Monday, April 30, 2012

I Went To A Garden Party

Good morning all! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was the usual - FAST! But, I did get some cards made so I won't leave you in the lurch this week!

Two things to tell you about before I get to today's card. One - Squigglefly's blog has a brand new challenge today- please run by and see what the design team has done, and play along if you can!
Two - today is the very last day you can order the One A Day In May. The very last day you can get in the drawing for over $40.00 worth of papercrafting goodies. The very last day you can get the deal of the year on great digital images. If you miss out, don't say I didn't warn you!

Friday Splitcoast Stampers had their Queen For A Day challenge, and the Queen for this week is Holly McMillan. I have been a huge fan of Holly's work since, well since forever. I could probably stalk her gallery and just CASE her for the rest of the year. Anyway, I chose THIS CARD from her gallery.

My card is pretty much just a copy of hers. I used the brand new Garden Party image by Diana Garrison and the Birthday Wishes image by Jess Holland.

I used Copic markers to color.  The card really doesn't need much explanation.  I embossed the card base with swiss dots embossing folder and cut different colored strips and used some tiny button brads on the top and bottom of the strips.   I have to say that I love how this card turned out.  Super easy, but so cute!

Enjoy your Monday, and thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Have A Bright, Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day!

Hi everyone.  I feel like I owe you an apology for being AWOL so much lately!  The problem is that the minute I get home from work we have been taking advantage of the cool days and take Riley out to the park.  We don't get home until 8pm, and by then there is barely enough time to take a bath and eat dinner before I'm ready to go to bed! However, summer has arrived and it looks like it is going to be too hot, humid, and mosquitoey to get outside much for a while so I should be back to a somewhat normal schedule again soon!

I've got a card to show you today that I made a few days ago.

The image I used here is called Home Again and is drawn by Squigglefly's newest artist Diana Garrison. The image comes with three different sentiments, but I just put a computer generated verse on the inside of the card and left the image alone on the front.

I used Copic markers to color.  After laying down a base of yellow green, I dotted the grass area with different colors of green to give it a little texture.  The sun rays were stickled.   I used an  EK Success 2 in 1 edger punch on the bottom and then embossed the whole background with a swirl embossing folder.  This particular punch is called Rose Bush and is something I received in the goody bag from
EK Success  at the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk.

Today Squigglefly is releasing some more new images.  They are awesome and you really need to set aside some time to go take a look.   I plan on getting my grocery shopping done and cleaning up my house some.  After that I will lock myself away to play in my craft room so I don't leave you in the lurch this week!
Enjoy your weekend, and thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hi everyone! I hope your week is going great. Mine is going pretty fast, but I'm still more than ready for the weekend to get here. I want to remind you about Squigglefly's blog challenge which is to make a card for the mother's in your life. It doesn't have to be your mother, it could be for any mother you know!

Plus there are only five more days to take advantage of the One A Day In May!  You know that the One A Day In May is a pre-order only.  You have to order it before May 1st or you miss your chance!  One A Day In May is only $30.00  and for that $30.00 you will be receiving 31 images.  The fun part is that you don't get all the images sent to you at once - you will receive one new image each day in May.  It's really fun to open you mail each morning and see what the new image is.  But there are ways you can actually get more than the 31 images for your $30.00!  If you order the One A Day In May through our facebook page you will receive an extra image!  Plus, if you are signed up for Squigglefly's rewards program  your $30.00 will earn you credits for two free images that you can redeem at any time!  So that makes it 34 images for $30.00!    Now let me tell you that the deal gets even sweeter!  Everyone who orders the One A Day In May is entered into a drawing to win a priority mail box full of papercrafting goodies that you will love!  The value of the contents is over $40.00 so hurry up and order the One A Day in May before it's too late!
The images in the One A Day In May will still be available for purchase in the store later, but they will be at full price.  I promise you will be so sorry you didn't order!

I do have a card to share with you today.  Fawn Palmer has a great Gramps image that comes with so many fun sentiments that I had to use him to make a birthday card.

