Sunday, July 15, 2018

Spirit infused barbecue sauce

Hi everyone.  Part of my Kroger mission was to use this new spirit infused barbecue sauce. Kroger sent me a free jar of Private Selection Kentucky Bourbon craft barbecue sauce, several recipes, and some coupons to share.   I chose to make some barbecue thighs in the oven.  I know it would be much tastier grilling them, but my grill is out of commission at the moment.  I have to say though that this sauce is out of this world delicious!  I baked the chicken at 400° for 25 minutes and then I turned the oven to 425° and basted the thighs with the barbecue sauce and baked them for 7 minutes.  Then I flipped the thighs and basted them again and baked for another 7 minutes.    I continued basting and flipping every 7 minutes until the chicken was cooked through. This creates the wonderful charred bits that you get when grilling!  I couldn't resist licking my fingers every time I flipped the thighs.  This stuff is delicious, and I will use it on so many things.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Birthday Elephants

I just love elephants for birthday cards for some reason.  Here are three I've made recently.