Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's still winter

Hi everyone! If you are anything like me you probably didn't get to make and send as many Christmas cards as you'd have liked. Once I had all of my Christmas cards mailed, I made a note of people who sent me Christmas cards that I hadn't had time to make a card for. I decided once the holiday hoopla was over I'd make winter cards for them. Cheryl Alger has drawn two snowmen, Winkie's Snowday Dreaming and Blinkie's Snowday Dreaming that are both perfect for these types of cards. here is a set of three I made using Winkie's Snowday Dreaming.

Here they are one at a time so you can see a little more detail in each one.  This first one features one of my tatted flowers with a red button in the center.

This one is just tied with a button.  I thought adding a snowflake would be too much because the background paper I used is a little busier.

and finally, this one uses a quilled snowflake.

All of them were colored with Copic markers and I dotted snow with white gesso.  

Thanks for the well wishes for my husband's knee.  He said it was feeling a little better last night so hopefully it will continue to improve.  For a while there I thought I'd have to go buy some crutches for him!

We had to take Baxter to the vet yesterday evening.  About a week ago we noticed the corner of his mouth was really red, raw looking, and swollen.  We attributed it to too much rawhide chewing and put ointment on it a couple of times a day for a while.  We also took the rawhides away!  It started looking a little better and the swelling decreased, but  it still wasn't completely better so we thought it should be looked at.  it turns out it is a parasite that is in the mange family.  Luckily it's not contagious to other dogs or to humans!  She said all dogs have them in small numbers all of the time, but under moments of stress they can increase.  She thought perhaps with all of the changes he's had in the past few months that this is the case with him.  The good news is that it's easily treated with a topical ointment.  

We were also told that he's more than put on the weight he should and to cut back on his food.  poor Bax!  He does love his food!  

Wishing you all a wonderful day!  See you tomorrow!


LaVerne said...

Those cards are great!! I love Cheryl's images.

Linda W. said...

Oh poor Baxter! This is something I didn't know and perhaps will run into the situation with Nikko some day. Oh Holly - your tatting has taken the golden award! It's just beautiful - love the cards!!!

Tammy said...

Oh goodness, Baxter on a diet and a husband with a bum knee, not good! Hope all is well quickly! Wonderful cards, and you know I love the images already. The tatted and quilled snowflakes are beautiful additions to your wonderful cards!

bumblebee creations said...

these are just the funniest cards!!! I love all of your homemade embellies that you have added!! Gorgeous!!

Niki said...

Love your quilling and tatting.