Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learn from my mistake

Hi everyone.  Sorry to be missing so long, but I've been concentrating on getting better from this cold.  Your prayers and good wishes have helped and I'm happy to say that I will be going to the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk today!  I'm not 100% well, but my head is not nearly as full and I'm not coughing as much nor do I have that "sore skin" feeling that you get when you have the flu!

Squigglefly has a wonderful new release of images today, and one of the new images is
Moon Dance by Diana Garrison.  I started to make a card with this fabulous image and ran into a slight problem that I thought would serve a s good warning to so many of you out there.

I got the image colored and decided it needed some sparkle.  I debated on adding touches of glitter here and there, or maybe just glittering the stars or just the moon.  Then I decided I wanted to cover the entire image in glitter!  I knew I had some large double sided sticky sheets somewhere.  I had bought some several years ago and had "saved" them.  After much searching I finally found them.  I cut out a piece large enough to cover the image, peeled back one of the protective sheets and pressed the sheet to my image.  I rubbed it down really well and then peeled back the other protective sheet so I could add the glitter.

Imagine my dismay when I saw that the sticky sheet was old enough that the glue had yellowed!  I changed the look of my colors and I was very disappointed.  I decided to go ahead and add the glitter and see how it turned out.  So, I poured glitter all over, shook off the excess and then began to burnish the glitter into the glue. You do this by rubbing your finger over the entire image.  It really presses the glitter in and makes the surface smoother.  This makes it so the person receiving the card doesn't get a bunch of glitter specks falling off when they open the card.  Well, the glue was so old that as I was rubbing I could see parts that weren't sticking that great.

I finally stopped and decided that it was a lesson learned,.  Use your products instead of hoarding them!  I am still going to use the image to make a card, but haven't had time yet.  Here is a picture of it.  It's hard to take photos of things covered in glitter, but you can see the areas where the glitter looks a little white - to the right of the large star and in front of the moon's nose - that's where the glitter wasn't rubbing in to the glue well.  Plus the yellowing of the glue made the colors less vibrant.

One last thing before I go, I wanted to remind you that time is running out to order the One A Day In May!  You know that the One A Day In May is a pre-order only.  You have to order it before May 1st or you miss your chance!  One A Day In May is only $30.00  and for that $30.00 you will be receiving 31 images.  the fun part is that you don't get all the images sent to you at once - you will receive one new image each day in May.  It's really fun to open you mail each morning and see what the new image is.  But there are ways you can actually get more than the 31 images for your $30.00!  If you order the One A Day In May through our facebook page you will receive an extra image!  Plus, if you are signed up for Squigglefly's rewards program  your $30.00 will earn you credits for two free images that you can redeem at any time!  So that makes it 34 images for $30.00!    Now let me tell you that the deal gets even sweeter!  Everyone who orders the One A Day In May is entered into a drawing to win a priority mail box full of papercrafting goodies that you will love!  The value of the contents is over $40.00 so hurry up and order the One A Day in May before it's too late!
The images in the One A Day In May will still be available for purchase in the store later, but they will be at full price.  I promise you will be so sorry you didn't order!

Okay, I'm off.  I've got to get ready for the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk!  I'll be back later today or maybe tomorrow with pictures!


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Bummer for you that you have a cold & your sticky sheets were old (not intending to rhyme on ya, there) ;-)
But it still looks gorgeous to me. Just antiqued. Brilliant idea & a stunning image! Get well soon. ox

Shawna said...

I don't know Holly ---- if this photo is any indication, I like it!!! With the glitter sticking better in some parts and not others, well, it just gives this image an ethereal quality. May look so different in person.......but. I certainly understand not hoarding the supplies. I am so guilty of this!!!! Thanks for the reminder. And SO GLAD to hear you are feeling better and glad you get to go to your event. Have fun. I am off to download a sneak peek.

Tammy said...

Yeah, so glad you're going to the crafting affair! I personally like the results and find it very interesting!

Linda said...

I hope you are feeing better! A bad cold cane such a pain. They just seem to hang in there.
I like your image . Thanks for sharing the lesson. Hoarding is hard to stop but you are right use it won't work when you want to use it.

Dixieglitzie said...

holly i am so glad that you are feeling better and that you will be able to attend the fork & talk today. can't wait to hear all about it:)

Crafty Daffy said...

I can see why you were upset to not have the result you wanted. The image is beautiful and your coloring is amazing! I think it looks very pretty as it is, but as a perfectionist myself I know how it feels when something doesn't turn out the way you wanted. I will learn from your lesson as I am also a By the way, I am a new follower and found your blog through Outlawz. Feel free to visit me at xxDenise

Becky said...

I am sorry you still are not feeling your best Holly.
Your image still came out looking stunning.

Faith A said...

Sorry to smile, but I have done similar. It's still a good image with lovely colours.