Friday, August 31, 2012

Canvas Prints Made Easy!

Hi everyone!  Are you ready for a long labor day weekend?  I am!  Do you remember when I posted about the magnetic signs from Magnets On The Cheap?    Well I told you then that they do signs, banners, and even canvas prints!   They were kind enough to offer me a free canvas print to try.  I didn't really have any need for it, but my niece told me that she'd love to have it, so I let her order a print and asked her to tell me about the experience.  Here is what she told me about the ordering process .

 The site was super easy to use! I liked the layout of the screen and all the buttons I needed to click were very easy to find. The process was very clear. I chose a canvas that was 16" x 20" at first and I really like the way it has a sample living room with a couch below the print to give you an idea of the scale of the print and how much real estate it would take up on your wall. That was very helpful. My only problem with the first screen on choosing the size of your canvas was that I did not find an option for changing from a landscape orientation to a portrait orientation and the photo I wanted to use was in oriented to portrait. I pressed forward towards the preview at the end thinking that maybe the system would intuit that the photo was portrait and change direction once I uploaded my image but that was not the case. The sample cut off the bottom half of the image to "fit" the image into the 16x20 canvas. So I went back and started over but this time I did a "Custom Canvas" size and put in the dimensions 24" x 18". This increased the size and the price of the canvas but I thought the image would fit better and I was right. Please note that even though I went through the whole process on the website twice due to going back to the beginning to re-choose my size - the whole ordering process took less than five minutes. I should have timed it. It was very simple. I found their prices to be deeply discounted and with free shipping that should have cost more than $10.00. Overall I'm THRILLED.  Some of the options available are for various border / edging options including how thick you would like the canvas to stick off the wall, framing, edge art either wrapping your image around or mirroring the image around or a solid color around the edge. I liked that they thought of these things. Then, finally, at the end it gives you options for hanging the print on special hooks that can come with your canvas. The process of ordering the print was very easy and enjoyable and I look forward to receiving the finished product! Just as a side note, we never could find the image that I originally wanted to use so I may get another one later on my own of that picture. So I found a different image that will look really great to hang in our living room. It will look more like abstract art but it's a great picture that Chris took of an upright bass at a concert we went to once and he edited the image to have all these bubbles in it. Actually - I'm going to attach a copy of the image so you have an idea of what it looks like. The bass belongs to a friend of ours named Hunter who plays in the band Mama Tried and we were at their show. So having this on our wall will not only look really cool, but remind us of the show, the band, and it will display Chris's photo. Overall, it was a good choice of images. Thank you again! I'm super excited!

I asked her to please let me know how she liked the print once it arrived, and also to send me a photo so I could compare it to the photo she used.  Here's what she told me just a few days later.

I wanted to let you know that the canvas print arrived on Tuesday this week.  It was delivered by UPS at my doorstep.  The packaging was very secure and the painting was covered in plastic, taped to the edges of the box and had a second cardboard insert protecting the front of it. The quality of the canvas is nice. I thought it was a bit thin but I chose the thickness of the canvas in my selections - I guess I just didn't realize how thin that was. I'm talking about the "depth" from back to front or how much it will stick off the wall. If we get it framed then that will change anyway and it will probably be more helpful that it's thin when framing. The quality of the print is amazing for the amount of enlarging that was necessary to get it that size there was no pixelation of the image. It's darker than I anticipated but that is okay. All in all I am extremely pleased with the results and looking forward to hanging it on the wall in our front room. It was a fabulous experience all around and I'm very excited to have the print! Thank you SO much for giving me this opportunity! I really appreciate it. I LOVE it! Oh and Chris loves it too! He actually wanted me to take a picture of him with the print to send to our friend Hunter. Chris took the photo that we had made into the print and the photo he shot was of our friend Hunter's upright Bass at a concert we went to. He is very happy also. Thank you so much again! I am happy as a clam!

Here are the pictures she sent me.  I think she picked a pretty cool photo to have made into a print!  The first picture is the photo she used for the print.  The second two pictures are of the print itself - one with a flash and one without.  !I want you to know that she was very honest with her opinions on the whole process, so I have no problem is recommending Easy Canvas Prints to anyone who is looking to have one made!  By the way, I'm still loving my magnetic car sign!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday's Coming!

