Saturday, June 4, 2011

Turning Fifty

Good morning everyone! Well, thank you so much for the good thoughts on my interview yesterday. The good news is that the interview went well and the man was ready to hire me on the spot. the bad news is that the position didn't offer health insurance, so I politely turned the offer down. Some more good news is that I had sent my resume out to several different veterinarian offices last week, and while getting ready for my interview yesterday morning one of the vet offices called me in for an interview, so I went to that interview after the first one. I really liked the place, and as it turned out the veterinarian practice is a husband/wife team and i graduated high school with the wife! I was interviewed by the husband and he told me that they were really looking at hiring two part time people, and I'm looking for a full time position. He said they would discuss it and think it over, so maybe I will still hear from them.
I wasn't as nervous at these two interviews, so that was a good feeling!

Squigglefly did have a new release today, and I am excited to show you a card I made with one of them.

(click to enlarge)

You probably recognize Mrs. Murphy, but the sentiment about turning fifty years old is a new one from Marlene Shaw. My younger sister is turning 50 later this month, and she's not too happy about it. I couldn't resist sending her a card that teased her a bit about it. I used Copic markers to color her with, and I added a bit of crystal effects to her eyeglasses.
Here's the inside of the card

(click to enlarge)
I hope you enjoy your weekend to the fullest, and thanks for looking!


Marlene said...

Ha ha ha...Love it! Mrs. Murphy looks great with that sentiment! Happy Birthday to your sissy!

Marlene said...

P.S. I just KNOW you will find something soon! Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the vet's office job!

Shawna said...

Cute card! Sounds like the interviews are going well. Keeping you in thoughts and prayer.

Betty J Schaub said...

Holly! Your creations always seem to either make me laugh or at least bring a smile to my lips. This is adorable! I know your sis will get a kick out of it.

I'm sorry I haven't been around here lately. I've had relatives visiting since about a month ago. They all went home the beginning of last week and I've been soooo tuckered. Anyhoo, I want to wish you the best with your job search. Leave it in God's hands honey. If it's meant to be, He'll make it so.
Love Ya,
Betty aka ZacksNana

Jane said...

50! Ha wait until you hit 60. Cute card and love the look on her face.

Linda said...

I wish you good luck on the vet job. Everyone wants to offer part time because of healthy insurance but when they know that they will have a great worker how can they not pick you.
Your card is great. I wish I knew a woman turning 50. The man next door turn 50 but I don't think this would work. Well maybe it would. Hmmmm

Heather Strenzwilk said...

Love the card. Wish that sentiment had been around a few weeks ago when a good friend of mine turned 50!

I'm so glad you are feeling more comfortable interviewing. It does get easier. I interviewed for a job 2 weeks ago and got there and they liked me but they needed someone full time immediately even thought the job posting had listed it as a part time job.

Sara I. said...

This card is hilarious!! Love the color of Mrs. Murphy's dress and the sentiment!! I'm sure your sister will love it - happy birthday to her and lots of luck with the vet's office!!

Dixieglitzie said...

Love this card...soooooo funny! I'm glad to hear that you are less nervous on your most recent interviews. Keepin you in my thoughts and prayers concerning your new job. :-)

Linda W. said...

LOL! This one is so darling Holly - I'd love to see your sis' face when she opens the envie! Great job! And great news on the closeness of sealing in that new job position!

Sharri said...

Hi Holly!
I found my way to your blog from The Outlawz Follow Me Forum! Your work is beautiful...I am now a follower!

Tammy said...

Keep the faith Holly, good things come to those that wait!

Love card and the sentiment is too funny, except when you turn 50!

Linda said...

This is absolutely awesome!! Love it!! Hugs, Linda

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

holly, holly, holly! i do hope you are well and apologize for not getting here sooner!

love the card. i cannot believe i was 50 15 yrs ago. holy crap!~!!!
and i'm alive to say that too - wow!

something will come thru for you jobwise and it will be PERFECT. i'm positive.

hugs :)

bumblebee creations said...

Oh my goodness-is this just the bomb diggity of a card!! I love it Holly!! What? Your YOUNGER sister?

Anonymous said...

LOL!! This is darling!! I love love love your sentiment and your fun coloring on the image hun!