Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Friday, June 28, 2013

News, pictures, and a card of course!

Well, I am really sorry to tell you that the little deer died yesterday.  She just didn't take to the bottle very well and my boss was basically having to force feed her, and even at that he could only get a few ounces at a time in her.  Poor thing.

The baby birds are doing well though.  I snapped a couple of pictures of them waiting for their parents to come feed them.

I'm really having to watch Riley now because she knows they're there now.  She goes after the parents as they fly in and out.  Baxter couldn't care less.

It was so hot yesterday, but that was good for business!  It kept the phone ringing constantly.  I really feel sorry for these people who are without air conditioning.  I left work a little early so Brock and I could go see our attorney.  It's time to update our will and do some estate planning.  We probably spent about an hour there, and now we have lots of paperwork to look forward to!

I got my chili pad all set up yesterday and cooled it down to about 50 degrees.  You can set it to come on at a certain time so that the temperature will be perfect when you're ready to go to bed.  Once on, it stays on for 12 hours and then shuts off, but you can manually turn it off or on again.  I have to say that I love it!  I slept so much cooler and didn't wake up to stand in front of a fan.  

Now, let's get to the card I have to share today!

This beautiful rose is an image by Pamela Lehto.  It's called Rose and Bow.  I colored it with copic markers. I added the die cut on the side along with a brad to make it look like the card opens there, but it's a fake closure - the card opens in the normal fashion.

I hope you have a great weekend and get lots of crafting time in!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Deer Pictures!

Hi everyone!  Well I finally have some deer photos to share with you.  I wanted to get some with my hand petting her so you can see how small she is, but she wouldn't come out of the carrier and it was hard to pet and take a picture at the same time.  She is doing much better, so hopefully I'll get some video of her walking around soon.

Here's a shot of her when she moved to the other side - you can see her spots better.  I wish they kept their spots!

And here's one a little closer up.  Isn't she just precious?  I love the way they curl their front legs under them when they lay down.  

I ordered myself an early birthday present and it's supposed to arrive this afternoon.  I'm really excited about it!  My husband and I play thermostat wars every summer.  He keeps the thermostat set on 78 and to me that is just too dang warm!  I like it to be cooler - especially when I sleep.  I sleep with a fan directed at me and even then it's sometimes not enough.  I turn the thermostat down when I go to bed, but he stays up later than me and turns it back up, so I invariably wake up around 2 or 3 in the morning hot!

Well, my sister in law has had this thing for a few years now called Chili Pad.  It's a pad that has a small tube running through out it and the tube is filled with water.  It's connected to this machine that will cool the water or heat the water.  She has a big one that is dual controlled so she and her husband can set their own temperature.  I ordered an XL twin so I can just have it on my side and sleep cool!  In the winter, we can move it to his side and he can heat his side up if he wants.  Anyway, she loves hers and since she's had it for several years now I thought I'd give it a shot.  I'll let you know how I like it!

No card today, but I'll be back with one tomorrow - I promise!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Miracle Grow

Hi everyone!  Well I talked to my boss yesterday about the deer.  He said the deer got a bout of diarrhea, so he put it in a pen by his house (which is next door to the office I work in).  He wanted to give it time to improve and take to bottle feeding before he had it right outside my office for me to feed.  I was going to go take some pictures after work, but I had a bank deposit I had to go make before the bank closed so I didn't get  a chance.

While I was driving to the bank on my way home I had a policeman behind me.  There was a big wide load trailor a few cars ahead of me going about 15 miles below the speed limit which was very irritating.  Anyway, the policeman suddenly whipped on his siren and lights and went around us all.  I was thinking to myself that he just wanted around the slow moving trailor and how unfair that was.  Anyway, I round a bend and see a huge plume of black smoke!  A little further down the road and the policeman has blocked the road and made me take a detour.  Turns out a fireworks store was on fire. It was a pretty big fire, I'm sure their business was totaled.  Pretty sad since it's coming up on their busiest time of year!  And of course, I then felt bad for thinking the worst of the policeman!

I have a card today that uses Noah's Big Flower.  It's a new image from Cheryl Alger, and I think it's adorable.  I think he'll win the prize at the county fair for growing this huge flower!  He must use Miracle Grow!