Hi everyone!  I hope your week has been going well.  I've pretty  much been glued to the weather channel the last couple of days watching the Hurricane Isaac coverage.  I don't know how they  manage to make watching weather interesting, but they do!  I think it's kind of eerie how this hurricane made landfall 7 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina.  Thankfully this one doesn't seem to be as big, but there is still a lot damage from winds and flooding, not to mention being without power!  The storm is making it's way to Arkansas and is supposed to bring us lots of rain which we desperately need.  This afternoon is when they are saying we will start seeing some rain and it's supposed to last all day tomorrow.  The one thing that would be great with an all day rainfall is if I were off work and able to play at home!

The Clean and Simple Challenge at the Outlawz on Sunday was an "animal" theme.    There are a ton of animal images at Squigglefly, but I opted for something that needed little coloring since it is a clean and simple challenge after all.

I ended up using the Up A Tree Without A Ladder image drawn by Lynne Stansbery.  I think raccoons are really cute, but I don't like seeing them in our yard because I'm afraid Riley will tangle with one and I know if that happens the raccoon will win!  They can be vicious, but this little guy looks far from vicious to me!

I printed the image and the sentiment at the same time.  The coloring was done with a combination of copic markers and colored pencils.

Wishing you a great day, and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just because it's sweet,clean, and simple

Hi everyone! I've got a card to share, but not much else! Sometimes it's a good thing to not have a lot of news! This card is for two challenges. The Splitcoast Stampers Clean and Simple Challenge has the theme Summer Treats and I think watermelon is one of the top summer time treats there is! The Outlawz Greeting Card challenge has the theme Just Because, and I think sending someone a card "just because" they're sweet is a great reason to send a card!

The watermelon is from artist Deena Perreault and is called Sweet Watermelon. I colored the watermelon with Copic markers and then used a black multiliner pen to go over the seeds. I cut the watermelon out and popped it up a bit with some small pop dots. The sentiment was computer generated and then cut out with a word window punch from Stampin Up! I lined up one edge with the white layer and chopped it off and attached a black brad to the other end. After that it was just a matter of picking out some cute papers and ribbon! Enjoy your day, and thanks for looking!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Friends Til The End

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a great weekend and that you're ready for whatever life throws at you this week!  I did a little bit of card making this weekend and participated in some challenges.  The Outlawz Twisted Thursday Challenge theme was Best Friends.    Splitcoast Stampers Saturday Inspiration Challenge posted a link to Wind & Weather where I saw THIS cute pillow.  Once I saw the pillow I knew immediately which Squigglefly image would work perfectly for it!

I used Best Friends Forever drawn by Lynne Stansbery.   The sentiment is a new one from Squigglefly called Ghost Friends, but it's not available yet.  It should be available the first of September.    You might be wondering why it's called Ghost Friends, but once you see the second part of the sentiment you will understand

LOL! This sentiment just cracks me up! It is so my best friend and I, and that is who I am sending this card to. I know she will laugh when she reads it. There's a new challenge on the Squigglelfy Blog today, and it could be the perfect challenge for you! Go check it out and try to play along!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Have An Ice Day

Happy Friday! I don't have anything special planned for the weekend, but I'm always happy to have Friday arrive. You have GOT to see this card made by Christina Hobson using the Did You Say Facelift? image by Lynne Stansbery. It's just hilarious! The expression on the lady's face lends itself to so many fun sentiments. She has certainly been showing up on a lot of cards lately. I don't have a funny card to share with you today, but I do have a cute one!

This is Ice Skating Maisy and is drawn by Diane Carubia.   I made it a Z fold card and the sentiment, which is computer generated, holds it closed.  All of the coloring was done with Copic markers.  I used a little bit of a silver gel pen on the blades of her ice skates.

The snow flake is a punch that I covered with glitter and I dotted some stickles on the external points and the center.  I also stickled around the sentiment.   I really like how this turned out.

Have a great Friday, and thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Butterflies

Here we are one day closer to Friday! I've got another orange card to share with you today, well really it's an orangey yellow.  I told you I was on this orange kick!

