Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Bouquet

Hi everyone!  I'm back with a card and absolutely no complaints about the blazing hot day we had yesterday, and you won't hear me tell you how miserably hot it's supposed to be again today either!  

On another note, my best friend was sitting outside her office yesterday with a friend when suddenly a car came barreling at them at a high speed.  They jumped up and got out of the way just as the guy slammed into the building about 4 feet from where they were!  It turns out he was high on meth, the car was stolen, he had his bail bond papers in the car along with some more crystal meth.  My friend was so shaken up she had to leave work the rest of the day.  The woman sitting with her fell as she ran out of the way and had to go to the doctor to see about her knee.  You just never know what will happen, so hug your loved ones today and tell them how much they mean to you!

I really love how today's card turned out.  I used an image from Squigglefly called Posy by Gemma Mortlock.  I love that it's got all different flowers in it so I could use all kinds of colors.   I colored it with Copic markers and notched the corners.  After that I just matted it with two different colors of card stock and matched it up with some designer paper.  I was going to add a sentiment or maybe wrap some cording around it, but I really liked the clean and simple layout so I left it. 

After it sat on my desk for a while, I thought maybe I'd just add a bit of soft speckled background.  There is a bit of speckling in the card stock so I think the speckles in the background compliment that.  Which do you like best?  I can't decide!

We have a box of yard waste bags that we keep on a shelf outside by our patio door.  Two little birds have decided that it will make a good place to build a nest.  We've been watching them build it for days and now they are comfy in their new home.  I snapped a picture of it and if you look carefully you can see the bird sitting in there.  I was surprised they picked a place right near the door that has going in and out all the time.  I'm looking forward to seeing the baby birds!

Stay cool, and thanks for looking!


Linda W. said...

Oh my - a nest right outside the door! You are so fortunate to be able to watch in real time Holly! My daughter Becky found a nest of wrens in a bush outside her door alongside the house - she usually has cardinals there but this year it's wrens I guess. I love the speckling on that card - how did you do it - with what? Wonderful post today!

LaVerne said...

Both cards are beautiful, but I do like the added speckles.
Amazing how birds will build nests right next to you. Keep us posted with pics as they lay eggs and the babies hatch.
Hope your friend is better today. Thank goodness they were able to move so quickly.

Donna said...

Gorgeous coloring on your card! Very pretty!

Tammy said...

Definitely, I prefer the speckles, it just adds the right touch but with or without, the card is beautiful and perfectly colored! Your friend and her workmate were lucky, lucky ladies! Hope they take the driver off the streets for a long, long time!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Your card is gorgeous. That is such a sweet image and I love the speckles! I so feel for you with the heat. (I used to live in Ontario and it gets so muggy there. I put a spray bottle of water in the fridge as a face mist. Might help?) :) I'm so glad your friend is okay! And how cute is that bird nest!

Charlene Mitchell said...

I LOVE the speckles - they add just a touch of perfection to your beautifully coloured card! What did you use to create them? Glad to hear your friend is ok - no doubt freaked out!

Kathy Bradley said...

Beautiful and elegant card - and the BG of speckles is lovely! Wow, a nest in such a busy place - it will be fun to watch!