Sunday, February 14, 2016

My weekly menu

Hi everyone.  Happy Valentine's Day!  I wanted to post my menu for the week since so many of you ask me for it.  I am going easy on myself this week because I started a big project that I want time for.  More on that later.

Sunday - roasted chicken leg quarters with broccoli (this was on last week's menu but we didn't get to it because we had left over hamburgers for dinner last night)  Yay!  One less meal I have to prepare this week!
Monday - Jambalaya with cornbread
Tuesday - Chicken Tetrazini and peas
Wednesday - Roast in crock pot with carrots and potatoes
Thursday - Breakfast for dinner - French toast and eggs
Friday - Going out to a chili supper that benefits Friends of Animals

Now about my project - I am re-organizing the spices in my pantry.  I am so tired of jars falling over, not being able to see what I have, having to pick up jar after jar to finally find what I want, and going to the store to buy more of something I thought I was out of only to find that I have TWO jars of it sitting in my cabinet when I get back home!

I ordered some nice jars and some magnets online, and I asked my boss to cut a piece of sheet metal to fit on a wall in my pantry.  Last night I got all of the jars and lids washed, and today I will be gluing on the magnets and printing out and gluing on labels for the lids.  Then throughout the week I will be emptying out the spices into their new homes.  I will post before (ugh!)  and after photos for you once this project is complete.  


Linda W. said...

Oh please post photos when you are done - I am very interested Holly! Isn't it always a nightmare - I know it is for me! Hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day weekend!

Stef H said...

can you mail me the leftovers? LOL. yum

hugs :)