Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Birthday Baby

Hi everyone!  Happy hump day!  Things are strange in our household lately.  Riley, the fearless was outside July 4th night and got scared of fireworks!  She's never been afraid of fireworks before, and these fireworks weren't even nearby.  When I let her inside she came running through the house and went into the bathroom (someplace she never goes).  Well, I've found her in the bathroom several mornings now and I don't know if it's because she feels safe there or if she has just decided it's a good place to sleep!  

On top of that, she has now become the barker and Baxter is the quiet one!  Yesterday Brock turned on the vacuum cleaner and I heard barking like mad.  I went in there to tell Baxter to cool it, but it was Riley barking and Baxter was standing there looking at me like "she's gone crazy!"  I don't know what's up with this nutty dog!

I've got a card today that I had such fun making.  I used an image by Fawn Palmer called Baby Upside Down.  The image comes with two wonderful sentiments, but the one on my card was computer generated and does not come with the set.  

I did not need a baby card, but I really wanted to color this image so I made it into a birthday card!

Here's the inside

I love making funny cards - they just put me in a good mood!  I hope it made you smile this morning!


Barboo said...

That is too funny.

Daffodil Cards said...

I have this image myself, could'nt resist it, I LOVE your sentiment and the inside, you aught to sell your sentiments, they always make me laugh.

Hope you don't mind if I copy this for future use?

Tammy said...

Pups, if only they could talk and we didn't have to guess! Love, love your cute card and the sentiment is absolutely terrific!

bumblebee creations said...

this is adorable Holly! Such a cute image!

nwilliams6 said...

I had never thought to use the image as a birthday card - how fabulous and creative. Very fun card.

Dogs are so interesting - just like people. She may be having post traumatic stress syndrome from the fireworks scare. Hugz!