Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hi everyone.  I know I just kind of left you hanging.  I'm sorry.  It's been a long week full of lots of stuff.  First let me update you on the dogs since that is where I left you.  The dogs went to a friend on Sunday night.  I wasn't really comfortable leaving them here over night with Riley when I wasn't sure if the skin condition they had was contagious.  She kept them on Sunday night and took them to animal control on Monday.  I called animal control and told them that if the owner did not claim them ( animal control has to keep them for five days to give owners time to claim them), that I was interested in the male.  I called them again on Thursday and was told that Saturday was the first day I could stake a claim on the dog.  In the meantime I contacted our veterinarian and explained the situation to her.  I asked about known health problems of shelties (since I think this dog is mostly sheltie) and what she thought the skin condition might be.  I then made an appointment for the dog to be checked out by her after I picked him up on Saturday.

My husband and I had numerous talks about the dog.  Brock's main concern was that Riley not be affected too much by the newcomer.  He is afraid that her personality will change.  We've had friends who have said that they got a new dog their dog didn't really like and that it just changed them completely.  I told him that if Riley couldn't accept this dog, I would try my best to find a good home for him and failing that we could always take him back to the shelter to hopefully be adopted.  We will just count the money spent on having him neutered and vaccinated as a donation to a good cause.

So come Saturday I'm ready to go pick the dog up. I even scheduled an appointment with our veterinarian to have the dog checked out to be sure he isn't carrying anything that could be contagious to Riley.  I get there and find the dog only to be told that I can't have him until they neuter them. It was so hard leaving him!  he recognized me and I such hope in his eyes.   I told them I already had a vet appointment for him and could I just take him so she could examine him and then bring him back, but they wouldn't let me.  He has to be neutered before they will release him.  The soonest they can neuter him is Tuesday, so I am picking up our new dog on Tuesday after work!  he will then go to our veterinarian and then come home with us.  I think Riley will come to accept him and they will end up being really good buds!

It was heartbreaking to see all of the other animals in the shelter.  I wish I could save every one of them.  I also hated seeing that they had the one I wanted and his companion separated, but I suppose they need to learn to live life apart.  I've had a lot of people tell me I should take both dogs, but I know my limits and I know that as much as I would like I cannot save them all.

Brock and I are looking forward to welcoming the new dog to our family and showing him how loving a family can be.  We haven't come up with a name for him yet and I may be asking your help in that!

I will be back to posting cards next week.  I've been busy getting Squigglefly's design team ready for the new release which is going to be awesome!  We are planning a blog hop the day before the release and I am going to coincide  my giveaway for celebrating reaching over 500 followers  with the blog hop.  I think other design team members are going to have some awesome prizes as well and Squigglefly will be giving away FIVE images from the new release!

thanks for not deserting me during my absence and I will be back on Monday!


wannabcre8tive said...

Awww, that will be a lucky dog getting to come home with you. I know what you mean about rescuing them all, that why I currently have 6 dogs and 1 cat. :) Mine all get along good. I think that Riley will be happy to have a new play mate. Good luck with your new family member. Keep us updated.

Elaine M said...

Desert you? Not a chance!! Hoping everything goes well with your new baby. Hugs

Tammy said...

Riley will be just fine with the new pup. She's think of him as a new toy and enjoy is companionship. Hopefully he gets released soon after his surgery into your loving home!

Dixieglitzie said...

i'm not going anywhere holly:) but i can hardly wait to hear about riley and her adventures with her new friend:) much love, dixie

bumblebee creations said...

yep-that little guy sure does know how to pick the right family!! Good luck with it all-we would love to see pics when you get him!

Faith A said...

Aw! how heartbreaking for you, but at least you are getting him.

Desert you? NEVER, too much fun here LOL. I may have a few long delays in commenting but desert never.