I colored him with Copic markers and then cut him out.  The whole card is sort of a monotone of gray colors.  What doesn't show up well in the photo is that the marbled looking layer is embossed with circles that sort of mimic the circles in the paper in the die cut circle.    I printed the sentiment out separately and then attached them with silver brads.  The inside just says "Happy Birthday".

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Craft Gossip Fork & Talk review and saved fail

Hi everyone! I overslept this morning so didn't have time to do my post. I didn't want to leave you hanging though, so like a good blogger I am posting when I can! Like a good employee I got my work done first! LOL!

First off I want to share a bit about the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk I went to on Saturday. The editors that were there all took pictures so that we could simply enjoy the event. They have uploaded the photos to flicker, so if you'd like to see the photos just click HERE.

We all received a big bag of products from EK Success. Some of my favorite items were a HUGE pad of beautiful papers, some beautiful Martha Stewart glitter, all kinds of stickers, and some great punches including one THIS 2 in 1 edger. This clever punch has a lever that you push to get a different look when you punch.

We all got to sit and learn about one another while we stitched up a cute coaster and coffee cozy in felt. We didn't have time to finish the project, but I plan on finishing mine so I can use it soon!

Now, you may remember THIS POST where I showed you a project I had started with the Moon Dance image, but the adhesive sheet I used was old and I wasn't happy with the results. Well, I worked on the image a little more. I used the Copic markers to color over the glitter which helped to brighten it up after the yellowed adhesive muted the colors so much. The one good thing about burnishing the glitter into the adhesive is that you can add color directly to the glitter without it coming off and messing up your marker.

Monday's greeting card challenge on the Outlawz is to make a card inspired by a song, and I thought with all the glitter and the stars this one fit perfectly with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so I'm entering it there.

The sentiment is computer generated.  Here's a shot taken at an angle that shows the glitter a little better.

If you're looking for something to do today, why not enter Squigglefly's Mother's Day challenge! Have a fun day no matter what you do, and thanks for looking!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Personal

Hi everyone!  If you are not interested in personal aspects of my life, please feel free to scroll on down to the card section of this post.

Well yesterday morning I got up and started my Sunday out in the usual way; coffee and reading Postsecret.   Any of you a fan of that blog?  I have one of the Postsecret books and have actually been to see   Frank Warren speak live at an appearance in Little Rock a few years ago.

Anyway, I finished Postsecret and went outside to finish the remainder of my coffee outside while Riley made her rounds of the yard and neighboring field.  I thought about doing my meal preparation and sort of planned in my head what I'd tackle first.  After our morning outing Riley and I came back in and I fixed her breakfast and went to check out other blogs and challenges and e mail.  I finally tore myself away from the computer and began my cooking marathon.  I made a meatloaf, cooked two packages of bacon for BLT's (the rest will get crumbled in salads), a mexican chicken casserole, ham and asparagus lasagne, cooked the meat for cheeseburger wraps, and another skillet chicken dish with mushrooms and potatoes.

I promised myself I would clean the bathroom before I let myself go to play in my craftroom.  While I was cleaning the tub I was thinking about how all I wanted to do was go make a card and how I hoped I had some creativity left in me and then I started wondering if other bloggers thought like this too.  This led me to think about the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk I had attended the day before and I thought about how it was nice knowing all of those people were probably doing the same mundane things as I was and all the while thinking of their next post.

I thought about how all of us in one way or another had grown up always doing one craft or another, and how I enjoyed hearing that from the ladies at the luncheon, so I thought I'd share with you some personal things you may not know since I didn't start this blog until card making was my number one craft of choice.

 I've had my hands in crafts ever since I was a young girl.  I would make my barbie dolls furniture and houses.  I was involved in lots of counted cross stitching, and made my own daughters lots of plastic canvas furniture for their barbie dolls.  I crocheted, I knitted, and for a while knitting took over big time!  I had two knitting machines, was secretary of a local knitting club, and went to conventions to take classes, buy yarn, and purchase patterns.  Then I walked into a stamp store and was captivated by a card I saw on display.  I bought a stamp and took a class.  I stopped knitting and stamping and card making took over.  I branched out to miniature artists books and loved that.  I still love the whole concept and actual work of miniature artists books, but I really like the content of the book to match the actual book so making books like that happens rarely.  When it does happen, it's magic!

