Sunday, October 29, 2017

no Panko? No Problem!

I just signed up for another Kroger Mission.  This one sent me a free box of Rice Bitz cereal.  I thought a bit about how to use this other than the usual bowl of cereal with milk.  While cooking today I was cutting up some chicken and I thought I would crush some of the cereal and use it to bread some chicken nuggets.

I first dredged the chicken in seasoned flour and then dipped it in some whisked egg, and then coated with some crushed Rice Blitz cereal.  Then I pan fried the nuggets.  I served these with honey mustard dipping sauce and they were sublime!  Very crispy on the outside and tasty!  If you are ever short on bread crumbs or breading, I urge you try some crushed Rice Bitz.  Of course, if you just want a bowl of cereal they are delicious as well!


Bonnie Schulte said...

Another good tip, thanks Holly, I'll have to remember this..

Daffodil Cards said...

YUMMY! sounds delicious and that's after my dinner LOL.