Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Happy Saturday one and all. Before I get to today's card, let me fill you on my job interview. If you aren't into reading the personal stuff, then feel free to scroll on down to see the card.

Before I get to the actual interview, I have a story to tell you that I think is quite an odd thing. I've been into all kinds of crafts my whole life. For quite a while I was big time into knitting on a knitting machine. I'd go to conventions and buy yarns and patterns and knit all the time. Well, after stamping and cardmaking entered my life my knitting machines got less and less use. When we moved to the house we live in now eleven years ago, I didn't bother to put my knitting machines back up. I've just had them in storage all these years. One of the machines is stored at my office building, and while clearing all of my stuff out I thought about this knitting machine and if I really wanted to keep it or not. I finally decided not to keep it and posted it on Craig's List as a give away. Within minutes I had a girl contact me saying she'd love to have it. In our conversation she was telling me she didn't get off work until 6 pm and I asked where she worked. She happens to work at a church daycare right up the road from my house. This also happens to be the same church my employers attend.

I told her that I could meet her at my office the next evening, but that I had another machine and pattern books she might like at my house and that I lived right near the church she works at so she might come by and pick that stuff up that day when she got off work. She said "great!" and she and her boyfriend came over a little after six. She told me she is into all kinds of crafts too, so I boxed some other things up that I haven't used in a while that I thought she might like and of course I told her all about Squigglefly.

I invited her in to see my craft room and I told her to "please excuse all the clothes I have laying on the bed but I've got a job interview tomorrow and it's the first interview I've been on in 33 years and I've been trying on clothes to prepare for it." So, after viewing my room we go back out to their car making plans for her to pick up the other machine the next night and her boyfriend mentions to me that he used to work for Miller Lite, but he now works for a beverage company. Well, the company I had my interview with is a beverage company so I said "Is it by any chance Best Beverage?" and he said "yes"! I then told him that that is where my interview was the very next morning and he proceeded to tell me all about how laid back the place was and how I shouldn't be nervous and how the girls in the office are all great. He made me feel much better about the interview. I just thought it was such an odd coincidence!

Anyway, moving on to my interview. I got there on time and met with the girl and she reviewed my resume and then asked me a few questions. It didn't take but about fifteen minutes and overall I think it went well. She then told me that the interview is a three part process and this was a preliminary interview. I would receive an e mail in 3 to 7 days scheduling a day and time for me to come in and take an office test. I assume it will be testing on typing and various computer programs, but she didn't elaborate. After that, if I pass the test they will schedule me to come in for third and final interview with the owner. Later that same afternoon I had an e mail from her scheduling my test for Monday morning! So, I am taking that as a good sign that they contacted me back so quickly. Now, keep those prayers and good wishes coming that I don't flub up this test on Monday!

I have told my boss that if I get offered a job that I want, I'm going to take it. I did promise him that I'd continue to come in in the evenings and on weekends though to help him finish things up. I'm his whole office, and I know they need me and there is no way I'd leave them in the lurch. They've been way too good to me. I have been working at this place since I was twenty years old, and it's more than a job, they have become my family. I get a lump in my throat just typing this!

Whew! that was a long story and if you stuck with me than thank you! Now let's get to today's card! With the stressful and emotional week I've had I needed to create something that was peaceful and serene, so I made this

(click to enlarge)

This image is called The Old Front Porch, and is drawn by Lynne Stansbery. Doesn't sitting on this porch swing feeling a cooling summer breeze sound relaxing and peaceful? I colored it with Copic markers and printed the saying on the card and then pierced a square around it. I did chalk a little blue in the sky behind the swing, but it doesn't show up well in the photo.

Today there are some new images at Squigglefly, so be sure to pay them a visit! Thanks again for all the caring thoughts about my job situation, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Samantha Bailey said...

Your card is fabulous. What a fantastic coincidence, and the fast contact could definately be a very good sign. Good luck.

Linda said...

Oh sending you lots of luck and prayers.
I think I missed why you are leaving your old job.
Like always your card is wonderful!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

ain't life grand and miracles do happy. what a fabulous story. i am sooooooo happy for you and will praying you get the job!

stunning card too.

hugs :)

Shawna said...

Oh Holly ---- that is just a little weird!! But a good kind of weird, ya know? I really think this is all going to work out for you; them calling you back so quickly is a good sign! You're in my prayers girl. As for the card, I love it! It just screams summer time!!!

LaVerne said...

What a great story! Has to have a good ending. I will be thinking about you Monday morning. The card is beautiful. Reminds me of the front porch I had when I was growing up.

Dixieglitzie said...

Holly this card whispers tranquility...would've said screams but well, that would have disturbed the peace. lol
I'm so glad that I found your blog.
I am also praying for you and your future employment.

Dawn Frost said...

I love how you punched around the thinking of you and the colour are so perfect. Good luck with your second go round on Monday, I know you'll do just fine Holly!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

LOVE the card. Such a sweet scene. And I just know that you are going to ace any test they throw at ya. What a wonderful coincidence, hey? That's what you get for being so generous. Great that you are helping your boss finish up before you start your new job. :o) (Keeping my fingers crossed for you!) How exciting!

Elaine A said...

Holly -

Talk about coincidence! I am crossing every finger, saying prayers and sending good wishes that everything turns out well for you. Think good thoughts and keep a positive outlook.
I love your card, so beautiful!

Elaine Allen

Tracey said...

That all sounds very promising Holly, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you :)
Love the card it has a serene feeling about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Holly,
Prayers are in my heart for you to land that wonderful job! Sounds like it will be in your favor, hon.
Your card is very serene and I love porches (and green)! "These are two of my fa-vor-ite things..." as the song goes.

Pam in Ar. said...

Beautiful card Holly...the only thing missing is a tall glass of sweet (or unsweet) tea...I liked reading about your interview, I will say prayers for you that if it's a fit for you, you will get the job. Good Luck and let us know what happens :)

Tammy said...

I just knew the end of your coincidence was going to be that one of them was from the company where you were being interviewed! Sounds like you are on the right foot. Keeping you in my prayers, I just know things will work out for you!

Love your card, the plants are gorgeous. Love how they are highlighted with a touch of red.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and relaxing card, :) Lori m

Linda W. said...

Love the serenity of your card Holly! And prayers are still surrounding you dear! Good things are about to happen, I can feel it! Best of luck!

bumblebee creations said...

Well, Holly that was quite the story and very coincidental!!! I think I would take it a s a sign that someone is watching over you for sure!! You have almost put a lump in my throat just reading it!!! Will keep you in my thoughts an d prayers for Monday--I am sure you will pass with flying colors!!

bumblebee creations said...

Oh my! I forgot to say that I love this image--it is very serene-and could be colored up so many different ways--love how you have tied the ribbon around the top piece only!

Becky said...

wow, wonderful story..will be praying you get this job.

Anonymous said...

What a small world it is!

I'm praying for you to get work in just the right place!

How could they NOT like you?

Marlene said...

Ahh...your card is beautiful.

Methinks anyone would be very fortunate to have you working for them. You're obviously dedicated, having been with the same company for that many years. They'd be silly not to hire you! Tell them I said so, too! Heehee!

Vicki said...

Holly your story is awesome...funny how things happen in life...God has a plan for each of us and we come into each other's lives for a readon! I love your card today...such a great image and a peaceful card! Beautifully done Holly!Since I am reading this post so late after it was posted I won't wish you luck on your test and interview...I will read on to see how that all turned out!