Some of my favorite miniature artists books I've made are the Boob Book which I shared in this post  a while back, A Tissue Book, a Raindrop book, and my sister books.  The tissue book was one I made for a swap and the subject was "tissue".  We could make the pages out of tissue, cover the book in tissue paper - whatever.  I remembered a poem my boss had asked me to cross stitch for her that said

He says under
I say over.
It's becoming quite an issue,
deciding on the proper way
to hang the toilet tissue!

I made my book look like an old fashioned outhouse.  I covered the front with popsicle sticks that I distressed and I even cut a crescent moon out of the door.  I made a handle with some wire.  when the book was opened it revealed a modern bathroom.  I used a stamp I had of a toilet and I used wallpaper samples to cover the bathroom "walls" and I cut things out of catalogs to line on the bathroom "shelf" I made out of foam board.   Then I made a tiny tissue holder out of wire and cut strips of paper towels to write the poem out on.  I rolled the strips up and to read the book one pulls the tissue out.  

The raindrop book is another book I made for a swap.  The theme was "water".  I was reminded of a poem one of my sisters had made up when I was about 12 years old.  It had stuck with me for some reason.  the poem goes

A raindrop fell into a bucket
along with the rest of the drops.
He tried to be a little bit different,
so instead of kerplunk, he said kerplops!

Do you remember those ice cream things you would get that came with the little wooden spoon?  You would peel the cover back and then use the wooden spoon to eat the ice cream?  Well I found some little metal buckets at Joanne's and created a cover like that to fit the top of the bucket.  I covered the top with thick layers of embossing powder and added a bit of blue color to it to make it look like water.  I created accordion book pages to attach to the cover and glued the bottom inside the pail.  the poem was hand written over the pages and I stamped raindrops over it.  When the cover was pulled back the accordion pages would pull out so one could read the book.  

My sister books were the first books I made.  I was wanting to learn all different forms of book binding so I made a book for myself and each of my five sisters and each book is bound in a different manner.  Each book is covered differently , but all the books have the same content.  I wrote to each of my sisters and asked them to tell me one or two memories they had of each of their sisters. I told them not to discuss this with each other, but I'm not sure how many of them listened to me on that one!    Once I had all of the memories I set the book out in chapters beginning with the oldest daughter's memories of each sister and so on.   I mailed each sister their book and have my own copy.  I still treasure it and hope they do too.  One of the funniest things is that several of the oldest sisters all had the same memory of one particular sister!  Of course later I received calls and e mails from some of them telling me that's "not how it was" in a particular sister's memory!

So, like I said books like that don't happen often for me.  Card making is something that let's me be creative all the time and the challenges I join in are a lot easier than book themes.  I used to use rubber stamps, and now digital stamps have taken over, but the actual process of making a card and brightening someone's day with a handmade card has not changed.  I'd love to hear your personal journeys!  What has led you to card making?  Are there other crafts you do that are more important to you, or someday hope to return to, and if so why?  What draws you to a particular craft?

Okay, now on to the card section of the post which is why most of you have come here in the first place.  If you read this whole thing, thank you for humoring me!

This card is not my usual style at all!  I saw the Clean and Simple challenge on the Outlawz was anything goes and I remembered seeing something on a T-shirt that I thought was funny.  I had some mustache stickers from EK Success. and a friend is having a birthday soon and this sentiment would fit her personality perfectly, so here it is

Way overly simple and so not my style, but I still love it!  I'll be back tomorrow with more to share!  Enjoy your Monday - and go check out Squigglefly's latest challenge on their blog!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just Sharing...

Hi everyone!  I really enjoyed yesterday's Craft Gossip Fork and Talk.    Of course early on I was gesturing with my hands while talking and I knocked over my glass of water!  Luckily there was a table cloth on the table so that soaked up the water so no one's lap got wet!  EK Success gave everyone a fabulous goodie bag and treated us to a yummy lunch as well!  I will be sharing a lot of the fun stuff with you all too, so be looking for a give away soon.   I'll be sharing pictures soon too.  It was really nice to meet other bloggers who all share a passion for crafting in one way or another.

