Friday, August 31, 2012

Canvas Prints Made Easy!

Hi everyone!  Are you ready for a long labor day weekend?  I am!  Do you remember when I posted about the magnetic signs from Magnets On The Cheap?    Well I told you then that they do signs, banners, and even canvas prints!   They were kind enough to offer me a free canvas print to try.  I didn't really have any need for it, but my niece told me that she'd love to have it, so I let her order a print and asked her to tell me about the experience.  Here is what she told me about the ordering process .

 The site was super easy to use! I liked the layout of the screen and all the buttons I needed to click were very easy to find. The process was very clear. I chose a canvas that was 16" x 20" at first and I really like the way it has a sample living room with a couch below the print to give you an idea of the scale of the print and how much real estate it would take up on your wall. That was very helpful. My only problem with the first screen on choosing the size of your canvas was that I did not find an option for changing from a landscape orientation to a portrait orientation and the photo I wanted to use was in oriented to portrait. I pressed forward towards the preview at the end thinking that maybe the system would intuit that the photo was portrait and change direction once I uploaded my image but that was not the case. The sample cut off the bottom half of the image to "fit" the image into the 16x20 canvas. So I went back and started over but this time I did a "Custom Canvas" size and put in the dimensions 24" x 18". This increased the size and the price of the canvas but I thought the image would fit better and I was right. Please note that even though I went through the whole process on the website twice due to going back to the beginning to re-choose my size - the whole ordering process took less than five minutes. I should have timed it. It was very simple. I found their prices to be deeply discounted and with free shipping that should have cost more than $10.00. Overall I'm THRILLED.  Some of the options available are for various border / edging options including how thick you would like the canvas to stick off the wall, framing, edge art either wrapping your image around or mirroring the image around or a solid color around the edge. I liked that they thought of these things. Then, finally, at the end it gives you options for hanging the print on special hooks that can come with your canvas. The process of ordering the print was very easy and enjoyable and I look forward to receiving the finished product! Just as a side note, we never could find the image that I originally wanted to use so I may get another one later on my own of that picture. So I found a different image that will look really great to hang in our living room. It will look more like abstract art but it's a great picture that Chris took of an upright bass at a concert we went to once and he edited the image to have all these bubbles in it. Actually - I'm going to attach a copy of the image so you have an idea of what it looks like. The bass belongs to a friend of ours named Hunter who plays in the band Mama Tried and we were at their show. So having this on our wall will not only look really cool, but remind us of the show, the band, and it will display Chris's photo. Overall, it was a good choice of images. Thank you again! I'm super excited!

I asked her to please let me know how she liked the print once it arrived, and also to send me a photo so I could compare it to the photo she used.  Here's what she told me just a few days later.

I wanted to let you know that the canvas print arrived on Tuesday this week.  It was delivered by UPS at my doorstep.  The packaging was very secure and the painting was covered in plastic, taped to the edges of the box and had a second cardboard insert protecting the front of it. The quality of the canvas is nice. I thought it was a bit thin but I chose the thickness of the canvas in my selections - I guess I just didn't realize how thin that was. I'm talking about the "depth" from back to front or how much it will stick off the wall. If we get it framed then that will change anyway and it will probably be more helpful that it's thin when framing. The quality of the print is amazing for the amount of enlarging that was necessary to get it that size there was no pixelation of the image. It's darker than I anticipated but that is okay. All in all I am extremely pleased with the results and looking forward to hanging it on the wall in our front room. It was a fabulous experience all around and I'm very excited to have the print! Thank you SO much for giving me this opportunity! I really appreciate it. I LOVE it! Oh and Chris loves it too! He actually wanted me to take a picture of him with the print to send to our friend Hunter. Chris took the photo that we had made into the print and the photo he shot was of our friend Hunter's upright Bass at a concert we went to. He is very happy also. Thank you so much again! I am happy as a clam!

Here are the pictures she sent me.  I think she picked a pretty cool photo to have made into a print!  The first picture is the photo she used for the print.  The second two pictures are of the print itself - one with a flash and one without.  !I want you to know that she was very honest with her opinions on the whole process, so I have no problem is recommending Easy Canvas Prints to anyone who is looking to have one made!  By the way, I'm still loving my magnetic car sign!


Tammy said...

Good to know, thanks for the info. Your niece's choice is terrific!

Reflections from Granny said...

Thank you for the info, I love the outcome canvases. Beautiful!

Hugs,Lori m