Monday, September 10, 2012

Queenly Ornament

Hi everyone! What a lovely weekend we had. The weather was perfect after Friday night's storm; it was hard to not stay outdoors! I hope your weekend was just as nice.

 There's a brand new challenge on Squigglefly's blog today - Polka Dots! Be sure you run and see what Holley's team has done, and if you feel inspired to play along we'd love to see!

 Today I'm sharing a card that I made for Splitcoast Stamper's Queen For The Day challenge. I chose THIS CARD as my inspiration. I knew one of the new ornaments that Lynne Stansbery drew would be perfect for this challenge. I picked Antique Ornament Two. Before printing, I opened it up in Adobe Photoshop Elements and changed the color to blue. After that it was simply a matter of cutting it out and sticking on some pearls!

I did color the ribbon with a blue Copic marker, but other than that no coloring was required! The ornament is popped up a little with some pop dots. This really made a quick and elegant looking Christmas card. Even cutting it out and sticking on the pearls didn't take as long as it would to color an image for a card. If you are looking for a quick card you can make a lot of in a short time for Christmas, this would be one!

 I chose little pearls to stick in the center of the flowers, but I think it would be pretty with some of the little flower shaped jewels too, or use some little Prima flowers - dress it up the way you'd like!

 On another note, my best friend told me last week that her granddaughter was trying out for cheerleading. Now bear in mind that her granddaughter is 7 years old! I didn't even know they had cheerleaders in elementary school! When I expressed this to my friend she said that a cousin of her granddaughter who lives in a small town about 120 miles from Little Rock - also in the second grade - was elected Homecoming Queen at her school! I just find this ridiculous. These kids are in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - can't they just be kids?

 And while I'm on my soapbox I'm going to vent about something else that's driving me crazy lately. I have noticed an over abundance of abbreviated words being used. I think I first noticed it with the word "vaca" which is short for vacation. Now it's spread to all kinds of words! We were watching a television show the other night and someone asked someone where so and so was and they replied "He's in the 'kitch'." I'v heard people say "We need to have a 'convo' about that." It's as if people are starting to talk in text abbreviations or something. I don't know what's causing it, but I hate it. Just say the dang word you mean!

 Okay, off my soapbox (for now!). Enjoy your Monday!


Tammy said...

I am with you 100%, I don't even like LOL! But I love, love your card! Great idea!

Linda said...

Wonderful card. Very pretty!
They are taking all that is special about high school away from the little ones. Parents in control and the little ones not getting to pretend.
Language is always evolving. The may be the future. I think it all started with texting. I guess it doesn't bug me but I sure don't know what half of it means.
Have a great day Holly.

Lillian said...

I also agree with you on both subjects. Kids should be kids, and especially at that age. The other thing I hate is the texting, just call ! you're texting right off the phone, just call and say what you want ... instead of texting everything you have to say, makes NO sense ! Cute card, thank you for sharing :)

Linda W. said...

LOL! Enuf Holly? I just had to laugh at the comment, it's all due to twitter and texting - our little world has changed due to the generation younger that is so into these formats. But like Tammy - I soooooooo love your ornament!

Betty J Schaub said...

very pretty

Shawna said...

Beautiful card Holly, just beautiful! And I totally agree with these little kids growing up too fast. Good grief, they don't have a childhood.

Anonymous said...

Really gorgeous Holly!! Love the elegant design on this! HUGS