Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Carry A Purse To The Teaparty

Hi everyone!  I told you that I had a cute little project to share with you and it just so happens to fall right in line with the theme of today's teaparty at Splitcoast Stampers!  It's a purse!  My boss's daughter was staying with me last week while she was home from school due to being sick, and she asked me to  make her a purse out of paper.  I did the best I could while I was at work with none of my craft supplies, but I promised her I'd make her a better purse once I got home where all of my supplies are.  Anyway, I followed the instructions in this video to make her purse and here's how it turned out!

I glued a little glittered flower shaped button to the front and used some flower brads on the closure and to hold the handles on.  I really would have rather used a magnet instead of velcro for the closure, but I didn't have anything except black velcro so I just went with that.  Here's a side view.

And you know that I had to fill the purse with something fun!

She loved it and sashayed around with it on her arm with her hand on her hip!  

Monday, April 29, 2013

update and a Custom Designed T-shirt!

Hi everyone!  Yes, I'm still alive.  I have been in such a creative slump and I can't seem to shake it.  I know part of it is this lovely cool spring weather we are having.  I know that the hot summer days will soon be here so I've been outside enjoying our unusually cool spring with the dogs.  I have been working in my flower beds too.  Lots of weeding and mulching has been done, and now I'm being rewarded with lots of pretty blooms in my flower bed!

Another part of what's got my creativity on a hiatus is the upcoming floor installation.  We finally have a price for everything and have our tiles on order.  This has thrown Brock and I into demo mode!  We are removing the tile and linoleum that was on the floor under the tiles,  plus scraping the paper that didn't come up.  We are moving all of the furniture out into the garage and bedrooms.  Before we can move some things however, they have to be emptied into boxes.  This is almost like a total house move!  I think it will be really nice when it's done, but for now it is just a lot of work.

I really do hope that my muse comes back soon!  Squigglefly has such an awesome new release coming up in May!  We have two new artists to introduce!  Be sure to follow the design team's blogs to see some wonderful samples.  While my creativity is on hold, their's has been blooming like the flowers in my garden!  Speaking of Squigglefly - they have a new challenge on their blog that begins today!

Recently I was given the opportunity to try making a custom t-shirt at Dress United.   I was really impressed with how easy and fun it was to do!  They have a huge selection of styles, brands, and colors to choose from.  You can upload your own design, text, or photos or you can choose from hundreds of designs they have on the site.  I chose to upload my own design!  I'm all about advertising for Squigglefly when I can, so I uploaded their logo for my shirt.

Doesn't it make a cute shirt design?   If you want, you can also add a design to the back of the shirt!  Once you have your shirt designed how you like, you simply sit back and wait for it to be delivered.  My shirt arrived in such a short time!  I was really impressed.  I'm also impressed with how well the shirt holds up to washing and ironing!

I think a custom designed t-shirt would make a great gift for anyone, and wouldn't it be great for family reunions, bridal and bachelor parties, and even companies?  The prices are so reasonable!  The  Dress United company is graciously allowing me to give all of my readers a 30% discount on designing your shirt - AND you will get free shipping in the United States!  To get your very own custom designed t-shirt, just go to  Dress United and type in the code BLOG30OFF4U.

I do have a cute little project I made for my boss's daughter that I will share with you tomorrow.  Please continue to be patient with me while I deal with this floor thing and try to find my muse!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why I've Been MIA

Hi everyone. I'm sorry that I was so vague in my last post about what's been keeping me from blogging. Everything is okay, I've just been super busy with so many things. You know that we are in the process of getting new floors, and on top of that my knee has started giving me major trouble. I don't know if it's just arthritis or if it's something more serious. If it continues I will go to the doctor. I've had a few other family things come up that have needed my attention also and with the warmer temperatures work has gotten a lot busier. Then when I get home from work, the dogs want attention and I tend to stay out with them longer since it stays light so much later. All of this has encroached my crafting time and my mojo has disappeared on me! I do appreciate the concern - but there is no reason to worry!

 I have a couple of cards to share with you today though.  They both use the Cheryl Alger image Sneaky Bear Birthday Cupcake.   I used Copic markers to color them both and added stickles to the candle flames.  The sentiment on the first one was computer generated and I used little yellow rain dots on either end.

The second card is pretty easy to see what I did and doesn't really need any explanation.  

There is a brand new challenge going on at Squigglefly's blog that I hope you will take some time to go see.  Also there was a brand new release  on Saturday that I don't want you to miss!

I have taken pictures of our house so that when we get our new floor I can show you before and after photos.  The interior designer who came to our house was very helpful in choosing what kind and color of tile would go best in our house.  The number one choice was a beautiful one with a rough chiseled edge that I really liked, but it was just too far out of our budget.  We ended up choosing one that was the same type (porcelain) and almost the same color, but has a straight edge.  The thing I like the most is the pattern that we are going to use.  It's a mixture of three different sizes - a large square, a smaller square, and a rectangle.  Anyway, now we are waiting for someone to come and measure our house and then they will give us a price and we can get going.  It will be about a three day process and will be loads of work.
We went to the vet to get some tranquilizers for Baxter because we know that with all the workers in and out of the house and the noise, he will be going berserk!  I will just be glad when it's all over and we can get back to normal!

Anyway, this is the last of the cards I have already made, so don't look for me for a few days!  Hopefully things will calm down for me a little and my mojo will return so I can make some more cards!  I wish you all happy crafting!  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Don't Miss This!

Hi everyone. Long time, no see! I apologize for being away for so long with no explanation, but there have been a lot of things taking me away from blogging lately. I still can't tell you that all is fine now and I'll be back to blogging full time, but I do have a card to share with you today!

This image is one called Mailbox and it's drawn by Diana Garrison. If you were on Squigglefly's page right after the release, then you probably missed seeing this as well as another one called Dove. We missed getting these two included at first, and I didn't want you to miss them too! I colored this image with Copic markers, and I printed the sentiment on to some designer paper.  The only added embellishment is some stitching in the lower right corner and a piece of purple ribbon that wraps around the designer paper.

I hope your weekend is going great, and I hope that I find some time to make some cards so that I can blog again this next week!