Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Hate My Job

Good morning everyone! I'll bet the title of my post has you all shaking your heads since I just had my first day of my new job yesterday! But, this is not about my new job, this is about Mothermark's teaparty and the card I made for it!

The teaparty this week is all about Lester Chester, the Jester Tester! (Say that three times real fast!) It seems that Lester is having trouble finding a good court jester and it's put Lester in a bad mood. Lester's wife Esther, has asked all of the teapotters to please help Lester find a good court jester so her husband will quit coming home all sour faced and pouty.

Well, I knew immediately the perfect jester for the job! Squigglefly's Court Jester drawn by Lynne Stansbery was perfect don't you think?

(click to enlarge)

I colored him with Copic markers and computer generated the sentiment. Here's a peek at the inside

(click to enlarge)

Now as far as my job goes - time will tell. Yesterday was mostly spent trying to find where things are. there have been several temps doing my job and each one has done it differently so their filing is a complete mess! I think once I find where things are and get the hang of what I'm supposed to do, it will be fine.

I hope all of you enjoy whatever your job may have in store for you today, and thanks for looking!


bumblebee creations said...

what a fun card---loving that image and you have colored it up so perfectly!! Have a great day!!

Tammy said...

Awesome card and fantastic colors and coloring. Love the sentiment too.

Linda said...

Oh you did put me in a panic. What is your new job?
I love the card it is perfect to get us all going.
Have a great second day at work.

LaVerne said...

I am so glad you don't hate your brand new job!! I love the court jester and the coloring you did. Great card.

Shawna said...

Fantastic coloring job Holly! And oh my, that inside sentiment is just too funny. Absolutely perfect!

*Vicki* said...

Hello sweetie!! WOW!! What a great card hun! I love your coloring on this jester and of course the perfect sentiment too!! :) Just wanted to stop by and say hello and hope you're enjoying your Summer!!

I've been reading about your job situation and I hope everything gets sorted out how you want!! BIGGEST HUGS

Kim said...

you had me there for a min....hope the new job is going well!
Great card!!!!

Pam in Ar. said...

LOL, You had me going there Holly! One day at a time...you were in your old job for so long (and I think you said it was the only job you'd had) all of you had become a family. Any job you have now won't compare so you'll just have to take it one day at a time...Hope things go well and I'm glad you still find time to make cards for us :) They're awesome!

freida said...

Yep, you pulled me in hook, line, and sinker with that title! I thought, WTH....Holly, you have more sense than to judge a job by just one day! LOL You really get a kick out of pulling our strings, don't ya?!?!?! ; )

I TOTALLY love Lynne's image! WOW! Is there anything that girl can't draw? This is AMAZING! And what an AWESOME job you did with your FABULOUS coloring and putting these colors together! This has to be one of my favs! YOU ROCKED this one, GF!

I'm hoping and praying everything is going well with this job. Sending lots of positive vibs and support your way!


Anonymous said...

Whew! I DID think you meant your new job!

Just be glad you don't have to dress like the guy above and look like a fool! You don't, right? No chicken hats or anything. ;)

Cute card and sentiment Holly.

Terri Fleming

JD said...

Great coloring on this image, and you could NOT have picked a more perfect image for the teapot challenge...How great that it went so well with the theme.

Marlene said...

WHEW!! I really CRINGED when I saw the title of your blog post here....lol! You sure do know how to title a blog post!

Fantastic card, Holly! I'd hate my job if I had to wear a ridiculous outfit like that, too! Of course, I do love jokin' around...so that part would be fun.

Dawn Frost said...

Great card Holly and I hope you eventually like your new job!

Stephanie said...

Holly......When I saw your title I thought..."Oh, no!" Not again! LOL You are such a tease!

Your card is simply perfect and so is that adorable sentiment for inside. Love it.

Faith A said...

Wow Holly the colours and colouring on this card is lovely and I love your inside saying too, so funny.