Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Buddies

Hello everyone! what happened to everybody yesterday? I think it's the first time I've ever had a blog post and not had one comment! And I had two cards yesterday too!

I got to work yesterday and about fifteen minutes after I got there my boss asked me if I was ready to drive into Little Rock to attend a meeting. Now anyone who knows me that I do not drive to Little Rock unless I have to. I get nervous I'm going to get lost and here I had had no warning whatsoever! Well, I sucked it up and went to this meeting which turned out to be something I could have attended via the computer at the office since it was a webinar! There was only four other people there. Anyway, I took notes and tried to remember all of this stuff and then at the end of the thing the guy passes out print outs of everything I had written down. It was a big waste, but I guess (hope!) I looked good to my boss for going and taking notes! And on the plus side, I didn't get lost and found my way home just fine!

Today is another Christmas card. This time I used the adorable Mouseltoe image by Diane Carubia. Isn't this just such a sweet image?

I used Copic markers to color and some fun pom pom trim I got at the Dollar Tree last year.  I saw this year they have some in green, so I'm going back for more!  I applied some stickles to the fur trim on the cat's hat, and then sprinkled some faux flower soft on top.

Have ya'll ever seen that fake snow?  I saw some back in the summer in a hospital gift shop.  It's pretty cool!  It is just like real snow!  It's cold, and you can form snow balls out of it.  Well, I bought a pack of it the other day and am taking it to work today to share with my boss's kids.  I think they will get a kick of it too.  Oh!  you can let it dry out and re-use it too!   I will try to get pictures of them with it if I can!

Have a fantastic Friday, and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Cute! LOL, you can almost feel what the cute kitty is thinking. :)

Hugs, Lori m

Elaine A said...

Hi Holly -

I love your card. That little mouse is so adorable. Sorry I did not look at your post yesterday. I actually did not have time to get on the web. Worked until really late. So I am off to see what you did yesterday - LOL!

Elaine Allen

Colleen said...

Your card is just darn right Adorable.

Linda W. said...

Holly - this image is so precious; I'm glad you chose it. Your coloring is faboo lady! Give me some lessons! PS Sorry about yesterday - I too was gone.

Becky said... cute! love the pom poms

Dixieglitzie said...

another great card holly :) how long does it take u to color your average card takes me forever!
i'm sorry that i didn't get the chance to swing by your blog was a little bit of a challenging day...but praise God, today is soooooo much better :)
what in the world is fake snow - is that the real name of it? i know this is gonna sound so corny but...that fake snow really sounds "cool" and i would love to know where to buy some for the 2 grandkids in La. my little guy in Va. gets plenty of the real stuff. lol
thanks for sharing your creations with us holly...u've gotta a bunch of virtual friends out here who REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THAT YOU DO!

Pam in Ar. said...

I love it when you use the faux flox to accent things :)

I have two tickets to the TSO concert next Friday, the 9th at 4p.m. They are on the second row seats 15 and 16. Would you happen to know of anyone looking for tickets? Just email me if you do. Thanks Holly :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a sweet little mouse to bring a mistletoe sprig to the kitty! Great colouring, as usual, Holly. Sorry about yesterday, too, my lawyer dh had us piled up with work!!! ugh! glad the weekend is here!

Faith A said...

Aw! a really cute image and again beautifully coloured, love those papers too and will have to look out for the fake flower soft, I wonder if we have it in the UK, will have to do a search :)

AS for not commenting, time passes so quickly, I will turn up as and when, however I WON'T miss a post :)

Thanks for your comments on my blog too, so encouraging thank you.

THERESA said...

Such a cutie and super coloring, love it!!
Did mail you............:))
lotsa luv

Sylvia said...

sooo the image and your coloring is fab! great card :-)
Sylvia xx