To make up for my absence this week I am sharing TWO cards with you today.  These are cards I made a while back but haven't shared yet.  I plan on finishing this post and then I'm going to do my weekly meal prep as fast as I can so that I can devote the rest of the day to making cards so I'll have something to show you this week!

This first card is one I originally did for the Queen For A Day at Splitcoast Stampers, but I wasn't really that happy with it. I used one of the tulips from Tulip Trio by Betsy LePlatt and colored it with colored pencils. I cut out a window with the ovals nestabilities, and embossed the surrounding area with swiss dots and then rubbed an ivory ink pad over it to sort of age the dots.  The embossed panel is popped up with pop dots.

I then cut another smaller oval out and sponged some ink around the opening and placed the image beneath that.  A little lavender bow tied at the bottom finishes it off.  It's a sweet card, but I'm not liking my coloring on this.

The second card is one I did for Easter. It uses the very adorable Pretty Tulip Bunny by
  Louise Gardner. This image isn't just for Easter though - it would make a cute birthday or just general thinking of you card I think.

I colored with Copic markers and added some little white dots to the tulip with a gel pen.  The background is chalked.  The papers I used are digital ones, but I'm sorry I don't know where they came from.

I hope you've taken the time to go see the new images at Squigglefly.  I only wish I had time to make cards with all of them!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learn from my mistake

Hi everyone.  Sorry to be missing so long, but I've been concentrating on getting better from this cold.  Your prayers and good wishes have helped and I'm happy to say that I will be going to the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk today!  I'm not 100% well, but my head is not nearly as full and I'm not coughing as much nor do I have that "sore skin" feeling that you get when you have the flu!

Squigglefly has a wonderful new release of images today, and one of the new images is
Moon Dance by Diana Garrison.  I started to make a card with this fabulous image and ran into a slight problem that I thought would serve a s good warning to so many of you out there.

I got the image colored and decided it needed some sparkle.  I debated on adding touches of glitter here and there, or maybe just glittering the stars or just the moon.  Then I decided I wanted to cover the entire image in glitter!  I knew I had some large double sided sticky sheets somewhere.  I had bought some several years ago and had "saved" them.  After much searching I finally found them.  I cut out a piece large enough to cover the image, peeled back one of the protective sheets and pressed the sheet to my image.  I rubbed it down really well and then peeled back the other protective sheet so I could add the glitter.

Imagine my dismay when I saw that the sticky sheet was old enough that the glue had yellowed!  I changed the look of my colors and I was very disappointed.  I decided to go ahead and add the glitter and see how it turned out.  So, I poured glitter all over, shook off the excess and then began to burnish the glitter into the glue. You do this by rubbing your finger over the entire image.  It really presses the glitter in and makes the surface smoother.  This makes it so the person receiving the card doesn't get a bunch of glitter specks falling off when they open the card.  Well, the glue was so old that as I was rubbing I could see parts that weren't sticking that great.

I finally stopped and decided that it was a lesson learned,.  Use your products instead of hoarding them!  I am still going to use the image to make a card, but haven't had time yet.  Here is a picture of it.  It's hard to take photos of things covered in glitter, but you can see the areas where the glitter looks a little white - to the right of the large star and in front of the moon's nose - that's where the glitter wasn't rubbing in to the glue well.  Plus the yellowing of the glue made the colors less vibrant.

One last thing before I go, I wanted to remind you that time is running out to order the One A Day In May!  You know that the One A Day In May is a pre-order only.  You have to order it before May 1st or you miss your chance!  One A Day In May is only $30.00  and for that $30.00 you will be receiving 31 images.  the fun part is that you don't get all the images sent to you at once - you will receive one new image each day in May.  It's really fun to open you mail each morning and see what the new image is.  But there are ways you can actually get more than the 31 images for your $30.00!  If you order the One A Day In May through our facebook page you will receive an extra image!  Plus, if you are signed up for Squigglefly's rewards program  your $30.00 will earn you credits for two free images that you can redeem at any time!  So that makes it 34 images for $30.00!    Now let me tell you that the deal gets even sweeter!  Everyone who orders the One A Day In May is entered into a drawing to win a priority mail box full of papercrafting goodies that you will love!  The value of the contents is over $40.00 so hurry up and order the One A Day in May before it's too late!
The images in the One A Day In May will still be available for purchase in the store later, but they will be at full price.  I promise you will be so sorry you didn't order!

