Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today's Card Rocks

Hi everybody!  Happy Hump day!  Can you tell that I am a much happier person since I started my third new job?  This one is a good fit.  God really looks out for us, doesn't He?

I had a great name for my blog come to mind the other day, and I was really sorry I didn't think of it when I first started blogging since it's too late to use it now - but wouldn't "Young At Art" be great?

I have another giveaway of one of the goodies that was in my swag bag from the EK Success and Craft Gossip Talk and Fork event today.  It's a little tricky though.  I'm going to do something that was sort of like the "forbidden word" game we played at the event.  I have a word in mind, and the first comment that uses that word will win the prize.  I don't have a pre-picked prize.  When the prize is won, I will reach into the bag and pull something out and that's what you win!  It's a true surprise!

I finally got a card made for this week's Squigglefly's blog challenge.  It's a color challenge using the colors red and/or orange.  I know my card rocks!

(click to enlarge)

Literally - it rocks!  LOL!  Such a simple little card, but it produces a fun action!  I used the funny Feather Brain image by Brian Lock for my card and colored with Copic markers.  The sentiment is in Doris Day font (free here) and is printed with my computer.  Here's the inside

(click to enlarge)

And with these kind of cards, it's always nice to decorate the back too.

(click to enlarge)

Please try to play along in Squigglefly's challenges!  They are so much fun and you can win your choice of images - even pick a set as your prize!  There are some awesome new images coming this weekend that you won't want to miss, and Squigglefly will be introducing a brand new artist!  

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for looking!


Tammy said...

So very happy you are liking your new job, makes such a big difference.
Wonderful card and cute, cute image. Love the font too, I'm going to click on the link. Thanks!

Elaine A said...

Hi Holly -

I just wanted to stop by and say I think your card is adorable and I am so glad the job is working out!

Elaine Allen

Terri Fleming said...

Yes, it literally rocks! It's super cute too.

Terri Fleming said...

Yes, this card rocks! AND it's super cute Holly.

Marlene said...

Ha ha ha! That's funny! I need a stash of cards like this one! :)

Love the feather you added, too.

I'm so happy to hear you are liking this job!

House Revivals said...

I think that is my new favorite of all your cards! Maybe 'cause I can TOTALLY RELATE to the bird brained sentiment :)

I'm so glad the new, new, new job is a better fit. It is just miserable to be in the wrong work environment.

Dawn Frost said...

Lol I LOVE the look on the birdie! Great rocking card Holly.

Dixieglitzie said...

another awesome piece of craftiness :) I love the feather too.
soooooooo happy that this job "fits" you just right.

bumblebee creations said...

you are right -this card rocks!! just love the feather on the back! So glad to hear that you are enjoying this new job!! It makes it much easier to get up and go in the morning, huh?!!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

SO clever & cute. That feather is the best.

Heather said...

Love the card- awesome shape. I thought I had every Brian Lock image- apparently not.... yet!

I am so glad you like your new job. You deserve it after all of the drama. Hopefully in a few months I'll be posting that I have a job that I love too.