Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Personal

Hi everyone!  If you are not interested in personal aspects of my life, please feel free to scroll on down to the card section of this post.

Well yesterday morning I got up and started my Sunday out in the usual way; coffee and reading Postsecret.   Any of you a fan of that blog?  I have one of the Postsecret books and have actually been to see   Frank Warren speak live at an appearance in Little Rock a few years ago.

Anyway, I finished Postsecret and went outside to finish the remainder of my coffee outside while Riley made her rounds of the yard and neighboring field.  I thought about doing my meal preparation and sort of planned in my head what I'd tackle first.  After our morning outing Riley and I came back in and I fixed her breakfast and went to check out other blogs and challenges and e mail.  I finally tore myself away from the computer and began my cooking marathon.  I made a meatloaf, cooked two packages of bacon for BLT's (the rest will get crumbled in salads), a mexican chicken casserole, ham and asparagus lasagne, cooked the meat for cheeseburger wraps, and another skillet chicken dish with mushrooms and potatoes.

I promised myself I would clean the bathroom before I let myself go to play in my craftroom.  While I was cleaning the tub I was thinking about how all I wanted to do was go make a card and how I hoped I had some creativity left in me and then I started wondering if other bloggers thought like this too.  This led me to think about the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk I had attended the day before and I thought about how it was nice knowing all of those people were probably doing the same mundane things as I was and all the while thinking of their next post.

I thought about how all of us in one way or another had grown up always doing one craft or another, and how I enjoyed hearing that from the ladies at the luncheon, so I thought I'd share with you some personal things you may not know since I didn't start this blog until card making was my number one craft of choice.

 I've had my hands in crafts ever since I was a young girl.  I would make my barbie dolls furniture and houses.  I was involved in lots of counted cross stitching, and made my own daughters lots of plastic canvas furniture for their barbie dolls.  I crocheted, I knitted, and for a while knitting took over big time!  I had two knitting machines, was secretary of a local knitting club, and went to conventions to take classes, buy yarn, and purchase patterns.  Then I walked into a stamp store and was captivated by a card I saw on display.  I bought a stamp and took a class.  I stopped knitting and stamping and card making took over.  I branched out to miniature artists books and loved that.  I still love the whole concept and actual work of miniature artists books, but I really like the content of the book to match the actual book so making books like that happens rarely.  When it does happen, it's magic!

Some of my favorite miniature artists books I've made are the Boob Book which I shared in this post  a while back, A Tissue Book, a Raindrop book, and my sister books.  The tissue book was one I made for a swap and the subject was "tissue".  We could make the pages out of tissue, cover the book in tissue paper - whatever.  I remembered a poem my boss had asked me to cross stitch for her that said

He says under
I say over.
It's becoming quite an issue,
deciding on the proper way
to hang the toilet tissue!

I made my book look like an old fashioned outhouse.  I covered the front with popsicle sticks that I distressed and I even cut a crescent moon out of the door.  I made a handle with some wire.  when the book was opened it revealed a modern bathroom.  I used a stamp I had of a toilet and I used wallpaper samples to cover the bathroom "walls" and I cut things out of catalogs to line on the bathroom "shelf" I made out of foam board.   Then I made a tiny tissue holder out of wire and cut strips of paper towels to write the poem out on.  I rolled the strips up and to read the book one pulls the tissue out.  

The raindrop book is another book I made for a swap.  The theme was "water".  I was reminded of a poem one of my sisters had made up when I was about 12 years old.  It had stuck with me for some reason.  the poem goes

A raindrop fell into a bucket
along with the rest of the drops.
He tried to be a little bit different,
so instead of kerplunk, he said kerplops!

Do you remember those ice cream things you would get that came with the little wooden spoon?  You would peel the cover back and then use the wooden spoon to eat the ice cream?  Well I found some little metal buckets at Joanne's and created a cover like that to fit the top of the bucket.  I covered the top with thick layers of embossing powder and added a bit of blue color to it to make it look like water.  I created accordion book pages to attach to the cover and glued the bottom inside the pail.  the poem was hand written over the pages and I stamped raindrops over it.  When the cover was pulled back the accordion pages would pull out so one could read the book.  

My sister books were the first books I made.  I was wanting to learn all different forms of book binding so I made a book for myself and each of my five sisters and each book is bound in a different manner.  Each book is covered differently , but all the books have the same content.  I wrote to each of my sisters and asked them to tell me one or two memories they had of each of their sisters. I told them not to discuss this with each other, but I'm not sure how many of them listened to me on that one!    Once I had all of the memories I set the book out in chapters beginning with the oldest daughter's memories of each sister and so on.   I mailed each sister their book and have my own copy.  I still treasure it and hope they do too.  One of the funniest things is that several of the oldest sisters all had the same memory of one particular sister!  Of course later I received calls and e mails from some of them telling me that's "not how it was" in a particular sister's memory!

