Thursday, May 16, 2013

Floor update and a cup of flowers!

Hi everyone!  Well, the tilers are delayed on another job so we will be waiting until next week for them to start.  In the meantime, we are walking around on cement and builder's paper with a lot of our essential items packed away!  At least we got the news before we disconnected and moved our washer and dryer!  
Also, one little piece of information that I just couldn't stand for - we had three different tilers come to give us estimates on the labor.  All three of them said they would leave the area under and behind the refrigerator un-tiled!  When my husband mentioned that, I said "No way!  They will tile that!"  He said "what difference does it make?  It won't be seen."  I stuck to my guns though and said I wanted it tiled.  Don't you think it's weird that all three of them would do that?  I guess it's common, but I think it would look really strange to move into a place and see the one spot where the refrigerator was going to be left bare like that.  What do you think?

Also, we have Baxter scheduled for doggie day care at our vet's office for the days during the construction.  We went to see the place and it's not a crate or anything they keep him in - it's a large pen that he will have to himself but be next to other dogs.  I think being near other dogs will keep him feeling comfortable, and it's got to be better than drugging him.  

Today's card is one I made with an image from one of Squigglefly's newest artists, Pamela Lehto.  She has such lovely images, and I found this Cup With Flowers really sweet!   I let the designer paper guide me in choosing my colors.  I never would have paired turquoise with orange, but I do like it!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


Stef H said...

now i hope you're sitting down and enjoying a cup of something! this is beautiful. very colorful.

i didn't move my fridge when i had my laminate put down. or my stove. it's pretty common. but it sure would kill me to have to wait a week longer. oy the mess!!! hang in there, and take pix. we want to see the new floor!

hugs :)

Tammy said...

You are absolutely correct Holly, why if you're going to all the trouble of moving things out, why not the refrigerator! Sounds like three slackers!

You might want to give Baxter a benadryl on the first day to help him cope. Sounds like its more separation anxieties especially considering how you found him.

Beautiful, beautiful card, love the orange background for the lovely image!

Linda W. said...

Tile the area Holly! Stick to your guns! Luvin' your card! Turquoise and a burnt orange always go well together I think.

wannabcre8tive said...

This is beautiful. I love the bright colors. I am a fan of the orange and turquoise color combo.

I totally agree with you, I would want it all tiled. It will be worth the wait.

rocqee said...

Seems to me it would be a real pain in the neck to move the refrigerator out to clean under it if it isn't tiled? I agree with you, Holly. And what about if you ever change the size of fridge and maybe get a smaller one? I had my floors done and my week turned into a month! Hope yours is better. And good wishes for Baxter.

I love the card and the bright colors are great!

Lenoria said...

This is a beautiful card. I know that tiling under the fridge probably isn't a "necessity" but I would still want it done "just because". If you are redoing the house I would say do it the way you want it now instead of regretting it later!

Pammie said...

Holly, Yes on the tiles under the fridge... what if you want to take it out to clean behind it, which you should do 2 times a year. You can chip the tile taking it up and over them every time. And you are right, it makes the job complete. If they are 12 inch tiles, which is basically 9 to 12 tiles for that space, going to save you and them... I mean really... How lazy can one contractor be. Watch them like hawks if you can. This is why we do all our own work in our house. Except for carpeting and when the installer was here I watch every move he made. But now we are taking all the carpeting out except for in the office and my craft room, they both have industrial glue down carpeting.

Love Your Card... VBG

Pammie said...

Holly Yes on the Tile under the fridge and I love your card...Wink Wink

Anonymous said...

Good for Baxter. I would much rather go on vacation than be drugged too!

Yes, I would want it tiled. What if some day the someone wanted the frig in another spot. And, yes, it would be weird to have a bald spot on the floor.

Cute card with pretty colors too. :)

Terri / Brat

Carolyn Cochran said...

ohh I love turquoise and orange together!! Card is very cute Holly~all the decorators on TV say that you SHOULD tile under there so Bravo for sticking to your decision.

bumblebee creations said...

I agree with you--why would you leave it undone under the fridge--what if you get a smaller fridge one day? And what if the tile was no longer available...Poor Baxter!! I love your colors on your card!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Okay, when we had our new floors put in throughout the house, they moved the frig/stove - because what if we ever get a different size of frig/stove - it would look goofy. So, yes, Holly, make them tile under the appliances!

And, your card is so very pretty and the image is adorable and colored wonderfully!

Fawn Palmer said...

This is beautiful! I love those complimentary colors together! They are so vibrant! Once again Holly, you've made a beauty!

nwilliams6 said...

Wonderful cup of flowers and super colors! Great card. I actually had a cup on my counter with a Magnolia in it this past weekend - cups make great vases. Lovely stuff. Hugz!