I used one of Diana Garrison's incredible drawings. It's called Butterfly Beauties, and I think it's appropriately named because this is a beautiful image! I colored it with copic markers and chalked the background in a light blue.  There is a little bit of stickles on the sunshine (it could be the moon if you wanted it to be!) and the yellow flowers at the bottom.

Speaking of butterflies I want to tell you about the Butterfly Project the  Holocasut Museum in  Houston, Texas is doing.  They are collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies to represent the 1..5 million children who were murdered.  The butterflies can be up to 8x10 inches, but they must be hand made.  I have been crocheting a lot of these butterflies and plan to send as many as I can before the deadline.  I just thought that as many crafters as there are who visit my blog that some of you may be interested.  They can be any kind of butterfly - quilted, stamped, crocheted, etc...

I cut around the image allowing the vines to trail out and embossed the card base with a swirly embossing folder.  That butterfly is die cut with  a Cherry Lynn Designs die.  Isn't it just beautiful?  I love the little piercings on the edges of the wings.  The sentiment is computer generated.

I got my new glasses yesterday.  Lens wise I love my vision.  Fit wise, not so much.  I need to go back and have her adjust them to fit my face better.  They hit my nose too much or something and it makes the sides of  my nose by my eyes itch and there are red places when I take the glasses off.  My old glasses didn't do that.
I'm also still getting used to the frame - my old glasses were pretty much invisible around my eyes and these new ones have a darker frame at the top.

I do love the vision though.  She told me that these I Zon lenses really make a difference in night time driving, but I haven't had any reason to be out after dark since I got them so I can't comment on that yet.  I'll let you know though!

Wishing you a fantastic day and reminding you to play in Squigglefly's blog challenge!   I was able to see some of the new images being released on September 1st at Squigglefly,and there are some really great images coming.  You could win the challenge and have your pick for free if you win!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Awesome Teaparty and Technique!

Happy, happy hump day everyone! I hope your week is going great. Mine has been fine. The weather has been so much nicer and that always puts me in a good mood.  My boss's youngest daughter came to see me after her first day of 1st grade.  She was super happy to have the teacher she has.  Then she looked at me and said "Your hair is curly today!"  I said "yes, I know.  I usually straighten my hair and today I didn't have time so it's curly."  She stared at me a minute and said "you mean you wake up with it like that?"  and I said "yes" and she said "You are awesome!"  LOL!  Doesn't take much to be awesome in her eyes!  Then she pulled a section of her hair out and said "I have one curl here" and I pulled a section of mine out and said "I have one part that's straight!"

Yesterday was Tuesday and that means there was another Teaparty at Splitcoast Stampers. This week our cards are going to an eleven year old boy named Tyler who has had a rough time of it. We were supposed to bring anything that would make him smile and I thought that Fawn Palmer's Totally Pawsome doggie would do the trick especially when it has this punny sentiment!

I colored the image with Copic markers and chalked a little on the background.  The corners were clipped and then I pierced a hole in each.  I did the same thing to the sentiment.  The background paper is more that I got from Rhonda.  She is the best at picking out cute papers!   I added a little bit of crystal lacquer to his nose.  A border at the top finishes it off!

I made another card with the same image since I had printed it out two times.  One of the things I love, love, love about digital images is the ability to change them up a bit.  On the first card I stretched the dog out a bit making him taller.  You can see on this card that the dog is a little squatter.

It was colored with Copic markers.  I computer generated the sentiment directly to the card and used some more of the wonderful paper Rhonda sent me.  A blue ribbon hides the seam.   The inside of the card says
                          "Have A Yappy Birthday!"

I am entering the first card into Squigglefly's latest challenge - Techniques new or old.  I think manipulating a digital image is a technique!   Try to play along - you could win your choice of any image in Squigglefly's awesome store!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Orange You Happy?

Good morning everyone! Well the kids are back in school most places so that should free up a little time for you to make a card or work on your scrapbooks now and then! I need to adjust the time I leave the house for work in the mornings because yesterday I was a little late because I got caught behind two school buses picking up children.

