Friday, February 10, 2012

Wishing Big

Hi everyone!  It's Friday and that is always a good thing.  There's still a couple of days to make a card for the birthday card challenge going on at the Squigglefly blog.  Remember that if you use a Squigglefly image and go to Rhonda's blog and let her know you will have a chance to win a Fancy Pants pad of paper!  Plus if you use a Squigglefly image you're always in the running to win a free item of your choice from Squiggefly's store!  And tomorrow your choices will be even wider because there is another release of new images!  AND this week Squigglefly is introducing Linda Birkinshaw!  Be sure to come by and see her terrific artwork!

I have a birthday card today that is intended for a man, because we all know how much men love their big screen tv's and this Contemplating The Big Screen image from Chesney Young is perfect!

I colored this with copic markers and chalked the background.  The sentiment is computer generated.  I tried different papers with this and none of them worked, so I left it plain.  The inside is also computer generated

Come on, you know I'm not buying a big screen for anyone!

Speaking of big gifts, yesterday I was paid a visit by my boss's daughter Tara.  She has a birthday coming up this month and I asked her what she wanted.  She said "an I-pad!"  I said "Well Tara, you know the chances of me getting you an I-pad is zero, so what else do want?"  she said "I REALLY want an I-pad."  So I said "Let's make a list of the things you want.  We'll call it Tara's Birthday Wish List."  At the top I wrote that out and then I wrote #1 - I-pad.  "So" I said, "What's #2 on your list?"  With absolutely no hesitation she said "a laptop with my own printer!"  We ended up listing about 16 things and they included a treehouse with a swing under it, a family sized trampoline that her whole family could jump on but it would be HER trampoline so they'd have to ask her if they could jump on it, a cat of her VERY OWN, a dog of her VERY OWN, and a desk and filing cabinet.  I know her parents would love me to bring her a dog or cat!

I had some little flowers I had crocheted for card embellishments and I gave her one.  I told her she could color it with the markers and she loved doing that.  I ended up giving her all of the flowers I had made and she colored them all.  We took one of them and tied it around her headband.  I took her to the bathroom so she could see in the mirror and when I started to lift her off the counter she said "Wait!  I have to do my happy dance!"  and then she danced a little jig!  LOL!  Someday I will have to take my camera and film her because she is so funny and sweet!

On another note, we took Riley out to the park yesterday after work.  She ran all through the woods hunting for mice - and found a nest of babies too!  Poor things didn't know what hit them!  Anyway, we then head for home.  We were in separate vehicles since I had driven there from work and met Brock and Riley, so Brock takes a very dirty Riley in his truck and I drive home.  I was running water to give Riley a bath when they got in and Brock said it looked like there was blood on the towel that he had used to wipe some of the dirt off of her.  I checked her out and didn't see any blood and then I put her in the tub and washed her up.  When I got her out and dried her off I opened the door to let her do her manic after bath run and there was blood everywhere!  She was bleeding like a stuck pig!  We found she had cut her paw and we could not get it to stop bleeding.  I am assuming that the cut was packed with dirt before which is why it wasn't bleeding when we checked her and the bath loosened it up.  Anyway, it was off to the vet's office!  I'm glad they stay open until 7 or we would have been paying a lot more for emergency care.  The vet said it wasn't a bad cut, but it had cut a blood vessel which is why it was bleeding so much.  She cleaned it out and wrapped her leg up and said to leave it bandaged for three days.  Just another day in the life of Riley!  If she were a cat she would have used up all of her lives by now!

Well, I talked your ear off didn't I?  Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!


Stef H said...

what? no pix of the headband? would love to see it!

what a super fun card and i just chuckled at the sentiment!

have a fabulous weekend. supposed to snow here!

hugs :)

Linda said...

Oh poor Riley he does get to visit his friend the vet.
Love the card and the story about the gifts the little girl wants. How old is she? She has good taste and will need a very good job when she grow up. LOL

Scrappin Sista said...

This card is super cute!! Great job as always!!Tfs!!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness Riley, if you are going to continue to do things like that, I think we need to get you a pair of sneakers!
Fun card and the sentiment is hilarious! Super image, it just might end up in my cart!

Elaine M said...

Thank you so much for sharing Riley with us - what a treat.

Lori m said...

Love it too funny, how sweet about your bosses little daughter. It's so much fun seeing those little ones sparkle with happiness.

I'm so sorry about Riley's paw, hope she mends quick so she can go back out to chase those little critters.

Hugs, Lori m

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Such a fun creation Holly!! I hope Riley is going to be OK with his paw!!

It's cold here today Holly and they're calling for snow next week!! YAY!!

Daffodil Cards said...

What a funny card, love the inside I did laugh.
Thanks for sharing your Riley too, enjoyed that video as well. Looks like he can hear lots of things there too.