Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goody Goody!

Hi everyone! Thank you for all the good wishes on our new dog. He is settling right in and Riley is trying to be welcoming but we still have to watch them. Last night is the first time he actually showed any interest in playing with one of Riley's toys. I think Riley would love it if he chased her! One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is about the other dog that was with him when they showed up as strays at our house. I decided that we would sponsor her until she was adopted. If you sponsor a dog, you basically take care of their needs while they are at the shelter so that they are not destroyed. Well, when I stopped by the shelter to take care of that I was told that she had been adopted out to Paws For Prisoners! I was so glad to hear that. She will be taken care and trained by a prisoner which will in turn help him in his rehabilitation. Isn't that wonderful news? Today I have a Christmas card to share with you. the image is one by Siobhan Harrison called Christmas Goody Bag.  Looks like there are lots of goodies in this bag!

I colored with Copic markers and added some liquid applique around the trim of the bag.  The sentiment was computer generated, but I used the Dotted Circle Sentiments by Jess Holland to frame it.  I just changed the color of it to red before printing.    I love the rich colors of the paper I used and the sparkle was just enough!

There's still time for you to play in Squigglefly's blog challenge!  It's a fun one this week - just decorate your corners in some way!  You could win any image of your choice if you use a Squigglefly image.  There are tons to choose from and freebies too if you don't have any.  You can even wait to use your prize on one of the new October releases!   

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Introducing our newest family member

We haven't officially given him a name yet, but we are leaning toward Baxter. Riley was pretty good when we first brought him home, but we have to feed them separately. He is really good with our cat though! He had a really big day yesterday. He was neutered at the animal shelter, picked up by me and brought home only to be taken to our vet later. They gave him a bordetello shot and scraped some stuff from his skin to see what's up with the skin condition and did some other poking and prodding. After all of that he got to come home and eat dinner. Tomorrow I have to bathe him in a special medicated shampoo and let it sit on him for at least fifteen minutes and then I have to scrub as much of the scabby stuff off of him as I can (yuck!) I'm not looking forward to that part at all. The vet says he about two years old and she thinks he's a mixture of sheltie and something else, but she can't decide what that something else is yet. Thanks for all of the good wishes! I'll be back with a card tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wee Winnie Witch

Hi everyone! Well yesterday we had Fall/thanksgiving and today we have Halloween! I love Halloween, but haven't made many Halloween cards yet this year. I know for sure I'll be making at least four for the kids in my life. This one uses Winnie Witch by Jan Beljo.

I think she's really cute and she was fun to color.  I used Copic markers and then chalked around the background.  The card was embossed with a spider web embossing folder on the top section and then I used some fun spider paper on the bottom.  After embossing the webs, I rubbed some opalescent paint on them to make them stand out more.

Today's the day we go pick up our new dog.  I'll get pictures as soon as I can and you know you'll be getting updates on how Riley acts!  Have a fun day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pumpkins & Apples

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was a good one. I managed to get a little crafting time in, but not as much as I had hoped. We spent some time getting things ready for the new member of household. He will be joining us tomorrow night. poor little guy is going to have big day tomorrow - he's getting neutered, picked up, taken to our vet, and then home to his new family! Hopefully Riley will be welcoming. My biggest hope is that they become great friends before long. We still have to decide on a name for him too!

 I can tell you that it doesn't take long to get out of practice when you haven't made a card in over a week! Unfortunately it shows in the card I'm sharing with you today.

Don't let my coloring throw you off of this gorgeous Apples and Pumpkins image drawn by Lynne Stansbery! I used colored pencils and I'm really not happy with the way it looks at all. I just didn't have time to make another one, but I will be using this image again with my Copics and hopefully do it justice!

There's a new challenge on the Squigglefly Blog today!   Be sure to go take a look at what Holley's team has done!  Play along and you could win any image of your choice!