 I am on an orange kick lately. Not the fruit, but the color. I seem to pick that color a lot lately, and it's odd because orange really isn't a color I much like! I do like it paired with other colors though. I especially think it looks great paired with pink!

 Here's a card I did using orange! The image is one drawn by Fawn Palmer and is available at Squigglefly. It's called Scooter Girl, and I think it's such a cute image.

I used Copic markers to color her with. I clipped the corners of the paper and backed it with another piece of designer paper so it would show through where the corners were clipped.  Then I punched some flowers out of the same designer paper, dotted some stickles in the center,  and used them as embellishments.  The scalloped oval is also from the same designer paper.  The sentiment was computer generated and is also matted with a scalloped circle from the same paper!

I hope you do just what the card says and "have a happy day!"

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dance In The Rain

Hi everyone!  sorry I was missing in action a couple of days last week.  I had some really long days at work Thursday and Friday.  My boss's youngest daughter stayed with me at work all day both days while her mom was busy running errands.  She is the sweetest little girl, but it still makes for a long day doing your usual work and entertaining a six year old all day long!  We played with her stuffed animals, we colored, we played Chutes and Ladders, we made a car out of a cardboard box for her stuffed animals to ride in, we watched a movie on Netflix, we made animals out of clay, we drew and colored all of her stuffed animals and stapled them into a book, we sang songs, and then we did it all over again!

I spent the weekend recuperating from Thursday and Friday, doing my grocery shopping, doing my cooking, gave Riley a bath and a trim, and we also did a fair amount of playing and taking walks because the weather was GORGEOUS!

Sunday I got some time to make a few cards and played along in Friday's Copic marker challenge at the Outlawz.  The theme of the challenge was Splash - something water related.

I used an image by Mike Eustis called A Wee Bit O' Rain.  The sentiment is also available at Squigglefly HERE.   I colored the image with Copic markers and chalked the sky and ground.  I added stickles to the rain fall and crystal lacquer to the puddles.  I also added some little rain splash rain dots.

There's a fun, new challenge on Squigglefly's blog today, so be sure to take a look and try to make some time to play along - it's a great one to check out too because the theme is favorite new or old techniques  - so you just might learn something new to try!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spoil Yourself

Hi everyone! A very happy day to you all! I mentioned the Squigglefly Blog Challenge the last couple of days and told you that you should go see what the design team has done, but you really need to go back and take a look at the entries! There are some really great (and oh so funny!) cards that have been entered.

 I have a card today that uses an image from Marla Shega. Marla has some of the prettiest images! This one is called Tea Time Pup.

I used Copic markers to color the image.  I had fun coloring the wood floor!   I chose paper that reminded me of the wall paper in the image.  The sentiment is computer generated, and I applied a coat of crystal lacquer.  The photo really had a glare on the gloss, so here's another photo that lets you read the sentiment!

Hope you have a really great day!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Moves

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a good week. I am absolutely so thrilled that Mother Nature has quit punishing us with heat and sent us a cool front. The weather has been so nice the last couple of days! It makes me itch for Fall!

 I found this on Paper Crafter's Corner and wanted to share it with all of you. It's 13 reasons to participate in a challenge.

 13 reasons why YOU should participate in challenges!
 Challenges are a great way to keep your creative juices flowing.
Challenges force you to keep up-to-date with what’s CURRENT and on-trend!
Sketch challenges take the design pressure out of the process so you can focus on the fun details.
Challenges give you a starting point when you need help getting your mojo going!
Challenges eliminate at least 1 part of the design process for you, so you can get started faster.
Checking out the other participants’ interpretations of a challenge exposes you to many different kinds of creative ideas and processes!
Challenges can force you out of your comfort zone … so that you continue to evolve & explore new ideas.
 By participating regularly with a certain challenge blog, you will get to know the other challenge participants and make some online friends.
Challenge participation can drive traffic to your blog — if that’s something you’re looking for
 Regular participation with your favorite manufacturer’s challenges may help you catch their eye — or lead to a cool guest designer opportunity!
You could win some cool prizes!
Challenges are a great way to use-up your STASH!!
Challenges are FUN!
 Now doesn't this make you want to run over to Squigglefly's blog and play in our Triple Dip challenge?

