Monday, June 24, 2013

Lots of Pictures

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!  Did you get to see the beautiful, full super moon over the weekend?  I saw it, but can't say that I really noticed it being any bigger than usual.  I do love pretty, full moons though!

I have a couple of pictures to share with you today, the first one is of Baxter just cause he was looking so happy!

The second one is of the bird in the nest they built in a trash bag box on a shelf by our patio door.  (that sentence was beginning to sound like "The House That Jack Built"!)
The babies are hatched, and the parents have been busy flying back and forth with food.  So far we  aren't hearing any baby chirping though.  I think this is a wren, but I am not certain.  Any bird watchers out there happen to know?

The last picture is of some calla lilies that have bloomed in a pot on our front deck.  I just thought they were pretty all speckled like that.  And, they are the inspiration for today's card!

I used an image from Pamela Lehto called Calla Lily and tried to color it similar to my calla lilies.  I combined it with a sentiment from the Circle Quotes Set  by Ashley Summers.  The pink and black layer under the image is actually clear plastic with a pink design printed on it.  The black just shows through - it almost appears mirrored.  

I can't wait to get to work today to see the baby dear and learn what my deer sitting duties will be!  I am bringing my camera and promise to get lots of pictures!


Tammy said...

Great pictures especially of Baxter! What a handsome boy he is! Gorgeous card, the background is so elegant!

Lillian said...

They pics are all so cute and the card is even nicer ! Like the layout and colors :)Thank you for sharing.

Linda W. said...

Oh my - I can't believe how much Baxter has filled out and is just beautiful, Holly! What a treasure; aren't you glad you took him in? Love that calla lily card - Pamela's really good at drawing!

bumblebee creations said...

wow!! gorgeous pic of Baxter--I think that would be so fun to have a bird nest that close to the house! Gorgeous card too, love the shiny look of the black beneath!

nwilliams6 said...

Great pictures! Love your beautiful dog, the birdies are soo cute, and the flower is the perfect inspiration. Super card - especially when looking at your picture of the real lily. Great way to be inspired. Hugz!!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Baxter does look happy and both of your puppies are beautiful! Your calla lily card is lovely!!