Okay, I'm off.  I've got to get ready for the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk!  I'll be back later today or maybe tomorrow with pictures!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tulip Display

Hi everyone. I'm keeping this short and sweet today because it isn't Spring Fever I have, but rather a nasty cold! I feel miserable. My head is so full, my throat hurts, my chest hurts, and it's even beginning to feel like the flu because my skin hurts. I do NOT want to be sick! This weekend is the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk event and I am not going to miss it!

I do have a card to share that I made earlier in the week. I made this for the Paper Ala Mode challenge on Outlawz which had the theme "In The Bloom"

The image I used is from Squigglefly artist Lynne Stansbery and is called Tulip Display. I colored it with Copic markers.  The background piece was embossed and then I rubbed some ink over the raised areas to bring out the design more.  The other smaller piece of paper is some marvelous handmade paper I recently won from Retro Dolly.  I love the texture to it!

My car is in the shop today.  Some malfunction light came on so it's in there being diagnosed.  That means today I'm driving my husbands GIANT truck to work, so wish me luck!  I'd also love prayers for my cold to go away and not get worse!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Fever

Hi all! For some reason it seems like it should be later in the week than only Tuesday. Maybe I have a case of Spring Fever or something! To celebrate Spring what could be cuter than this little Baby Bird Bath Time image drawn by Fawn Palmer?

I just love this image and really enjoyed coloring it. I used Copic markers and some glitter on the butterflies and stickles on the center of the flowers. the sky and ground are chalked, and then I stamped grass sprigs over the chalk. I printed the sentiment out on my computer and then die cut it with a circle die and then chalked it while it was still in the die so I'd have the white border.

I used a Stampin Up! roller fro the background rather than using any designer paper.  I think this would make a cute baby or baby shower card too.

I told you about the new Mystery Challenge going on at Squigglefly's blog yesterday.  If I were entering this card in the challenge I would have  21 points!  If you want to have some, go play along!  Just make a card and don't worry about the mystery items - you're sure to have one of them!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Come see all the new!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a really nice weekend. Mine was great but as always over way too quickly. I did get a little crafting time in, but my mojo went missing on me Saturday and I didn't get as many cards made as I should have! I hate when I have lots of crafting time ahead of me and my mojo just leaves me stranded in the dust. I ended up wasting lots of time on Saturday and on Sunday when I had so many things to do my mojo returned and of course I had less time to actually make the cards my mojo was finally wanting me to make! Does that happen to you too? What do you do to find your mojo when it's left you high and dry?

Squigglefly had a new release this weekend and they introduced a new artist I am so excited about. Diana Garrison has some wonderful images that I adore. Her images remind me of elaborate zentangles that are so fun to color! I hope you go by and take a look at her images and if you feel like I do, then go BUY them so she'll continue to send in more images. She has some fantastic artwork I'd love to have in Squigglefly's store.

Here is a card I made using Diana's Whimsical Dragonfly Border and this VERSE also from Squigglefly by Roann Mathias.

I really enjoyed coloring this, and the whole card came together really quickly.  I added some glitter to parts of it and then just matted the image with black and mounted it on a card.  Super simple, but lots of impact I think.  What do you think?

New challenge going on at Squigglefly's blog today - a fun Mystery challenge that I hope you'll join in!  I will tell you that my card qualifies for the challenge and earns 13 points!  I have three of the mystery items that total up to 13 points.  My card is a simple one so you should be able to figure out my three items easily enough...

I know I've told you about the incredible One A Day in May deal, but it's gotten even sweeter!  Everyone who purchases the One a Day In May is automatically entered into a drawing to win a goodie bag filled with over $40.00 of paper crafting products!   That alone is worth buying the one A Day In May  don't you think?   I've already told you that ordering through Facebook will earn you an extra image, but if you have signed up for Squigglefly Rewards the $30.00 purchase also earns you reward points toward two more images - so that's 34 images for only $30.00!