Speaking of prizes,  I have a picture of the prize I'll be offering on the Squigglefly blog hop which takes place October 5th.   We will be showcasing October's new images and several of us are offering prizes.  My prize is for the  hop and also to celebrate reaching over 500 followers!  Here is what is in my prize package:

1 11x8 cutting pad
1 wood mounted floral rubber stamp
1 package of card making embellishments by Recollections
1 package assorted glittered flower stickers by Recollections
1 package dog related stickers for cards or scrapbooks by Craft Essentials
1 package of assorted paper flowers by Recollections
1 package of assorted crocheted and lace trims by Recollections
1 package of assorted shaped pearls by K & Company
1 package of two rolls of washi tape by Recollections
Hole punch tool for 1/16", 1/8", and 3/16" holes by Making Memories (I love this tool!)
AND - drum roll here
24 Twinkling H2o paints in assorted colors!  That's worth hopping for isn't it?

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hi everyone.  I know I just kind of left you hanging.  I'm sorry.  It's been a long week full of lots of stuff.  First let me update you on the dogs since that is where I left you.  The dogs went to a friend on Sunday night.  I wasn't really comfortable leaving them here over night with Riley when I wasn't sure if the skin condition they had was contagious.  She kept them on Sunday night and took them to animal control on Monday.  I called animal control and told them that if the owner did not claim them ( animal control has to keep them for five days to give owners time to claim them), that I was interested in the male.  I called them again on Thursday and was told that Saturday was the first day I could stake a claim on the dog.  In the meantime I contacted our veterinarian and explained the situation to her.  I asked about known health problems of shelties (since I think this dog is mostly sheltie) and what she thought the skin condition might be.  I then made an appointment for the dog to be checked out by her after I picked him up on Saturday.

My husband and I had numerous talks about the dog.  Brock's main concern was that Riley not be affected too much by the newcomer.  He is afraid that her personality will change.  We've had friends who have said that they got a new dog their dog didn't really like and that it just changed them completely.  I told him that if Riley couldn't accept this dog, I would try my best to find a good home for him and failing that we could always take him back to the shelter to hopefully be adopted.  We will just count the money spent on having him neutered and vaccinated as a donation to a good cause.

So come Saturday I'm ready to go pick the dog up. I even scheduled an appointment with our veterinarian to have the dog checked out to be sure he isn't carrying anything that could be contagious to Riley.  I get there and find the dog only to be told that I can't have him until they neuter them. It was so hard leaving him!  he recognized me and I such hope in his eyes.   I told them I already had a vet appointment for him and could I just take him so she could examine him and then bring him back, but they wouldn't let me.  He has to be neutered before they will release him.  The soonest they can neuter him is Tuesday, so I am picking up our new dog on Tuesday after work!  he will then go to our veterinarian and then come home with us.  I think Riley will come to accept him and they will end up being really good buds!

It was heartbreaking to see all of the other animals in the shelter.  I wish I could save every one of them.  I also hated seeing that they had the one I wanted and his companion separated, but I suppose they need to learn to live life apart.  I've had a lot of people tell me I should take both dogs, but I know my limits and I know that as much as I would like I cannot save them all.

Brock and I are looking forward to welcoming the new dog to our family and showing him how loving a family can be.  We haven't come up with a name for him yet and I may be asking your help in that!

I will be back to posting cards next week.  I've been busy getting Squigglefly's design team ready for the new release which is going to be awesome!  We are planning a blog hop the day before the release and I am going to coincide  my giveaway for celebrating reaching over 500 followers  with the blog hop.  I think other design team members are going to have some awesome prizes as well and Squigglefly will be giving away FIVE images from the new release!

thanks for not deserting me during my absence and I will be back on Monday!

Monday, September 17, 2012

What A Weekend!

Hi everyone!  Gosh what a weekend.  I did all of my errands on Saturday and intended to do my cooking on Sunday morning and  spend Sunday afternoon making cards.  Well, you know the saying "Man plans, God laughs."?    Well I'm sure he was laughing at me yesterday!

