Friday, November 1, 2013

Day Dream Believer

Hi everyone!  Did you survive Halloween?  I am sorry to say that I think Halloween has breathed it's last breath at our house.  The past few years we have seen fewer and fewer trick or treaters.  This year I only bought treats for some treat bags I made up for my boss's children.  I saved a few pieces of candy just in case we had a trick or treater or two, but today I'm bringing that candy to work for the guys.  Though I can understand the reasoning behind Halloween's departure, it still saddens me because Halloween was always such a fun holiday I enjoyed tremendously.   Anyway - I hope you had a fun and safe Halloween!

Today's card is another one I started making for a challenge, but I didn't finish it or post it in time for the challenge!  I think it was a challenge on the Outlawz, but I can't remember now which one it was for!  I do know that the theme of the challenge was "relax".  And here's my card

I'm sure you recognize the image as being one of Cheryl Grant Alger's.  This one is called A Penny For Your Thoughts.    I colored her with Copic markers and chalked the sky.  I also used my favorite grass sprig stamp over the green Copic color.

The cloud was cut with a die, and I chalked the edges of it as well so it would blend in more.  The sentiment is also from Squigglefly and is called Thinking of You and is by Charlene Mitchell.

I hope you have a great weekend!  I'll see you on Monday - I promise!


Stef H said...

awwwwww, this is fabulous!

no trick or treaters here. i think in the 14 yrs i've been here the most that has knocked on my door for halloween was 8. now? i don't participate at all. i'd rather enjoy looking at them on FB... not to mention i'm not a big candy eater anyway! now cake? that's an entirely different story! LOL.

have a great weekend!

Linda W. said...

No trick or treaters here either. We live 3 miles from the nearest town but it is deep country with woods all around, it's the cost of gasoline to truck the kids around I think. And our neighbors no longer have kids of that age. But I sure love your card Holly! And such a beautiful sky = it just anchors everything! A new 'must do' for me!

Linda Osterwise, DT said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that creates a card, and misses the deadline for submitting it. That happens more than I'd like to admit. I love your card (and the digi) - a great design for relaxation or thinking of you.

Tammy said...

Ahh, such a sweet card and cute image! Gorgeous sky she's looking at and the little pooch is just too adorable!

Cazzy said...

I love that image, and your sky! Lovely card.

We normally have the neighbour's 3 children round dressed up trick or treating, the two eldest ones are a bit old now, but I think will do it for the youngest, and sometimes they have their cousins staying and we get a gaggle of witches and wizards! This year I started to decorate, filled my cauldron with treat bags enough for the neighbours and cousins and a few extras in case, and nobody came round! I came to the conclusion during the day that they might be away this time, it is very quiet! They are next door but one, and normally I hear or see them, but I was ill and not paying attention. Didn't decorate fully and my son and husband are polishing off the treats!

bumblebee creations said...

oh this is absolutely adorable!! love it!!