Friday, October 7, 2011

Boo! I've Got A Riddle For Ya!

Good morning and let's all give a cheer for Friday! Yay for Friday!

Yesterday when I went to work my boss had a print out of a riddle on my desk. This was given to his 9 year old son who is in the third grade as homework. I have to tell you, I worked on this quite a long time yesterday and my head was hurting too much to figure it out! I still don't know the answer, but I'd love to know if any of you figure it out! I'd also be curious to know if you think this is too hard for 3rd graders. Okay, here it is

The Abbott County Historical Society had not accomplished very much until a kind donor gave them an acre of land containing an ancient home and barn. This initiated restoration work by volunteers along with requests for local people to donate items of the past that would be appropriate for the old house and barn. Within two weeks, six items were received from people in various towns. From the following clues, you are to determine the order in which items were donated, the donors (one surname was Olson), and the hometown (one was Canton) of the donors.

1. the Midway resident delivered his gift which was followed by one more before the Fenton man's gift, which wasn't the fifth.

2. Two of the three women gave household items the second week, and one was the first of three items received that week.

3. The wood-burning kitchen stove was donated just after Ms. Beebe's gift, which wasn't the antique sewing machine from Keeton.

4. The old wagon wasn't the first gift, but it was donated just before Mr. Jacob's gift, which was just ahead of the trunk.

5. Ms. Alcott's donation came just after Mr. Reyes's, which was just after one from the Senton woman, who isn't Ms. Miller.

6. The water wheel arrived just before a donation from the Fulton resident, which was just before the harness set.

Think you can figure that out? I swear, just reading the clues has my head swimming!

Okay, enough of the hard stuff - let's get to the fun stuff! I have a Halloween card to share with you. This one uses the Pumpkin Kid from Brian Lock, and the Boo sentiment from Mark Hicks.

( big enough for ya?)

I colored with Copic markers and then used an embossing marker on the BOO and embossed it with a couple of layers of clear embossing powder.  the brads on the side were silver ones that i colored black with the markers.

Have a great Friday, and thanks for looking!


Heather said...

I love logic puzzles! I need to study the puzzle later.

Nice card! I like the dimensional book- it looks like slime. I never thought to do that with a digi.

Tammy said...

Too hard for my brain, I'd rather color. Love your card and I love Brian Lock's images.

Sheree said...

Awesome card! Love the image and the sentiment covered in green ewey goo!

Anonymous said...

Cute card. Love the icky green stuff on the Boo! I may need to get that boo!

I will give that riddle to the expert - my 10 year old...

Terri / Brat