Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A New Folded Book

Just wanted to share another book I've folded which will be donated to the Friends Of Animals auction.  I was so pleased to hear that at least three people inquired if I was going to have more books at the next auction.  This one should appeal to any Beatles fans.  Here's the front of the book.

Here is the back of the book
And here is the fold


Niki said...

So cool! Your books are great.

Daffodil Cards said...

Amazing project.

It brought back memories of when I would see them on TV, I would scream, my Dad wasn't impressed LOL.

Jacq said...

Hi Holly, I've just been looking through your past posts and the books you are making. They are all unbelievably fabulous! This Beatles one, as a Brit whose hubby comes from Liverpool, is amazing! Like you said, any Beatles fan would be over the moon owning this!

The Outlawz DT