I colored the image with Copic markers and chalked the sky.  I printed the sentiment out on some card stock and then die cut it with a cloud shaped die.  Then I chalked the edges of the cloud too.  The sentiment is from an image by Lynne Stansbery called TLC.  One thing that bothers me about my coloring on this is that I started coloring with my light source coming from the right, so all of my shadows are on the left.  Then when I got to the flower center I realized she had a built in highlight on the left, and I shaded that accordingly!  It totally throws off my intended light source and makes it look unbalanced, but oh well!   Lesson learned - study the image a little before coloring!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Long and Short of It

Hi everyone!  Well I was sure disappointed yesterday because I didn't get to see the baby deer at all!  My boss was not around so I didn't get a chance to ask about it.  I do hope it's okay!  Hopefully I'll get some answers tomorrow.

I've got a cute doggie card to share with you today.  This uses a new image from Fawn Palmer, and has to be one of my favorites!  It's called A Lap Dog.  

I colored the image with Copic markers; except for the floors and wall which were chalked.  The sentiment comes with the image.  I tied a little brown yarn around the side and added a fun dog bone, and then turned the top corner down and added a dog paw print brad.  

Squigglefly has a new challenge up and going on their blog this week.  It's a fun one and the design team was so creative in their cards!  Go check it out HERE!  I'm entering this card into the challenge - I used a long piece of yarn and a short dog is in the image!  I hope you'll play along too.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lots of Pictures

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!  Did you get to see the beautiful, full super moon over the weekend?  I saw it, but can't say that I really noticed it being any bigger than usual.  I do love pretty, full moons though!

I have a couple of pictures to share with you today, the first one is of Baxter just cause he was looking so happy!

The second one is of the bird in the nest they built in a trash bag box on a shelf by our patio door.  (that sentence was beginning to sound like "The House That Jack Built"!)
The babies are hatched, and the parents have been busy flying back and forth with food.  So far we  aren't hearing any baby chirping though.  I think this is a wren, but I am not certain.  Any bird watchers out there happen to know?

The last picture is of some calla lilies that have bloomed in a pot on our front deck.  I just thought they were pretty all speckled like that.  And, they are the inspiration for today's card!

I used an image from Pamela Lehto called Calla Lily and tried to color it similar to my calla lilies.  I combined it with a sentiment from the Circle Quotes Set  by Ashley Summers.  The pink and black layer under the image is actually clear plastic with a pink design printed on it.  The black just shows through - it almost appears mirrored.  

I can't wait to get to work today to see the baby dear and learn what my deer sitting duties will be!  I am bringing my camera and promise to get lots of pictures!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A wreath

Hi everyone!   Happy weekend to you!  I told you I'd have a card to share today - I'm just later than usual.  I was doing my weekly cooking this morning and I poured some hot sauce over some enchilada's and in the process I also poured some of the piping hot sauce over my fingers!     Needless to say I have a huge blister over the tip of my pinkie finger and it hurts like the dickens!It certainly makes typing this hard!  I have to keep stopping to hold my fingers in ice water. But on the positive side, I have my cooking for the week done!

Last night I went to the War Memorial Hot Air Balloon Race a War Memorial Park.  I wasn't looking forward to it because of the heat, but we had a really good time.  My friend got some great pictures that I will share with you when I get them from her.  We were right next to a balloon that we got to see un folded and blown up from the start.  It was really cool, the balloon started to roll toward us as we sat there and it was cool to see it fully inflated.  All told we saw about 16 different balloons.   Right at dusk they had all of the balloons pull the gas on the balloons for a "balloon glow".  It was really nice and I was glad I had gone.

Well I told you my boss was given a baby deer and he brought it back with him on Friday afternoon just as I had to leave for my doctor's appointment!  It is about 3 days old and they can't tell if it's a male or a female yet.  I don't know the whole story, but someone on a farm was working on a combine, and the combine injured the baby deer.  She's not too badly injured though, and here we are going to try to raise her. I know for a little while she has to be bottle fed every four to five hour around the clock, and after each feeding you have to rub her (it's) bottom to make it go to the bathroom.  I haven't taken any of my own photos, but here's one my boss took before he brought her home

I promise to get better photos this week!

Now for today's card - I used an brand new image by Pamela Lehto called Rose Wreath.  I printed it twice and cut the bow out and then popped it up on some foam dots for dimension.  The sentiment is computer generated.  I added a little bit of stickles to the flowers.  

