Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Lights

Hi everyone! I hope your having a great week!  Things are going well in my little corner of the world.  I still can't believe how quickly Christmas will be upon us!

Baxter, Riley, and our cat are all getting along famously.  I do believe Riley would miss Baxter if he wasn't around now.  Baxter has put on weight and all of his fur has grown back in from where the bacterial infection had made it fall out.  He's much better on a lot of the things that scared him around the house, but some things still drive him crazy.  One thing that really makes him go berserk is the little spray mister bottle that my husband uses to spray on his eyeglasses when he's cleaning them.  Baxter can be in another room of the house, and if Brock sprays that bottle he will tear out of the room and bark like mad!  It's amazing to me that he even hears it at all!

Another thing I find so funny is if we give the dogs a treat to lick off of a paper plate - Riley will immediately place her paw on the plate to keep it still while she licks.  Baxter will lick and follow the plate all over the room.  I can't seem to get him to learn to place his paw on it to hold it down.

Oh!  On another completely off topic note, I found out yesterday that elementary schools here are no longer teaching cursive writing!  I was shocked!  I guess since computers are here to stay, typing is more important than learning how to write in cursive.  what's your opinion on this?  I think it's kind of sad.  I have taken it upon myself to teach my boss's six year old cursive handwriting!  I printed out some practice sheets for her yesterday and she was excited to learn how.  Is this going on everywhere?

 Okay, enough with the dogs and on to the card!  Today I have a fun card to share with you. I loved this All Lit Up image the minute I saw it. She was such fun to color and I loved adding the glitter to the lights.

I love the expression on her face!  She comes with some fun sentiments too!    If you are a subscriber to the online magazine Through The Craftroom Door, you probably recognize my card and the image.  Fawn Palmer was the featured digi artist in the November/December issue and subscribers got this image and two others free!  If you have any crafty friends on your Christmas list, a subscription to through The Craftroom Door would make an awesome gift!  There are free digis in every issue which more than pay for the price of the magazine!  I'm not affiliated, just a happy subscriber!

There's still time to play in Squigglefly's Blog Challenge, and I don't think we have a winner yet so your chances of winning are good!  Go play along!


Tammy said...

OH goodness, I love, love your card! So fun and love the purple! My one golden puts her foot in the water dish, the only thing I can think of is that she's afraid it will move! I think they quit cursive writing several years ago around here, sad, it was a class I truly loved!

Linda Simpson said...

Hi Holly this is fantastic. I love the gorgeous colour I just love purple.

Linda xxx

Lisa M said...

I had the best visual during your story. I can just see it now..LOL. I'm saddened to hear that cursive is leaving schools, as well as many other's a techy age and sending letters in the mail is nearly a thing of the past. :( Your card however cheered me up! That's hysterical and I'm a little embarrassed to know how you got this image of me! LOL
Lisa x