Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fresh From The Freezer

As some of you know I accepted a mission from my Kroger store which involved trying foods from the frozen aisle.  The mission is soon coming to an end.  Today for lunch I had this amazing Lean Cuisine Marketplace spinach artichoke ravioli.  I love that meals like this make eating healthy easy and so tasty.  This one box is one serving, so I didn't have to guess if I was eating a correct portion.  The whole meal was less than 300 calories.   I also really like that I was able to taste something new - yellow carrots!  This seriously is one delicious and filling lunch.  I will be buying more of these! 
I urge you to join the My Magazine Sharing network affiliated with your Kroger store to get some good deals and lots of recipe ideas.

If you don't have a Kroger store in your area, there are other stores under the same umbrella  - Ralph's Dillon's, Baker's, Gorbs, Fry's, Smith's, King Soopers, City Market, or Fred Meyer. 


Bonnie Schulte said...

Holly, We have a Pick & Save, that is the process of changing over to a Kroger store. (Well, it has been for almost a year now, although still under Pick & Save's name. I do believe I have seen this brand, if so, I will buy this one for sure. It does look pretty Tasty!!!! Thanks for the Thumbs Up,on this brand...Bonnie in WI

Pammie said...

Kroger bought our Fred Meyer several years ago, I like some of their brand products but lately they are not stocking the shelves with items we have purchased for years, so we have to go to other stores to buy those items. Not a wise practice on their part.