Yesterday I was stepping outside taking a break from my cooking when two dogs ran up to me.  They were the cutest little things!  One was a girl and looked like a beagle something mix.  She came right up to me and was so friendly and frisky.  She had another dog with her that was more timid and scared.  He was a boy and looked just like a miniature collie/fox!  Once he got up the nerve to let me pet him he was such a sweetheart!  He really captured my heart.  He was so vocal with me and we just connected.

I did bring Riley outside and let them get to know each other.  She had to prove she was the top dog, and let them know in no uncertain terms that this was HER house and we were HER people, but overall she did pretty good.  We ended up keeping them all day long.

We live right next to a church, and lady at the church came over.  She had seen them earlier in the day and she told me she worked at the Humane Society and she would come over after work to take them home with her and then to a shelter on Monday.  Before she even came back though Brock and I were talking about keeping the male.  The only reason we didn't is because both dogs had some kind of skin disorder that we didn't know what it was and whether or not it was something contagious that we should keep Riley away from.  I did tell her when she came to pick them up that I was going to contact them on Tuesday and let them know that if the owners don't come forward and he doesn't get adopted, that we would want him.

I took pictures, but I could only get a good shot of the girl.  Here she is

and here's the one I fell in love with ( please ignore my foot!)

anyway, needless to say I didn't get any crafting in!  That means I'll be woefully short on cards to share with you this week!

On the other hand, I did get to the store on Saturday and I bought a lot of fun things for my giveaway for reaching 500 followers!  I will be sharing that with you one day this week, so be sure to check back!  I got some good stuff - Michael's was having a fantastic sale!

I also want to remind you that a new challenge starts on the Squigglefly blog today.  Be sure to go check that out, and play along with us!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pink & Yellow Birthday

Good morning everyone! I have to make this a quick one because I'm running late!

 A birthday card using A Friend For You from Fawn Palmer. She comes with a cute sentiment, but I wanted this to be a birthday card so I paired it with Jess Holland's 
Birthday Wishes.

She's colored with Copic markers and I used chalk on the background.  I also chalked the sentiment while it was still in the die so it would have that white border around it.

I hope you have a great day today!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why I Laugh

Happy Hump Day, and today is a very special Happy Birthday to my best friend today. I'm glad too because now she can quit teasing me about being older than her!

 It's not often I make a card that isn't going to be sent to anyone, but today I have a card that I will not send to anyone because it's made for a brother to send to a brother, and I don't have any brothers! You may be asking yourself why I made it, and really I did it because I just liked the image and wanted to color it.

 I toyed around with some captions for this image instead of a sentiment, and I may some day re-do the card with a caption and end up sending it. The reason I didn't use a caption is because each caption I ran across people just got me blank stares, so I thought my captions must suck! I'll share some of my caption ideas and let you judge for yourself, but first let's look at the card

The image is one called Up To No Good and is drawn by Lynne Stansbery. I colored it with Copic markers and chalked the background.  The sentiment was computer generated.

 Now look closely at the expression on the boys faces.  To me it looks like they were cutting up laughing when someone delivered some shocking news.  The news sinks in a little quicker on the boy on the right so you can see his dumbfounded expression. The other little boy is just starting to register the news.

So I thought a caption such as "the day Timmy and his brother found out there is no Santa Claus"  or "Jimmy's little brother always picked the worst time to fart."   Okay, now that I see them typed out like that I guess they aren't that funny!  If you know someone who would like this card, drop me an e mail at and I'll mail it to you!    I'm also giving you the sentiment in case you can use it.  Just click on it and then right click to save.

Hope you have a really great day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Special Teaparty

Hi everyone! Today is a very special Mothermark Teaparty at Splitcoast Stampers. Our cards are going to a special lady who is having her 110th birthday! Can you believe that? Anyway, we are all to bring birthday cards and here's mine.