 Today's card is a birthday card I made for a friend. I thought this little Twirling Koala image was so sweet! Christine Grove is the artist. She has a few other images at Squigglefly too, and they are all really sweet.

I colored it with copic markers and computer generated the sentiment. I loved the colored circles in the ribbon, so I used circles in the sentiment to mimic that.  In hind sight, having the image in a square probably doesn't really work, but I still like the card.   Hopefully my friend will too!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What A Hoot

Hi everyone! Man, yesterday really flew by for me. If the rest of the week goes by like that it'll be the weekend before I know it! Did you get a chance to go see what the design team did with the new Squigglefly challenge? Fabulous cards! You really need to go take a look!

 Sunday's Clean and Simple challenge at the Outlaw's was things with wings, and I went with this cute Whimsical Owl drawn by Diane Garrison.

My boss has a birthday coming up on September 1st and I thought this would make a cute card for him.  I computer generated the sentiment.  The image was colored with Copic markers.  I love having some of the image extend past the edge.

Speaking of my boss, he told me yesterday that he's getting a baby deer and asked if I would mind bottle feeding it some during the day.  I'm so excited!  He had a deer a few years ago that they raised from a week old.  I've seen pictures of  it and he said it was as tame as a dog and as much a part of their family.  I'll keep you posted with pictures!

I hope you have a great day, and thanks for looking!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Into Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall

Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence, but as I told you, I got behind last weekend and really didn't have anything left to share with you! Luckily I did find time to play so I'll be having something to share with you each day this week! The Perseids meteor shower was going on over the weekend, and Saturday night my husband and I drove out to a friend's farm to get away from the city lights, threw some blankets in the back of his pick up, and spent some time star gazing. We did get to see quite a few meteors, but not as many as I had hoped for. The press had been predicting about 50 an hour! It was still a beautiful night - the temperature was about 65!

 We got a little bit of rain one day last week. It wasn't a lot, but it was so welcomed! A little bit a cool front followed which accounts for the great cooler night time temperature we had on Saturday night. The day of the rain there were a lot of people here that were feeling like the lady in the Blessed Relief image that artist Lynne Stansbery drew

I used Copic markers to color her. I used some chalk in the background and a little bit of stickles. The sentiment is computer generated. The paper is some digital paper from Sassy Designs, Inc.  A lovely image to color!

If you've got any time to play today, there's a brand new challenge on the Squigglefly Blog!  Enjoy your Monday!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Hi everyone!  I hope August is treating you well so far.  the heat is still blazing upon us here in central Arkansas and I would love to have a rain that would last all day and soak this parched earth.

Yesterday the power at work went out and it didn't take long to get really warm in the office.  Luckily I was leaving early for an eye doctor appointment so I didn't have to suffer with it as long as I normally would have.    My eyes haven't changed a whole lot, but I am getting a new pair of glasses with the new high definition lenses.  I'm excited about them because they are supposed to really improve your eyesight and make things so clear that most people say "Wow!".  When I get them I'll let you know!

Speaking of eyesight is the perfect lead in to the card I have to share with you today.  I couldn't wait to color up this new image from Lynne Stansbery titled Did You Say Facelift?.  It's such a fun image to color and even more fun to come up with the perfect sentiment.

I used copic markers to color her with and I chalked around the background.  The sentiment is computer generated.  Here's the inside of the card for the punch line

There's still lots of time to play in Squigglefly's blog challenge this week.  It's a toughie though - use black, white, and grey on your card.  the design team has done a phenomenal job with this challenge, so it's definitely worth visiting the blog to see their creations!  I hope you can play along with them!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Something Different

  Hi everyone!  I hope your weekend was a good one.  I had a great weekend, but I didn't get any cards made.  My mojo seems to have taken a vacation.  I did make a purse for my boss's daughter though.  A while back she came into my office wearing some jeans that had little flowers, peace signs, and smiley faces on them.  I commented to her that they would make a cute purse when she outgrew them.  She was really curious about how you would get a purse from a pair of blue jeans.  So I told her.  She then asked me if I would make her a purse and I told her I would.