I hope your Monday is a good one!  Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Calling All Cat Lovers

Hi everyone! thanks so much for your comments on my card yesterday. If you've been a follower of my blog for a long time you may remember me making THIS CARD with The Crazy Old Cat Lady by Chesney Young.   (Thanks to Elaine Allen for telling me where this card was on my blog because I was too lazy to hunt through my blog to find a link to it), but this new image
Cat Lady by Fawn Palmer must be her younger sister or maybe daughter!

When I first saw this image I thought she reminded me of someone and it finally dawned on me who it is! Long time stampers may recognize her too - tell me if I'm crazy but I think she looks like Suze Weinberg! That's why I gave this lady red hair.  LOL!

I used Copic markers to color her and the sentiment came with the image - there are other funny sentiments that come with the image too!  Tomorrow's Friday - Yay!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Day's Harvest

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is going well. Things are moving right along with me. Today I may shock you all because I have a card to share with you that wasn't colored with copic markers! Now that you've picked your jaw up off the floor let me show you the card.

I love this image A Perfect Potter's Bench by Lynne Stansbery and think that it looks wonderful just printed off. My first intent was to just add a little color here and there and I didn't want the color to pop too much so I chose pencils over markers. Once I got to coloring it though, I had such fun that I just kept going. I didn't even blend the colors with mineral spirits like I usually do with pencils.  This is one of those images that may look intimidating , but the artist has made it so easy with the shading.

My sentiment is a quotation I found by Robert Louis Stevenson and I found it perfect for this image.  I didn't add much to it - just a piece of cording tied and a small piece of designer paper.  I wanted the image to stand on it's own.

I am not going to push the One A Day in May to you today, but I am going to remind you to join the challenge at Squigglefly's blog!  It's a fun one, so go play!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

it's a humdinger!

It's Tuesday so you know that means it's another one of Mothermark's Teaparties.  This week we are sending cards to a lady who loves hummingbirds, so we bring hummingbirds or flowers that attract them!  Squigglefly has an awesome hummingbird freebie so I went with that!  Coincidentally this also fits in with Outlawz Greeting card challenge which is a fun one.  You have to have something on your card whether it's an image, embellishment, or technique that begins with the first letter of your name.  So hummingbird works for me!    

I colored the image with Copic markers and chalked the background with some blue chalk.  After coloring I decided to add a little shimmer to the bird by painting on some iridescent medium.  It doesn't overpower the image, but adds just a bit of glimmer to it.  I die cut the image and let part of the wing fly out.  Here's a close up of the shimmer on the bird

The background is embossed with a swirl embossing folder and I stamped the sentiment with a stamp from a Stampin' Up! set.  It's a simple card, but one I think she will enjoy.

Did you get a chance to see the cards that Holley's Hobbiests did for the new blog challenge?  If you didn't you should make a point to go see them because they are great!  Some really funny cards there!

I know you probably think I'm beating a dead bush by telling you about the One A Day In May sale yet again, but I really don't want you to miss out on this deal!  Plus I heard that everyone who purchases the One A Day In May will be entered to win a special prize.  I don't know what the prize is yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do!  Even without the special prize, it's something you don't want to miss out on!

Squigglefly will be introducing a new artist this weekend too.  I know you will love her work and I'm SO EXCITED that she has joined us!  Stay tuned folks!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fly Girl

Hi everyone. I hope you had a really nice Easter Sunday. Ours was wonderful! The weather couldn't have been tailor made for me any better. It was cloudy and cool just the way I like it. Riley played a little Easter game we call "hide the turtle". She found a turtle on our walk on Saturday and woke up Sunday morning to hunt for him. She found him and promptly hid him again somewhere by our mailbox.

Yesterday was Splitcoast Stampers featured stamper challenge and the card I chose from the gallery was a perfect fit for the new challenge on Squigglefly's blog! I love when that happens! The card I CASEd is this one and I went with her sketch and color scheme. It's the color scheme that fits with the Squigglefly challenge which is "Orange you glad I didn't say banana". You can make a punny card, a card with fruits, or a card with the colors yellow and orange. My card fits the color part!