So, like I said books like that don't happen often for me.  Card making is something that let's me be creative all the time and the challenges I join in are a lot easier than book themes.  I used to use rubber stamps, and now digital stamps have taken over, but the actual process of making a card and brightening someone's day with a handmade card has not changed.  I'd love to hear your personal journeys!  What has led you to card making?  Are there other crafts you do that are more important to you, or someday hope to return to, and if so why?  What draws you to a particular craft?

Okay, now on to the card section of the post which is why most of you have come here in the first place.  If you read this whole thing, thank you for humoring me!

This card is not my usual style at all!  I saw the Clean and Simple challenge on the Outlawz was anything goes and I remembered seeing something on a T-shirt that I thought was funny.  I had some mustache stickers from EK Success. and a friend is having a birthday soon and this sentiment would fit her personality perfectly, so here it is

Way overly simple and so not my style, but I still love it!  I'll be back tomorrow with more to share!  Enjoy your Monday - and go check out Squigglefly's latest challenge on their blog!


Anonymous said...

Holly, I love reading when people share about themselves. You really amaze me, how talented, and fantastic.

I was a late craft bloomer which didn't take start until about 10 years ago or so but, I'm loving the journey.

Thank you for sharing about you, fascinating, well except for cooking, that's one thing I truly hate doing.

Hugs, Lori m

Linda said...

Loved reading your post today. So interesting. What a great idea to do all that cooking in one day. I would not have any time or energy to craft. LOL
Funny how we change our love of what we craft. I am so hooked on card making now but I have so many cards now I don't know what to do with them all. LOL I would love to sell some and need to find an outlet. I do give them as gifts.
Ok on another note How much to you feed your cat? Max got very overweight and Lucy acts like she is starving all the time. The vet said a half a cup of dry food a day. 1/4 twice a day. Lucy gobbles that down and is looking for more. I don't want her to get overweight. Just wondering what you feed your cat.

Linda W. said...

Loved hearing some history of your craft passion, Holly! You rock lady! BTW I did not see anything in there about swedish weaving? Never try? It's wonderful and the blankets turn out so gorgeous! Think on it - google it - try it - even for a small coaster. And I adore that card - had to think about the mustache thing then I got it!!!! LOL! Linda

bumblebee creations said...

WOW Holly!! You are creative in everything!! I loved reading your journey through your crafty years! I started crafting only a short time ago-when I started my blog-so about 4 years ago! I saw the info-mercial on the cricut and just had to have hubby founds some blog for me-to help me figure out how to use it, and that is how it all began! I picked the name "Bumblebee Creations" because according to their build-bumblebees really shouldn't be able to fly--but they still do. I figured I wouldn't be able to craft--but was going to give it a try anyways-thus being like a bumblebee!

Shawna said...

Thank you for sharing that Holly! It's always so nice to learn more about one's internet friends. I loved the stories about your books. I have been a scrapbooker for years and resisted getting into cards, but like others, I took a class (only because a friend was giving it) and was hooked from there on out. So, crafty lady, have a great week!!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I love the play on words! It is perfect!

Dixieglitzie said...

holly i loved reading "your story"...we all have one:)
i wasn't crafty at all as a child...i kinda reminded myself of that Peanuts character PigPen...i think that was his anyway, everything i'd try to craft always turned out to be a total disaster...but girl did i try!!! i have no idea what happened but once i hit my 30's there was a shift and i was no longer a "pigpen" i'm still not a martha stewart by any stretch of the imagination but a martha wannabe....wellllll, that's me:)
love love love your story about making the sisters book....kinda thinking bout doing one of those now:)
love your card - as always!...but i have to admit that it took me a while before i got it. lol, that's soooooo typical for me. my pastor teases me all of the time about that. he says that "if ms. leah suddenly starts laughing - don't worry about her...she's okay, it's just that she finally got the joke that was told 10 minutes earlier"....sad but true holly, sad but true:) lol
have a WONDERFUL week sweet, sweet lady!

Tammy said...

Enjoyed read your blog today very much! Always fun to learn about how card making has taken over others' lives! Thanks for sharing, wow 5 sisters!!
Great card, love it's simplicity!

Beebeebabs said...

Thanks for sharing!!!