I used Mike Eustis's adorable Stud Muffin image and colored it with Copic markers.  I used a little chalk around the candle flame and added some yellow stickles.  The sentiment is my much used and loved Birthday Wishes from Jess Holland and was printed at the same time as the image.

I have a yellow polka dotted background which means I can enter this in Squigglefly's blog challenge which is to use Polka Dots!  Your polka dots can be in the image, or in the patterned paper you use, or embossed - whatever kind of polka dots you'd like!  It's a fun and easy challenge so I hope you'll play with us this week.  I am also entering this in the Outlawz Greeting Card challenge which has a sewing theme, and buttons count as a sewing item!

I see I reached 500 followers and I'm so excited!  I will be having a special giveaway to celebrate soon - just have to go shopping and pick out the goodies!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Queenly Ornament

Hi everyone! What a lovely weekend we had. The weather was perfect after Friday night's storm; it was hard to not stay outdoors! I hope your weekend was just as nice.

 There's a brand new challenge on Squigglefly's blog today - Polka Dots! Be sure you run and see what Holley's team has done, and if you feel inspired to play along we'd love to see!

 Today I'm sharing a card that I made for Splitcoast Stamper's Queen For The Day challenge. I chose THIS CARD as my inspiration. I knew one of the new ornaments that Lynne Stansbery drew would be perfect for this challenge. I picked Antique Ornament Two. Before printing, I opened it up in Adobe Photoshop Elements and changed the color to blue. After that it was simply a matter of cutting it out and sticking on some pearls!

I did color the ribbon with a blue Copic marker, but other than that no coloring was required! The ornament is popped up a little with some pop dots. This really made a quick and elegant looking Christmas card. Even cutting it out and sticking on the pearls didn't take as long as it would to color an image for a card. If you are looking for a quick card you can make a lot of in a short time for Christmas, this would be one!

 I chose little pearls to stick in the center of the flowers, but I think it would be pretty with some of the little flower shaped jewels too, or use some little Prima flowers - dress it up the way you'd like!

 On another note, my best friend told me last week that her granddaughter was trying out for cheerleading. Now bear in mind that her granddaughter is 7 years old! I didn't even know they had cheerleaders in elementary school! When I expressed this to my friend she said that a cousin of her granddaughter who lives in a small town about 120 miles from Little Rock - also in the second grade - was elected Homecoming Queen at her school! I just find this ridiculous. These kids are in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - can't they just be kids?

 And while I'm on my soapbox I'm going to vent about something else that's driving me crazy lately. I have noticed an over abundance of abbreviated words being used. I think I first noticed it with the word "vaca" which is short for vacation. Now it's spread to all kinds of words! We were watching a television show the other night and someone asked someone where so and so was and they replied "He's in the 'kitch'." I'v heard people say "We need to have a 'convo' about that." It's as if people are starting to talk in text abbreviations or something. I don't know what's causing it, but I hate it. Just say the dang word you mean!

 Okay, off my soapbox (for now!). Enjoy your Monday!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Giddy I Made The Challenge!

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a really good weekend.  We had a really big storm last night with lots of rain and lots of lightening too.  We lost power for a bit.  This morning when I got up the weather was WONDERFUL!  After several triple digit days - and it was still 90 degrees at midnight - waking up and having temperatures in the mid sixties was like heaven!  I am hoping last week was the last of our summer heat.

Well, I finally did it - I created a monochromatic card for the Squigglefly blog challenge! Nothing like getting it in at the last minute! Tomorrow is the last day for this challenge. We have had so many great entries that I got inspired. This funny little green guy is one of the Dweeblinks from the imagination and drawing pen of Keith Williams, Squigglefly's newest artist. This particular Dweeblink is named Giddy. I just love the face he's making.

I colored with Copic markers and added some googley eyes for even more fun.  My papers are digital ones and I finished it off with some checkered ribbon.  I haven't decided on a sentiment, but I'll add something on the inside for sure before sending it off.

