Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sad and Funny Stories - and a card too!

Hi everyone!  tomorrow's Friday so today can't be half bad even if it is stinkin' hot, not that I'm complaining! I have a couple of little stories to share - one funny and one kind of sad.  The funny one first because everyone should start the day with a smile!  

A couple of days ago at work a lady called.  I always identify myself when I answer the phone.  She said "Holly, you are an angel!  I need service!"  Well I thought to myself "here is a lady who has been without air conditioning in this heat and is so happy to have me answer the phone"  I took some information from her and then I said "and what's your name?"  and she said "Vera Angel"  I really felt put in my place and was happy I hadn't said anything in response to her "you're an angel" comment!

The sad story is something that happened last night.  Brock and I were sitting in the living room watching tv and Baxter was sitting at my side.  Brock saw a fly and got up to get the flyswatter.  The minute Baxter saw that flyswatter he was clawing his way up my neck trying to hide and make himself as small as possible.  He was trembling terribly!  I asked Brock to put the swatter away and he proceeded to kill the fly with a rolled up newspaper.  For at least an hour after that Baxter trembled and shied away from Brock.  I felt so sorry for him!  I think we can safely surmise that some of his trauma came from flyswatters!

Okay, here is my card for the day.  I used one of Cheryl Alger's newest images available at Squigglefly.  This one is called Back Yard Vacation. 

It's pretty easy to see what I did.  I just colored the image with Copic markers and chalked the sky.  After that it was a simple matter of matching it up with some designer paper and I angled the image on top of that.  The little rick rack piece came later as I had the designer paper a little crooked and when I adjusted it, the cardstock tore a bit.  I added the rick rack to cover the tear.  I then added a crocheted flower with a brad center.

That's it for the cards I made over the weekend.  If I make another card before tomorrow I'll share it, otherwise you won't see me again until Monday!  Have a great day!


Maria A. said...

Oh WOW!! that is indeed sad, poor Baxter!!! Did you adopt him from a shelter? because sometimes this poor animals were abused and then rescued but they still fear and remember their past sad life. I guess from now on, you will be killing flies with newspapers. I hope Baxter recovered from this experience.

Linda W. said...

Oh how sad about the past for Baxter but he will mend and heal and gradually he won't fear anything again. Really pathetic that people do that tho. My cat Chumley who recently passed had a fear of one man's voice who came to our house - he was in his 80's and had never been near this cat - but that person is the only cat Chumley ran away and hid from. Something about the voice pattern. Love your card tho - and the gorgeous flower!

Niki said...

Poor Baxter. He landed in the right place with you and doesn't have to worry any more about being mistreated.

There are no mistakes in card making, just opportunities for additional embellishments. I've often done the same thing, put someting over a boo boo.

Faith A said...

Poor Baxter, how traumatic his memories must be.

As for all your cards I have caught up and LOVE them all.

Kathy Bradley said...

I feel so sad for Baxter and his scary memories. What kind of people can hurt animals - it makes me so angry! Oh, your card is adorable!!

Tammy said...

Poor sweet Baxter, hopefully time will ease the memories! Cute card, love all the fun colors!