring. I found your site on the looking for followers forum on Outlawz. I am new to the blogging world, so this tool is great for me and I get to see so many inspirational projects.
Kelly G

Dori said...

Just chalk this first interview up to practice- then maybe be surprised when they call you back! If the personel manager knows her job, she'll have seen how you went from nervous shaking to sovereign mastery as the testing progressed- how you deal with stress is something else "they" look for- and you did! After more than 30 years in the same job, you've done VERY WELL!

bumblebee creations said...

I hope you mentioned to her that you are used to working on a computer and not a laptop! I am sure you did much better than you think! You mentioned another test--do you have another interview as well? Good luck Holly!!

Vicki said...

Cute sentiment Holly! And your coloring is superb of course! Love the look of that fish in the bowl! Hey kiddo, don't be so hard on yourself about that test! Laptops are a whole different animal when it comes to a keyboard! I work on a laptop daily and it did take me some time to get used to the keys. Sweetie, you just need to take a deep breath and know that something good will come of all this, God does have a plan...you just don't know it yet! I truly believe that saying when a door closes God opens a window!