The sentiment was computer generated.  I hope you're having a good weekend!

Friday, June 21, 2013

What's Cookin'?

Hi everyone!  Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I had a card and everything, but time got away from me and before I knew it I had missed posting!  Oh well, this just means you'll have a card from me tomorrow instead!

Here's the card I was going to post yesterday.

The image is a new one from artist Fawn Palmer, and it's available at Squigglefly.  It's called
  A Chef's Fan, isn't that a cute title?  I used Copic markers to color the image.  The sentiment is computer generated.  I embossed the background and then added a little swirly die cut.

Yesterday my boss was given a baby deer!  He was leaving to go pick it up when I was leaving work, so I'm excited to get to work today to see it.  He said he'd have to have me help bottle feed it while I'm here during the day.  As if that would be something I'd say no to!  He used to have a pet deer several years ago, and I've seen the pictures of it with their family just like it was a pet dog or something.  I will take pictures to share with all of you too.  The little baby chicks are bigger now and have been moved to their pen with his other chickens.

Today I go back to the doctor to have the appointment that was cancelled on me earlier this week.  I'll be glad to have that out of the way - but at least I'll get off a little early!  There's still plenty of time to play in Squigglefly's blog challenge - and so far there's no winner!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Time To Celebrate

Good morning!  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and had to leave work early to go to it.  I got there and waited 30 minutes and then was told that he had to leave to go deliver a baby, so I had to re-schedule my appointment for Friday.  I hate when that happens!

I've got a cute anniversary card to share with you today.  This image is drawn by Diane Carubia and is called A Time To Celebrate.

I colored it with Copic markers and added a bit of stickles to the champagne bubbles.  The sentiment was computer generated directly on to the designer paper.

Have a happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Old Friends

Hi everyone!  I hope your week is going well so far.  Not much news to tell, so I'll just get right to my card.

This is an image available at Squigglefly called A Friendship Built On Time.  It comes with a sentiment different from this one.  It's a lovely verse, but I went with a more simple sentiment and computer generated this one.  The image is drawn by Lynne Stansbery.

I colored the image with Copic markers, and I chose colors after picking the designer paper so I could kind of match them.   Looking at the card now I think I need to add some kind of embellishment near the sentiment - maybe a flower or something?  I always seem to notice more things about the card once I've uploaded it.  I wonder why that is.  A friend of mine once told me that when you make design changes to a room to take a picture of it and you will see more in the picture if you like it than you will just looking at the room.  I guess it's the same concept with cards!

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Hi everyone!  I really enjoyed the weekend.  It didn't seem to go by as fast as they normally do.  I feel like I got a lot accomplished.  I even made enough cards to share one every day this week!

The card I'm sharing today was done for the Featured Stamper challenge on Splitcoast Stampers.  The card I cased is this one.

My image is drawn by Diana Garrison for Squigglefly and is called Thistle.  I love the image and really enjoyed coloring it.  The sentiment is computer generated.  I used a Martha Stewart border punch on the side and stuck pearls on the intersections of it.

There's a brand new challenge at Squigglefly's blog today!  Go take a look and try to play along!
Enjoy your Monday!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sad and Funny Stories - and a card too!

Hi everyone!  tomorrow's Friday so today can't be half bad even if it is stinkin' hot, not that I'm complaining! I have a couple of little stories to share - one funny and one kind of sad.  The funny one first because everyone should start the day with a smile!  

A couple of days ago at work a lady called.  I always identify myself when I answer the phone.  She said "Holly, you are an angel!  I need service!"  Well I thought to myself "here is a lady who has been without air conditioning in this heat and is so happy to have me answer the phone"  I took some information from her and then I said "and what's your name?"  and she said "Vera Angel"  I really felt put in my place and was happy I hadn't said anything in response to her "you're an angel" comment!

The sad story is something that happened last night.  Brock and I were sitting in the living room watching tv and Baxter was sitting at my side.  Brock saw a fly and got up to get the flyswatter.  The minute Baxter saw that flyswatter he was clawing his way up my neck trying to hide and make himself as small as possible.  He was trembling terribly!  I asked Brock to put the swatter away and he proceeded to kill the fly with a rolled up newspaper.  For at least an hour after that Baxter trembled and shied away from Brock.  I felt so sorry for him!  I think we can safely surmise that some of his trauma came from flyswatters!

