Saturday, November 2, 2013

A little news

I just wanted to pop in to tell you that there is still time to play in
Squigglefly's blog challenge, but not much!  You have to get your entry in by tomorrow - but I can tell you that there is no winner yet!
The challenge is to make a card showing someone you're thankful for them.  Easy, right?

And the other thing I wanted to tell you is that Squigglefly has their November images up!  There are some fantastic images that will get your Christmas spirit going!  I'm off to do some errands, but I have lots of cards I want to make when I get finished - yay!  I feel my muse returning!  See you on Monday!

1 comment:

Shawna said...

Oh yeah ---- good to hear on all accounts. Heading over to check all the images out. And remember --- we are holding you to that card making promise!