Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's not a cat in the hat

Hi everyone!  Today is a special day - it's my four year blogaversary!  I plan on having a giveaway to celebrate soon, so be sure to watch for that!  I'm extremely happy to report that the vet did not find anything wrong with Riley's leg.  She just needs to rest it for a while and we have to keep her on the anti-inflammatories, but there are no tears or anything else.  That was great news!

I just have to share this sweet note my boss's youngest daughter left on my desk. She wrote it on a piece of adding machine tape.

  She said she added the heart because she loved me so much it filled her whole heart. Isn't that just the sweetest thing?

Okay, so I have to vent here a little bit.  Brock had been on the phone talking to our insurance agent about renewing our homeowners and auto insurance and a couple of days later the bill arrives. I get home from work and he has the mail laid out on the counter just like always and I see a bill from the insurance company. He even mentioned the bill to me. I take the bill to work and the next day I write a check and send in the payment. I get home and put the insurance card in my car and give him his card to put in his truck. He then says to me "We aren't going with this insurance company. This one is getting thrown away." So I said "Why did you lay it on the counter with the mail like you wanted it paid?" So, I had to write myself a note to remember to get it out of the mailbox when I got to work the next day! I'm really glad that I didn't put it in the mailbox before the mailman came! I mean, why in the world did he keep the bill if it was trash?! ARRRGGGHHHH!

 I also have a card to share today! This uses the really cute image by Louise Gardener called Hanging Cat Basket. I think this is such a darling image - sure to make anyone smile!


 I colored this with Copic markers and chalked around the image some.  I added a little bit of glitter to the center of some of the flowers and to all of the flowers I added outside of the image.  The sentiment was computer generated.  The inside says "thinkin' of you".  The background is embossed with the swiss dots embossing folder.  I think I use that folder more than any other one, although I did tell someone the other day that I keep waiting for someone to make an embossing folder with paw prints!

Have a great day, and thanks for looking!


Elaine A said...

Hi Holly -

I'm so glad Riley will be ok. I know how worried you get when there is something wrong. Ms. Riley just has too much energy for her own good - LOL!
The note from your boss' youngest is just adorable, I know it makes you feel good. And I really love your hanging cat basket card. That is simply too darn cute! Great coloring job too.
As for Brock, well, I'm guessing thought you were so wonderful you could actually read his mind - LOL!!

Elaine Allen

Linda said...

Very cute card. Love the image.
So glad to hear Riley is OK.
Happy blogaverary! I am not even sure when mine is. I should check. LOL
Love the sweet note. What a great way to start your day. It is so nice to be loved.
OK husbands there must be something in the stars or moons that are making them nuts right now. And that is all I am going to say. LOL

bumblebee creations said...

how very sweet! I am so glad Riley got good news and I love your card-gonna have to get that image today-it will be perfect for some cards I need to make! Thanks for sharing Holly!

Unknown said...

Great post!! Lots of news and glad it was good!! What a relief that Riley will be okay! The little love note is so precious...gotta love those! Super cute card and I completely agree...we need a paw print embossing folder!!

Tammy said...

Holly, holly, holly! You must sharpen your mind-reading skills! So glad Riley only needs to rest her leg. Love your sweet card! The image is adorable!
You are so lucky to get such a nice note from your young friend!

Becky said...

Hi Holly..
What a sweet little note.
So glad Riley is ok.
Good thing you did not mail that bill.
Love your card this morning, it is just adorable.

Lori m said...

What a sweet note, great way to start off your day. I'm so happy Riley is doing OK, she's just so darn cute and what a hoot her videos are. I sense seeing Riley on the Ellen show one of these days.

Hugs, Lori m