Okay, here is my card for the day.  I used one of Cheryl Alger's newest images available at Squigglefly.  This one is called Back Yard Vacation. 

It's pretty easy to see what I did.  I just colored the image with Copic markers and chalked the sky.  After that it was a simple matter of matching it up with some designer paper and I angled the image on top of that.  The little rick rack piece came later as I had the designer paper a little crooked and when I adjusted it, the cardstock tore a bit.  I added the rick rack to cover the tear.  I then added a crocheted flower with a brad center.

That's it for the cards I made over the weekend.  If I make another card before tomorrow I'll share it, otherwise you won't see me again until Monday!  Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Bouquet

Hi everyone!  I'm back with a card and absolutely no complaints about the blazing hot day we had yesterday, and you won't hear me tell you how miserably hot it's supposed to be again today either!  

On another note, my best friend was sitting outside her office yesterday with a friend when suddenly a car came barreling at them at a high speed.  They jumped up and got out of the way just as the guy slammed into the building about 4 feet from where they were!  It turns out he was high on meth, the car was stolen, he had his bail bond papers in the car along with some more crystal meth.  My friend was so shaken up she had to leave work the rest of the day.  The woman sitting with her fell as she ran out of the way and had to go to the doctor to see about her knee.  You just never know what will happen, so hug your loved ones today and tell them how much they mean to you!

I really love how today's card turned out.  I used an image from Squigglefly called Posy by Gemma Mortlock.  I love that it's got all different flowers in it so I could use all kinds of colors.   I colored it with Copic markers and notched the corners.  After that I just matted it with two different colors of card stock and matched it up with some designer paper.  I was going to add a sentiment or maybe wrap some cording around it, but I really liked the clean and simple layout so I left it. 

After it sat on my desk for a while, I thought maybe I'd just add a bit of soft speckled background.  There is a bit of speckling in the card stock so I think the speckles in the background compliment that.  Which do you like best?  I can't decide!

We have a box of yard waste bags that we keep on a shelf outside by our patio door.  Two little birds have decided that it will make a good place to build a nest.  We've been watching them build it for days and now they are comfy in their new home.  I snapped a picture of it and if you look carefully you can see the bird sitting in there.  I was surprised they picked a place right near the door that has going in and out all the time.  I'm looking forward to seeing the baby birds!

Stay cool, and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bugs and Chicks

Hi everyone!  well I did get my camera fixed.  It was an annoying problem - the little door that holds the batteries in was missing a little prong and the batteries would fall out.  I taped it shut, but it wasn't enough to let the metal things make contact with the batteries.  Anyway, I'm glad it's fixed!

Here's a card I made with one of the cute fuzzy bugs in Dawn Collins's set of Fuzz Bugs.

I am not a fan of bugs, but these little critters are really cute.  I thought this one would make a good birthday card for anyone, but especially kids.  My boss's son has a birthday coming up in July and I made this one with him in mind.  It's not too girly even though it has glitter.

I'm afraid our wonderfully cool spring has come to an end and summer has moved in.  It was really hot yesterday and the forecast is for nearly 100 degrees the next three days.  I promise to try not to gripe about it too much!

Here is the promised video of the baby chicks.  I got two that are sleeping.   The larger white ones that are really fuzzy are called silkies.  If you can't see the video below, you can view it directly at Youtube HERE

Monday, June 10, 2013


Good morning everyone!  I have cards to share, but unfortunately I'm having trouble with my camera and can't take a photo of it!  I'm going to have it looked at today after work and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a card to share.

In the meantime, don't forget that a new challenge begins today on Squigglefly's blog!

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Blue Elephant

Good morning, and happy Friday!  I have another card that I started before the floor renovation, but just finished up this past weekend.  I used an image called Ellie from one of Squigglefly's newest artists, Dawn Collins.   It was colored with Copic markers.  I used a colored pencil to lightly color some of the flowers in the designer paper.  I wanted a little bit of pink to go with the pink I used to color the flower in the image.  

The sentiment was computer generated.  I used Stampin Up's word window punch to cut it out and accented it with a couple of gems.  I think this image would make a cute baby card too.

I took my camera to work the other day a filmed the baby chicks.  I check on them several times a day, and once I saw them all sleeping at the same time.  It was so cute!  I was hoping to catch them all sleeping like that when I had my camera, but it didn't happen.  Anyway, once I get it uploaded to the computer I will share it with you all so you can see them.