I was able to play a lot in my craft room today.  Tomorrow will be spent getting my meal preparation done and doing a little house cleaning and straightening up, but I'm sure I'll find a little more time to make a card or two!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

flowers for you

Hi all! It's hard to believe, but one year ago today is when I started my new job. A little over a year ago I was in such a flux! The company I had worked for so long was closing and I was job hunting and finding jobs that just didn't work out well for me. Finding this job is something I'm really grateful for.

 It's also really hard to believe that it's September because the temperatures are so dang hot here! We've had triple digits every day this week! The weather man is promising cooler weather next week and I sure hope he's right!

 Today's card started off to be the card I was making for Squigglefly's monochromatic challenge, but I ended up putting more colors in there so I can't honestly call it monochromatic.

This cutie pie is an image drawn by Diane Carubia and is called I've Brought You Something.  I used Copic markers to color and chalked the background and green ground.  I then stamped some grass sprigs over the chalk.   The background paper is some really pretty fabric that I scanned and printed out, but my printer started running out of ink right at the end.  I still liked it enough to use though.  I twisted two colors of thread together to use as a tie.

There's still time for you to play in the monochromatic challenge if you feel like it!  I just can't seem to stop myself from adding other colors!  My cat is trying to tell me I've typed enough today so I need to go before he starts typing for me!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Butterfly Garden

Hi everyone! Hump day already! I love short weeks! Yesterday there was a teaparty at Splitcoast Stampers and we were supposed to bring flowers and maybe a butterfly or two. When I saw the theme I knew that the Garden Party image from Squigglefly was a perfect fit - even the name of the image fits the theme! One of the really cool things about this image is that it comes as a set so you can have the image as seen on my card, or you can create your own garden with the individual flowers you like!  Diana Garrison is the fab artist who created this.

I used Copic Markers to color and chalked the ground and sky. The sentiment was computer generated. I used a little stickles on the trail of the butterfly and mixed up some papers.

Enjoy your Wednesday, and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Little Rope

Hi all!  I thoroughly enjoyed my day off work yesterday!  I was able to create some cards for a few challenges!   Thursday's Ways To Use It Challenge at Splitcoast Stampers was to make a card that makes someone smile, and the Featured Stamper Challenge at Splitcoast Stampers featured a great gallery!      I chose THIS CARD to case.  I also entered this into Friday's Copic Marker challenge at the Outlawz which was Anything Goes!

The image I used  is Rodeo Girl from Squigglefly by artist Fawn Palmer. I think she is so cute, but she looks so confident! I computer generated this sentiment, although she does come with some pretty cute sentiments herself! If you like my sentiment, I'm offering it as a freebie here

Just click on it and then right click to save it.

I used Copic markers to color and I used chalked in the back ground.  I clipped the corners and used a Martha Stewart border punch.

Wishing you a great day back at work, and thanks for looking!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bubbly Holidays

Happy Labor Day everyone! Are you enjoying your long weekend as much as I am? I got errands done on Saturday and did my cooking yesterday, so today is devoted to playing and being lazy!

 Did you know that Squigglefly had a huge release of new images for the month of September on Saturday? You really need to run over and take a look at them. I will be showing cards with the new images soon, and the design team has already been doing so!

 You can several of their cards in today's new blog challenge which is a really fun one - Monochromatic!   That is one of the cards I plan to make today!   For now I've got a Christmas card to share.

This is one of Cheryl Alger's snowmen called Bubble Blower Snowman.  Isn't he cute?  I used Copic markers to color him with and a little stickles and Snow Tex for some sparkle and texture.   the "bubbles" around the sentiment are little bubbles that come in a pack like buttons.  I can't think of the name of the company right now.  I adhered them with crystal lacquer.  The sentiment is computer generated and printed directly on to the designer paper.

I thought the dotted ribbon went well with the dots on his scarf.  I used a white gel pen to color the dots in white after coloring the scarf.

Have fun with your day, and thanks for looking!