Friday, May 11, 2018

Merry Birthday?

My sister didn't get a Christmas present from me this year because she couldn't think of anything she really wanted and she didn't want me to just go out and buy something just to buy something.  So, I told her if she thought of anything later she could let me know - so all this time she's had a Christmas gift coming to her sometime in the future. 

Well, her birthday is coming up in June and here I am with still nothing to give her!  Then the other day her washing machine broke and she had to go buy a new washer.  I thought contributing to the cost of a new washer might help and could be a combination Christmas/birthday present!  She was thrilled with the idea.

I wanted to make her a card - not just hand her a check!  Well it so happens that this particular sister is one of the artists who drew lots of images for Squigglefly.  One of the images she drew was just perfect.  I made up the sentiment to go with the "Merry Birthday" theme. 

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Shirley said...

Lynne? I love the card. It's perfect for your present.