I hope you have a really great weekend!  See you all here on Monday!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Purple Petunia

Hi everyone!  Yesterday was my anniversary.  I can't believe that we've been married for 37 years!  He did the sweetest thing and bought me a new monitor/tv for my computer.  The only trouble is that he got one that is huge - it's 39" and reading my e mail was like watching a tennis match up close - I was constantly turning my head as I read!  I thanked him, but told him I was happier with my other monitor so he returned it.  We will be celebrating our anniversary by going out to eat somewhere we both like over the weekend.  

The card I'm sharing today is one I started before our floor renovation got started.  I was finally able to sit down and finish it on Sunday.  I love this image from Cheryl Alger called Petunia.  She is so cute and has such a mischievous look on her face!  

I used Copic markers to color the image with and went with my favorite color purple!  I was sorry that I chopped off some of the bow when I cut her out with the nestabilities die, but it's not too bad.  I haven't thought of a sentiment I want to add just yet.

My boss got a bunch of baby chicks a couple of weeks ago.  They are so cute!  He has them all in a box in the shop right outside my office door.  I check on them every now and then.  The other day I thought that several had died, but realized that they were only sleeping.  I had no idea how chicks sleep!  I thought they would sit like hens do on nests, but they actually fall over with their legs thrown out behind them and their heads on the floor - some actually don't have their heads turned and they are face down with their beaks holding their heads up.  It's so funny to see.  Did you know chicks slept like that?

You've still got time to play in Squigglefly's Summertime challenge!  Last I checked there wasn't a possible winner, so go play and maybe you'll be the luck one!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fancy That

Hi again!  I had a few people ask me how Baxter did during the renovation.  As you know we did day board him at our vet's office.  He got what they call the "King Suite".  I think it was really good for him because it showed him that we may have left him, but we always came back and got him at the end of the day.  Also, he was around several people - all of whom showed him love and attention - so that was good for him to see that even strangers can be nice.  By the end of the 2nd day when I brought him home and the tilers were still here, he kept a wary distance and stayed by my side but he didn't bark and go crazy!  All in all I was very pleased, and I was super impressed with the day boarding charges - only $12.00 a day!  What a bargain, huh?

Since Sunday was my play day I had to check out the featured stamper challenge on Splitcoast Stampers.  When I saw THIS CARD I knew I wanted to use  Fancy Cup With Rose for the challenge!  It's a new image just released on Saturday by Pamela Lehto.

I printed the image twice so I could cut the rose out and pop it up some.  I used Copic markers to color everything.  The sentiment was computer generated, and then I cut it out with a nestabilities die and used a marker to ink the edges.  I didn't have any pink and white baker's twine, so I twisted some yarn together and used that.  A little hole was punched in the sentiment so I could tie it on.

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Back In The Swing Of Things

Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to start because I've been so busy and away from blogging for so long!  Oh wait!  I know where to start!  Let's start with the new challenge on the Squigglefly blog today!  Holley has a fun one for all of you, and I hope you will play along!  The theme is an easy and fun one - Summertime!  If the weather is as warm where you are as it is here, then I'm sure you won't have any trouble making a summer time card.  Squigglefly has some great new summertime themed images in the store too - and of course there are some fantastic older ones too.    I'll share my card in a minute.

So what's been going on with me?  Well, we got our rug for the living room and I just love it!  Here's some pictures.

In this picture you can see how much more room we have from removing the railing and columns.   

 I got everything back in it's proper place and organized my craft room - including a new (well new to me - it's actually used) sewing desk to replace the one we broke.   I even went through all of my designer paper and have that organized.  Let's just say that I won't need to buy any paper for a while - I can't believe how much I have!

Yesterday I did my weekly cooking, gave Riley a much needed bath, and had a little time left over to make a card or two.  Here's one I made for the Squigglefly Summertime challenge using one of the newest ones in Squigglefly's store called Noah's Tire Swing by Cheryl Alger.  Not only does the image make me think of summer time fun, but it's also appropriate because after all this home renovation stuff I am finally back in the swing of things again!

The border was made with a Martha Stewart punch.  I computer generated the sentiment and popped it up with some pop dots.  The image was colored with Copic markers and the sky was chalked.  I added a little grass sprigs with the markers.

I hope you'll play along in the challenge too - show us what summer means to you!