Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Is A Real Gas

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is my hubby's birthday, so I'd like to wish him a really big Happy Birthday! Now here is his card

(click to enlarge)

It's not a very "mature" birthday card, but anyone who knows my husband knows that this is just his type of humor. I was really glad when I saw Marlene's Gassy Gramps image because I knew it was one he would get a kick out of.
I colored with Copic markers and computer generated the sentiment.

Okay all you wonderful followers of mine - I need your prayers and good vibes to start working again. I went on a job interview yesterday, and I really think this is a job I would like. I REALLY like the fact that it's in North Little Rock instead of in Little Rock which is where almost every call I've gotten has wanted to send me! The interview went really well, and the man told me he had two more people to interview, but that I was the front runner as of then. So, keep your fingers crossed and pray this one comes through! I really want to stop job hunting!

Have a great hump day, and thanks for looking!


Colleen said...

LOL Great card.
Thank U 4 the laugh this morning.
Count on my prayers and sending great vibes in your direction.

Shawna said...

You are on a roll with the humorous cards! Too funny...... as for the prayers and good thoughts you got 'em. This sounds like the perfect position for you!

Dawn Frost said...

My fingers are crossed for you Holly! I'm sure your husband will love the card, mine would, wish him a happy birthday lol!

Tammy said...

Fun birthday card for your husband and happy birthday to him!

Will continue to pray for you.

bumblebee creations said...

Whoohoo!! Holly--will be thinking of ya!! Love your card--so funny!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Too funny hun! Thinking of you hun and happy birthday to hubby!! :)

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

heeheehee looks like my hubby (kiddin - well sort of LOL) Thanks for the laugh and happy happy bday to your hubby.

House Revivals said...

I just blew Sprite out my nose, so I must not be very mature, either!

Marlene said...

Oh, Gassy Gramps looks wonderful. LOL! Thanks for showcasing him! Hope your hubby likes him...Happy Birthday to him!

Good luck with the job - keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

Lisa said...

hehe funny! Gramps looks as though he has an "it wasn't me" face on :)

Found you on The Outlawz follow me thread and now following

Lisa x

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, that is such a giggle. Very funny. Hope your hubby loves it.