Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hi everyone and happy hump day! Gosh I never dreamed having two dogs would take up so much of my time. I thought we had another really good breakthrough with the dogs the other night, but it turned sour. Riley was chewing on a hoof and Baxter was laying there just looking at her with, pardon the expression, puppy dog eyes. Finally Riley got tired of the hoof and went to look out the window. Baxter took that moment to grab the hoof for himself. Riley walks back by and sees Baxter with her hoof. She stood there and watched him shooting daggers and Baxter reveled in rubbing her nose in it. He rolled over on his back and just loved the hoof with all of his might.

 I felt bad for Riley and decided if I gave her something else to chew on they would both be satisfied. So I gave her a chew and she finally decided to settle down and chew on it. Peace reigned for a bit. Then they both got up and crossed paths and as if it was a peaceful trade they both settled down with the other chew. Brock and I were amazed! The dogs had come to a compromise and made a fair trade! Unfortunately it didn't last. Riley decided that she wanted the other chew back. She walked over to Baxter and I saw her show him teeth and then it was on! We broke it up quickly, and neither one was hurt and they were back playing again, but I guess we learned they can't share chews!

 Today's card was one I made for Sunday's Featured Stamper challenge. I chose
THIS CARD to CASE. I'm using one of the images from Fawn Palmer that will be released October 6th. it's called Three Little Pumpkins. I love that it can be used for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just Autumn in general.

I used Copic markers to color the image.  The top part of the card was embossed with an embossing folder and I tied an orange polka dotted ribbon around the lower portion.  Simple, and easy!

I'll be back on Friday for a fun blog hop that some of the Squigglefly design team is doing.  We will be showing peeks at the images that will be released on Saturday.  Squigglefly will be giving a prize of five of the new images to one lucky winner and several of us are giving away prizes!  Here's what I'm giving away

This is a blog hop you don't want to miss!  The new release is going to be awesome!


Linda W. said...

Love the story about the dogs! You should watch Cesar Millan or check him out online. We even get his mag. Animals can be so entertaining but in truth are extremely smarter than us. Love those 3 pumpkins too!

bumblebee creations said...

love the card Holly--those pups are keeping you busy?!! Hope they get over the not wanting to share real soon-I am sure that can be worrisome!

Shawna said...

Wire hairs are notoriously protective of their toys, food, ect. Riley sounds exceptionally accommodating, but don't push it ;-) Love the coloring on your set of pumpkins; you always do such a fine job of it!

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous card Holly!! Love the shimmer and of course I love Fall! :) Looks like some fun going on this weekend!! TFS!! HUGS

wannabcre8tive said...

Holly, I love the color card stock that you used for your card and the embossing makes it look so elegant. The dogs are still trying to establish the pecking order. I think that Riley is going to be the dominate one.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, I do love pumpkins and you've colored them so amazing.

Sorry about the doggie setbacks, we have two dogs here, I know the chewy issues to well.

It's an adjustment period that will soon pass I'm sure.

Hugs, Lori m

Elaine A said...

Hi Holly -

The pups will figure things out on their own. One of them will become the dominant one (looks like Riley). But the swapping of toys/chews, etc. is normal. My two do that all the time, in fact, they always seem to want what the other has. As long as it doesn't get out of hand, I leave them alone. I had Jackson (1/2 G. Shepherd & 1/2 Husky) for 2 years before we adopted Thor, a full German Shepherd and a bit bigger than Jackson. Doesn't matter, Jackson is the more dominant dog. I still watch them, 5 years later, to make sure the playing doesn't get out of hand. The majority of the time they get along fine and will sometimes groom each other, funny boys! You'll see, Riley and Baxter will settle down and things will be just fine.

And I adore your card. Such beautiful fall colors and the pumpkins are sweet. Great job!

Elaine Allen

Tammy said...

Sounds like Riley and Baxter are displaying normal behavior and trying to settle between the two of them who's in charge and the leader of their pack and not being dog aggressive. Since they can't jump up and down and scream and holler or say mom, he/she has my bone, they'll snarl and show their teeth. After a while stealing each other's toys/bones becomes a game sorta like finder's keepers.

Your card today is beautiful! Love the pretty orange background and polkadot ribbon, perfect for the beautiful image.

Cheryl said...

Your card is beautiful!