Well several months have passed and I was thinking with school about to start, she would love to have a new purse for school.  She is at a great age for a cool blue jean purse - just going into 6th grade.  I went to Good Will and bought a pair of jeans for $2.00 and came home and cut them up and made her a purse.

 I found some fun fabric at Michaels that has peace signs, hearts, and smiley faces on it and sewed a little belt for it.  I added an iron on applique flower to the back pocket.  I can't wait to give it to her.  I think she will love it.

Today there is a brand new challenge on the Squigglefly blog. Be sure to take a peek at what Rhonda's Rascals have done and think about playing along with us! Have a great Monday! Holly

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Winner of Candy

I'm here to announce the winner of my blog candy.  Congratulations to Caroldru (Carol RHSC)!  Carol, please e mail me at to claim your prize.

If I don't hear from Carol by Saturday the 11th of August I will choose another winner.  Thanks to everyone who commented and a big thanks to all those who became followers!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Candy!

I've got a blog candy going on right now.  Read THIS POST.    Hi everyone!  Just popping in to show you what I'm adding to the blog candy for reaching 490 followers.

three rolls of designer masking tape.  It's a lot like Washi tape.  Tomorrow the winner is chosen and announced.  If I get 500 followers before the announcement I will be adding something else.  Enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Attention Dog Lovers!

I have a blog candy going on right now.  If you are interested in seeing the giveaway and entering to win it, please see this post.  When I reach 490 followers I'm adding to the blog candy, and if I reach 500 I'm adding even more!

 Hi everyone! I hope your week is going great. Mine is hot and busy as ever, but I'm good because my A/C is working! I have a card today to share that uses an image I dearly love. It's called 
I Love You Ole Pal and was drawn by my sister Lynne Stansbery for Squigglefly.  I really  don't think I've done the image justice with my coloring, but I do love the quotation by Gene Hill I found to use as a sentiment.   The full quotation is

Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog. A dog can show you more honest affection with a flick of his tail than a man can gather through a lifetime of handshakes.

If you want the sentiment, I'm offering it free for you here.

All you have to do is click on the image, right click and save it to your computer.

Here's my card

I used Copic markers to color and chalked a little yellow in the background.  For some reason I find yellow a good neutral color for backgrounds.  I used a really cute dog paw charm that I got from Squigglefly DT member Rhonda Zmikly and the gold trim is something I got from Squigglefly DT member Charlene Mitchell.  I think both of these elements really make the card.  Thanks ladies for the fun goodies!

The rest of the card is pretty simple and easy to see what I used and did so I won't go into any explanations. If you've ever loved a dog, then I'm sure this quotation speaks volumes to you as it did to me.

In other news I am sorry to see my daughter Chesney Young leave Squigglefly to pursue other avenues.  Her artwork will be sorely missed at Squigglefly, but I do know that she has plans to open her own shop at some time, and you can bet I'll keep you posted!  Hope you're staying cool wherever you are, and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's Chill Out!

I have a blog candy going on right now.  If you are interested in seeing the giveaway and entering to win it, please see this post.

Hi everyone!  It's still hot and dry as ever here and let me tell you, when you work for a heating and air company and the temperatures are over 100 degrees the phones just do not stop!  That's why I thought the Greeting Card challenge at the Outlawz this week which  is to show how you like to chill out in the summer heat was such a great one to participate in!   This little Beach Babe image by Fawn Palmer has the right idea on how to chill out!  She's sure ready for anything that comes up with her fun horsie inner tube and her goggles!  

The sentiment is computer generated, but this image comes with four wonderful sentiments - that's a great value!  since my card does have a sentiment on it I'm entering it in the Squigglefly challenge this week which is to have a saying on your card.   Easy peasy challenge, so go play along!

I used Copic markers to color and chalked the sky in the background.  I added some crystal lacquer to her goggles and some glittery clouds that are die cut from some glittery felt.  I have Squigglefly DT member Tammy Hair to thank for enabling me on the cloud die purchase!  If I've enabled you and you want them too, they are Memory Box dies from Ellen Hutson and can be seen here!

Thank you to all the new followers in the last few days!   I've decided that I will add something to the blog candy when I reach 490, and then add even more if I reach 500 so tell your friends!  Have a great day!