I used the cute Fly A Kite image by Fawn Palmer. You just gotta love that big grin of hers! She's colored with Copic markers and I used a white gel pen to put dots on her kite. I sponged the edge of the oval with Only Orange ink and then dotted the scallops in the scalloped layer. The sentiment is computer generated.  I added a bit of sparkle to her earrings.

Yesterday was the day I had set aside for crafting.  I got all of my errands run on Saturday so I had the whole day pretty much free.  The problem was my mojo took an Easter holiday and I really scrambling to pull something together!  Once I got this card made though the next couple of cards came more easily.  I was sweatin' it there for aminute though thinking I'd have to just have a no post blog for a week!

I wish you a happy Monday and plenty of mojo to play in Squigglefly's challenge!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Grow With Love

Hi everyone! Hurray for the weekend! I have to tell you that a cool front has moved into our state and the weather has been beyond perfect. It's just so wonderful and I wish it would never end! We had a picnic dinner in the park the other day and then walked Riley around and the moon was been so beautiful! Full, and hanging low in the sky with a soft glow around it - just gorgeous!

Friday's Copic and Pro Marker challenge on the Outlawz was Inspired By Nature. I thought that the new TLC image by Lynne Stansbery fit that perfectly.

The sentiment comes with the image. I colored with Copic markers and chalked the sky. I thought the little flower row punch was perfect.

Don't forget to check out the new images that were released this morning!  So much wonderful artwork I want to color and not enough hours in the day!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sunny Bunny

Happy Good Friday to you all! Here's another Easter card I made that combines two images from Squigglefly. When I saw the Sunny Easter Bunny from Fawn Palmer I thought he would look cute leaning against a tree, so I found the perfect Heart Tree for him from Rich Davis. The sentiment comes with the Sunny Easter Bunny.

I colored with Copic markers and chalked the sky. I applied glitter to the hearts in the tree and some clear rain dots down the side of the card.  Doesn't he look at home sitting under that tree?  The Outlawz Twisted Thursday Challenge is Anything Goes with a twist of Easter, so I'm entering this card in that.

There's not very many players in our challenge this week, so if you enter a card before Sunday evening you have a good chance of winning, and what's even better is that new images are coming tomorrow so you'll have even more images to choose from if you win!  Go play along - it's a fun challenge!

Also the One A Day In May sale has started, so don't let April slip away without ordering!  It's such a deal and such a blast to find a new surprise digi waiting in your e mail each day!  plus I heard that if you order through Squigglefly's facebook page you get an extra image - that's 97cents per image!   If you don't take advantage of this deal you will be kicking yourself the whole month of May when you find yourself paying full price for the images.   Don't say I didn't warn you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bunny hug

Here's another Easter card! This one uses one of Cheryl Alger's most popular images, Allie and Her Bunny

I used Copic markers to color and chalked the sky and grass and then stamped grass sprigs over the chalk.  The die is pretty of course, but I think the big bow is what makes this card special.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hoppy Easter

I got most of my Easter cards mailed over the weekend, but I did make a couple of last minute ones I'll be sharing with you this week. The card i'm showing today uses the brand new release
Hoppy Easter Bunny by Fawn Palmer.

I colored with Copic markers and then dotted white dots all over the letters.  I sprinkled glitter on the eggs in the basket.  This was a fun image to color and play with different ways of coloring the letters.

My Monday was super busy at work!  With the weather getting so warm we had a lot of people calling with air conditioning problems!  There is a new challenge on the Squigglefly blog that started yesterday and I never got a chance to go have a look myself!   it's a fun challenge though where Rhonda's group CASES a card from Holley's group!  go take a look and try to play along!
Also the One A Day In May sale has started, so don't let April slip away without ordering!  It's such a deal and such a blast to find a new surprise digi waiting in your e mail each day!  plus I heard that if you order through Squigglefly's facebook page you get an extra image - that's 97cents per image! 

oh I almost forgot to tell you the most exciting news I got yesterday!  If you remember a while back I went to an event called Craft Gossip's Fork and Talk hosted by EK Success.  Well, the folks at Craft Gossip are having another get together on April 21st and I was selected to attend again!  I'm so excited and can't wait to share it all with you again!